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Until non-WWE options become more desirable, it's going to keep happening. They have over 200 people signed to full-time exclusive contracts and the incoming is still a lot more than the outgoing.
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Exactly, so don't callup TUE.
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Didn’t the Shield come from NXT? I don’t know the rhyme or reason Vince decides to push guys. But the Shield came from NXT and got one of the biggest pushes ever after debuting.

Also Drew came from NXT and he’s being put in Main Events.

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If Vince wants to ruin everyone coming in from NXT he will do that because even the guy running it his son in law can't do a damn thing about it.


This explains everything I dislike about John Cena.
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I hate being negative but Velveteem will be dancing in congo line or jobbing on Saturday night
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Originally Posted by I AM Glacier View Post
If I were a wrestler I'd refuse to get called up, get fired, and go back to the indies with some dignity and self respect.

Which is one of many reasons why you’re not a wrestler.
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I still can't believe that Sonya Deville is stuck in a team and not being a upper mid carder. Hell, she was a half big deal on NXT soil and on main roster just a lower carder with another lower carder.

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Originally Posted by #BestForBusiness View Post
It seriously baffles me that they keep calling up all of these wrestlers from NXT, when they have no idea what to do with the ones that they JUST called up months ago or already have.

-Bobby Roode? Failure. Remember when he was the hottest heel on NXT?
-Nakamura? Barely on TV.
-Ember Moon? Did literally nothing during her time on Raw.
-Samoa Joe? Loses more matches than I would like him to. Dude should be WWE Champion and barely ever losing.
-Sanity? LMFAO.
-Nikki Cross? Almost forgot about her.
-EC3? Huge waste of talent. They gave up on him after three, THREE weeks.
-Heavy Machinery? Comedy team, hardly any legitimacy when they're randomly appearing in Jose's Congo Line and backstage segments.
-No Way Jose? Shouldn't have even been called up tbh.
-Asuka? Wins the Smackdown Title, beats Becky clean, then just fades away and doesn't even appear for several weeks until she randomly loses to Charlotte right before Wrestlemania. Now, she's faded away again.
-Andrade Cien Almas? Has barely done anything since debuting and they shortened his name because it was too unique.

I'm getting so tired of seeing all of my favorites from NXT get called up, then get absolutely wasted and destroyed by that senile old man that has no idea what to do them. The War Raiders getting renamed to The Viking Experience, I mean what the fuck. Whatever Vince is smoking, I'd like to get some of that. I'll give them and Lars Sullivan a month before they are all taken off of TV and jobbing to other wrestlers that have already had opportunities.
I agree, too many call ups too quickly with no introduction. They presume their entire audience watches NXT and it doesn’t. It’s just a jumble of people right now.

That said, I don’t think that they all fail. They can’t. WWE’s roster is now predominantly filled of NXT wrestlers who have been called up within the last fuve years, and a lot of them now in the last two years. They’re...um...all in on this.
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-Bobby Roode
I can agree that he should have been heel rather than babyface but WWE booking just screwed themselves up. Now, they can at least help him get back that heel heat if let's say he attacks Chad Gable and gets that heel run he should have had. Problem is, if people would still care or buy this.

After that solid run in NXT, to winning the Royal Rumble and challenging AJ Styles, turning heel, "I don't speak Engrish", United States of Nakamura, then tagging with Rusev. A part of me thinks that he's on a downward curve of his career where he's OK with where he is on the cards. But, I think he'll have his moment again and maybe a WWE Championship run.

-Ember Moon
Should have had at least a Women's championship run, been awhile since I heard her theme song. I remember she was on the injured list and recently returned in Wrestlemania Women's Battle Royal. Not sure about future plans for her.

-Samoa Joe
I agree that he lost more matches than he should considering how he portrays himself and it is kinda hard to take his character seriously if they keep him losing important matches. He's currently U.S. champ but he should have had a better opponent than Rey Mysterio, match was way too short for a ppv that's way too long and considering Rey Mysterio was injured at that time. I hope he gets a WWE Championship run too even at least once.

I think they got the real short end of the stick here and splitting Nikki Cross away from them was like something they should not have done. It made Sanity look incomplete. And I barely see them on TV too.

-Nikki Cross ^

There was a previous thread I replied to about EC3. He's someone who can be upper midcard to main event. Feels really weird that he's not given time to speak when that was one of his strong suits. To a company that needs people to be able to cut a promo and all that verbal stuff, they basically gave him a gimmick of a mute for a few weeks. Only time I heard him talk recently was from that WWE.com clip about the Andre the Giant Battle Royal in which he didn't win.

-Heavy Machinery
Not really expecting a lot of them when they got called up. They got one guy who does the Caterpillar which is funny af and I'm sold to the comedy gimmick.

-No Way Jose
No Way Jose looks like Juice Robinson these days but with a modified Adam Rose gimmick and appears on TV less than Lacey Evans. No idea what they want to do with him. I can imagine No Way Jose asking for a push or a match, and Vince McMahon would tell him.."No way, Jose"

She had a solid run on NXT, she was undefeated coming in to the WWE, ran roughshod through the Women's Division, she also won the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble until Charlotte Flair defeated her at Wrestlemania. Since then, she's had a run as Women's champion on Smackdown, then I think it was 50/50 booking for her now. Kinda funny they kept her out of a few shows even though she was champion at that time until they fed her to Charlotte Flair again.

-Andrade Cien Almas
I wish they could have done more for him but booking ruined him for me. Now he looks like ADR 2.0 without the character of ADR. With AJ Styles moving to RAW, I hope this is a good chance for him to ascend further up the cards.

There's plenty of people in the WWE roster right now who came from NXT. But I think it's the timing of the call-ups and the volume of the call-ups are the most important things that need to change.

One of these days, I would probably see someone ranting about how Ricochet and Aleister Black are being misused.
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Not everyone can be pushed all the time, and it doesn't make sense to have people on what they consider their C brand come in and main event, and like it's been said before maybe guys like Bobby Roode are happy being in a tag-team and working with younger talent at this stage of his career.
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