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Re: Why did charisma and mic skills skip a generation?

Tons of wrestlers today have mic skills and are charismatic so I'm not understanding what you're talking about OP.
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Re: Why did charisma and mic skills skip a generation?

Fact is guys charisma is important, some guys like Cena, hogan and warrior all have shit wrestling skills,But their charisma is what made them employed. Cena is probably overrated, But his charisma led him to become wwe biggests draw for some time Cena sücks yes Cena may the most stale character in history he may be awful person. but wwe kept him because wwe needs him, Cena doesn't need wwe this point but wwe needed him Cena brought tons of casual fans. Yes casual fans draw ire of us hardcore fans but they are reason wwe is so big and dominant. you don't get it wwe is entertainment for us hardcore fans. Cena is everything we hate. But as the little kids women and casuals tune It makes us mad to our bone. I know you hate cena. But you are giving wrestling fans a reputation to have personality traits of trump fans. The way we treat casual fans Is something trump fans do If you hate trump so much don't disrespect or look down on casual fans that's the trait trump fans have. Warrior and hogan are legit assholes Sucks in the ring but their charisma also helped them while hogan is a absolute terrible human being. He himself bought a lot to wrestling. And that's probably why Vince tried to keep him.
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Re: Why did charisma and mic skills skip a generation?

Segments and promos are micromanaged to such a degree by such terrible writers that we have very little actual knowledge of who has charisma and mic skills and who doesn't.

It's not a coincidence that whenever someone is given some creative freedom, Bryan, Heyman, Becky, Jericho and Owens, New Day, Wyatt, hell even Goldberg, they excel.

Dana Brook might be a virtuoso on the mic, we have no idea because everything she says is written by a room full of failed soap opera writers and now Warrior's wife.
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Re: Why did charisma and mic skills skip a generation?

We have the same amount of people who are good on the mic but the wrestling is far better.

The issue is that nobody is booked to their strengths and there's no leeway to grow.

Look at Reigns, as a monster heel he'd be fantastic, as a face he sucks yet management doesn't care.

This wouldn't happen from what I seen of the AE, they would change stuff up/

So no, charisma and mic skills didn't skip a generation, management simply won't let anyone be overly successful so they won't bolt to hollywood.
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Current indies are more so about ring work, crazy high spots and pushing the limits to a fault almost popularized by companies like ROH.

The indy scene in the past wasn't like that really. It was more about character work. Wrestling just changed over time. People started to care less about characters, kayfabe and stories and more about death defying moments and fast paced athleticism.
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Re: Why did charisma and mic skills skip a generation?

Originally Posted by The Raw Smackdown View Post
Tons of wrestlers today have mic skills and are charismatic so I'm not understanding what you're talking about OP.
Nah, no worries, dude. This is literally the same redundant thread that the OP tends to make every few weeks (when in reality there is actually plenty of solid talents who have charisma and mic skills on the current roster).

Originally Posted by Soul Rex View Post
I think the definition of charisma from many wrestling fan is very deteriorated.

Roman is technically one of the most charismatic people in wrestling today, but he's talked off by smarks because they don't like his character.
If Roman Reigns was anywhere as charismatic as you claim he is, then he wouldn't have been strongly rejected as a babyface for multiple years now (up until recently).
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Re: Why did charisma and mic skills skip a generation?

It's hard to have charisma and mic skills when all your generation knows is videos games, texting, twitter and eating vegan.
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Re: Why did charisma and mic skills skip a generation?

Because wwe started hiring generic bland wrestlers from indies instead of building stars of their own.
And also because the audience have changed a lot in recent years all the older fans who valued Charisma/mic skills have stopped watching and all there is left is a group of hardcore fans/smarks who value workrate over charisma.
That's why guys like Adam Cole, Finn Balor,Seth Rollins are considered main eventers in this era while they would be jobbing in dark matches in previous era.
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Re: Why did charisma and mic skills skip a generation?

A point being missed is the way tv has overtaken live events in terms of importance. The old way was to use tv to promote upcoming matches that could only be seen live, now we see those matches on tv for free so there's no requirement to sell them to fans.

Most of the great promos you remember, they weren't for the match later that night, they were for the house show circuit and, as time went on, a PPV 1, 2, 3 months later. Imagine if instead of watching Dusty vs Flair a month after the Hard Times promo we only waited an hour and instead of seeing at Starrcade we saw it an hour later on tv. Not the same is it?

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Re: Why did charisma and mic skills skip a generation?

Because the WWE these days is basically a cruiserweight show which is based around one thing and that's workrate and that's the one thing fans want.

The biggest problem for me are characters which is linked to the death of kayfabe. Everyone is basically being a normal person. Sure, some of them maybe a little more annoying and some of them a little cooler but as a whole, they are all people you could meet in the street and you actually can interact with them. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of those indy wrestlers would actually refuse to totally be someone else

I mean, if I have to pick wrestlers who stands out from a charisma and mic-skills point, I would pick Velveteen Dream or Elias because they actually have a gimmick. There is not a bit of a real person in there, they are absolutely someone else and it's something that hold back a lot of other wrestlers. How can you be unique if you are not willing to be unique ?
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