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Why Do Fans Give Wrestlers Gifts?

Do they not realize not everybody is within driving distance of where they live? I saw someone gave Becky a signature box set of a band she liked. I forget who,this was before she was the man but I looked it up,it cost $450. That I will never forget. She has to lug that thing around the country,maybe the World depending on where they were going next. Sasha at Axess on her Instagram paintings,stuffed animals you name it. What is she going to do with all that junk? The only thing I ever saw that partly made sense was someone got Charlotte an edible bouquet for her birthday. It was mostly Reeces. Maybe if she is with a group they could finish it before she have to leave Tuesday after Smackdown. What do people think? Use some common sense. Some wrestlers don't even have a place,they are on the road so much it isn't worth it. What kind of mess are they in? They must feel bad having to leave stuff at the hotel or throw it away.
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Re: Why Do Fans Give Wrestlers Gifts?

Thereís really no good reason for it. To be honest, itís kind of creepy.

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Re: Why Do Fans Give Wrestlers Gifts?

Let's be honest. It's probably fans thinking if they give gifts,they could get laid.

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Fan worship gotta love it.
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Re: Why Do Fans Give Wrestlers Gifts?

How terrible.

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Re: Why Do Fans Give Wrestlers Gifts?

It's a Nice Gesture. I don't see the problem.

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Re: Why Do Fans Give Wrestlers Gifts?

at least it wasnt a box full of the neckbeards cum.

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Re: Why Do Fans Give Wrestlers Gifts?

What doesn't anyone question in the world of wrestling?
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Re: Why Do Fans Give Wrestlers Gifts?

This post sounds autistic. They're gifts bruh. A gift shows appreciation of their character.

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Re: Why Do Fans Give Wrestlers Gifts?

Some fans likes to give their favorites presents, that is a really common thing.
Painting images (especially from kids) or doing art is a nice way to express creativity. Most want that as individual space for an autogram (instead strange default cards for that) and a few of them want their superstar to keep it. Some people are doing really great stuff! I am pretty sure - especially the women - will save up the most of it or do good pictures of it at least.

A small present is nothing bad also and I am pretty sure that - expect a few creeps - nobody expects anything from it. Myself never made gifts to a public people (I don`t really know), because that is not my cup of tea. But I don`t blame anyone for fandom.

The guy with the present to Lynch is a thing you stumble easily over in YT. Me forgot it btw, until it was mentioned here again. I had never even thought about checking how much this guy paid for it, shame on me . If I remember right, that guy was pretty harmless and even mentioned himself he wouldn`t expect anything. It is not like a one time time present around 500$ is something one should be scared of - except one is working for the state and could be seens as bribe. ofc.

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