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Re: Most Disappointing Title Run

Balor for sure in modern era, Sting post Starcade 97 all time.

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Re: Most Disappointing Title Run

I was disappointed with Nakamura's US Title reign & Dean Ambrose IC Title. For the world title i was disappointed with Lesner's reign as universal champion and Mankind winning the WWE title in Summerslam 1999 was quite disappointing which happened just because Austin did not want it to pass it over to Triple H
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Originally Posted by Strike Force View Post
Bob Backlund in 1994 is another one. Though well past his prime, Backlund's psycho character was fun and totally believable, and I looked forward to seeing Bret chase him to get the title back. Instead, Diesel squashed him, and Backlund gave us the worst Bret Hart PPV match I can remember. Oy.
Good call. I liked Backlund’s psycho heel persona. I also hated the majority of Diesel’s title run (I just couldn’t accept him as a baby face), especially after the way he won it - 7 second untelevised squash match!? Fucking Hell. If I was Backlund, I’d have refused. That’s just a burial.
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Your current reigning, defending WF Intercontinental Champion
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Re: Most Disappointing Title Run

I want to say Rey Mysterio's 2006 reign because Jesus that was some nasty spite-booking but he did have a great program with JBL during it.

I'm going to say Kurt Angle's in 2001 because I was still a kid so it hurt so much more.

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All of Shawn Michaels runs in the 90's. If you think about how good Shawn was, all his runs were pretty terrible.

Reign 1: Won in grand fashion at mania, then not much happened until his famous hissy fit against Vader at summerslam, he then lost the title to Sid later the same year.

Reign 2: Defeated Sid at the Royal Rumble. Soon vacated it because he lost his smile.

Reign 3: Probably his best reign, but the most memorable moments are more about other wrestlers, namely the screwjob, Kanes debut at Bad blood, and him putting over Austin at mania 14. The fact that he also suffered a serious back injury, only adds to the disappointment factor.
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Re: Most Disappointing Title Run

Andre's "run". Bryan's in 2014 solely due to injury. Backlund's 1994 run. Christian's. All disappointed me greatly.

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Re: Most Disappointing Title Run

-Chris Jericho's WWE Undisputed Title Reign-He was treated like a third wheel in the Triple H/Stephanie drama, including babysitting Steph's dog for goodness sake, and then Trips just kicked his ass and took his title in the end. This was the guy who beat Stone Cold and The Rock on the same night to win those titles, and THIS is how you treat him, really?

-Christian first WHC reign-Two days, TWO DAYS!! All the build up for him finally winning it, and doing it for his buddy Edge who had to retire because of injuries, and then he loses it to Orton (because lord knows Randy needed another run with it) two days later. Then he turns heel out of nowhere despite the aforementioned babyface stuff, and then the much acclaimed Christian vs. Randy feud consisted of him constantly getting his ass kicked and only winning via DQ when Randy laid him out with a ball shot. Ugh.

-Rey Mysterio first WHC reign-He was jobbed out clean to big guys week after week for no reason and never really taken as a real threat.

-Rey Mysterio WWE title reign-It lasted for less time than an episode of Raw these days, and all because "babyface" John Cena pulled the ultimate dick move.

-Kairi Sane's NXT Women's Title reign-She won the belt on a "fluke" roll-up, had the shortest and weakest reign in the belt's history (she is the ONLY champion who didn't have a triple digit day run with it), never got to defend it on TV, or Takeover, or PPV, etc, and then just lost it back to Shayna Baszler at Evolution (and lost the rematch at the next Takeover as well), just, because Triple H has an MMA boner or something. This woman BEAT Shayna CLEAN to win the MYC and yet Shayna is treated like a FAR bigger deal in NXT for some reason.

-Finn Balor's Universal Title Reign-For obvious reasons.

-Kevin Owen's Universal Title reign-He went from a badass heel who would cheat/take shortcuts sometimes, but who could also beat you straight up (he beat John Cena CLEAN in his debut match on Raw), to a cowardly idiot who couldn't do anything on his own unless his buddy Jericho bailed him out. Then just as he was starting to get his groove back, he got squashed by old man Goldberg.

-Bray Wyatt WWE Title reign-He beat Cena and AJ back to back to win the belt, the crowd popped, they were ready to get behind him, and instead they made him look like an idiot against Randy, he lost his title at Mania in a bad match, and never got a rematch for it either. And his booking has never recovered, what a waste.

-Randy Orton first WHC reign-He wasn't ready, they botched his babyface turn, and Triple H just kicked his ass for months.

The aforementioned Daniel Bryan title run.
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Re: Most Disappointing Title Run

AJ Styles most recent run, and I never thought I would say that.

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Originally Posted by looper007 View Post
Bryan's heel WWE title this past few months was one of the best in the last few years. He was excellent, so I say it was better then decent imo.

Sucks about his title after WM30, although feuding with Kane didn't help him. He did have a great match at Extreme Rules with him. But such a shame about his injury.

I thought Punk's WHC with his first run as a face and SES, once the Hardy feud was over he was given nothing to work with. Reign's has never had a great reign either. Becky's and Asuka's Smackdown title run's were so disappointing it's not even funny. Christian's WHC run. Those are the ones which come to mind for me.
I said decent because of the length and the way it ended, I think it should have gone until Summerslam. As far as the quality of it and his character, yes its the best title/heel run since Punk in 2013, DB has been the most entertaining guy in the company since his turn!!

Asukas title run was so upsetting, beyond disappointing, it straight up made me furious. She deserves so much better.
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Re: Most Disappointing Title Run


Absolutely epic moment of Christian FINALLY winning the belt. The emotion shown by both him and Edge. And they go and have him fucking lose the belt on the very next Smackdown ffs.
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