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Re: Which wrestlers do you think are natural and which are on steroids?

Originally Posted by ClintDagger View Post
The craziest thing about sitting ringside is seeing the guys with horrible bacne. Some that would surprise you.
Surprise us lol
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Re: Which wrestlers do you think are natural and which are on steroids?

Originally Posted by Jokerface17 View Post
Iím not a Balor fanboy by any means. Dudes got crazy abs but he isnít beefed up in the chest, shoulders, arms, legs. Cristiano Ronaldo has abs like that, is he on steroids too?
Maybe not "steroids" but I'd venture to guess Ronaldo is on some sort of PEDs. Messi had to take HGH when he was a youth because of a condition, but it's entirely plausible and probably likely he still is on something.

I think you would be hard pressed to find an elite athlete that is NOT on some sort of PEDs.

I don't know this as "fact" or anything, but I think it's highly likely that it is the case. Same goes for NFL, NBA, MMA, etc.
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Re: Which wrestlers do you think are natural and which are on steroids?

WHO CARES??!?! Does this affect your life in anyway?

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All the m'fuckers all on steroids ) the Diaz Brothers will say that.
On topic: Jinder and Elias, Michaels back in the day, Trips, Cena.
I do think that they multiple the blood cells with EPO for speedy recovery.
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Originally Posted by utvolzac View Post
Originally Posted by Krin View Post
He could just have a high metabolism and low body fat. Nothing about him screams steroid and there are plenty of guys on the roster with arguably better abs and physiques that you didn't mention ie Tony Neese.

Could see Neville having been on steroids more than Balor.
I’d bet my mortgage that all of those guys are roided out. Your talking guys with 5’8-5’9 frames putting on significant lean mass. Neville & Nese 1000% on the gear. Neville is built like a tank.

Even Balor has some significant size especially around his neck/shoulders/quads that doesn’t look natty. He probably has very good genetics for the abs, but to have defined abs like that while still taking in the calorie count to be anabolic, I’d guess he’s got some significant stacking going on.

I envision the WWE “wellness policy” to be something like a guy taps the talent on the shoulder and says “you’ve got a test coming in 2 weeks, make sure you don’t piss hot”. I doubt they utilize any type of accreditted anti-doping agency to conduct their testing. The people who fail it, ie Reigns/Orton, probably took something by accident with their normal supplements.
It’s far stricter than you think. Yes, part timers don’t get tested, but outside of Brock they are a non factor outside of WM season. If testing was lax and PED usage was as rampant and full throttle as elected, you would see a roster that would look totally different.

Seth Rollins would look more like HHH (or at least more like Seth did when he cane back from his knee surgery). Rusev and Lars Sullivan would be absolute monsters. Roman Reigns wouldn’t wear his vest, but would have a physique more akin to his cousin. Dean Ambrose would be about 30 lbs heavier, but would probably have even less hair.

I grew up watching WWE in the late 80s and almost the entire roster save Earthquake and Akeem were on PEDs. Even The Bushwhackers! You could tell when everyone lost 25-50 lbs between 1991 and 1992 after they instituted strict testing. Warrior for instance looked so different that people thought he had been replaced when he showed up at WM8. The point being, only a small number of wrestlers now carry the same physique that the wrestlers of the late 80s or early 00s sported. It’s a much smaller problem. WWE (generally) wants their wrestlers to be in great shape, but not to be musclebound superheroes anymore.

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Re: Which wrestlers do you think are natural and which are on steroids?

I'd be curious if Dean was ever on roids , his physique really seems to fluctuates

Orton and Cena it's pretty obvious , Lesnar and pretty much everyone before PG era well yeah roids look at Benot and Eddie's mania photo

I think Kofi and Xavier could be natural Sheamus looks naturally strong and the Club don't look all that
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