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Do you enjoy spoilers?

I notice people love posting Dirt sheet rumors that usually end up being true, so my question is: Do you not like being surprised anymore? Whats the point of watching if you already know whats going to happen?
I remember a few years ago coming on here the morning of a survivor series and all I read was "Sting will make his first WWE appearance tonight" which completely ruined the ppv for me.

This isn't a shot at those who like to know before it happens, I am just trying to understand why you like the surprise to be ruined?

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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?


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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

I only get angry about spoilers on things I care about. The less I care about something, the more I actively seek the spoilers. With WWE I peek sometimes, with Star Wars Plan IX I hunt them down, with Avengers 4 I am actively shutting them out by all means available. It all depends on the situation.

What say you?

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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

More often than not, alleged spoilers are nothing more than speculation, usually from Douchebag Dave, so they don't bother me.

Aside from that, what many see as 'spoilers' are really just obvious storytelling points that most of us can conjure up, like we can see where a certain story will go next. It's like this Ronda/Becky/Charlotte drama; most of us know where this is headed and Mania is still almost two full months away.

It comes down to people being pretty frustrating in their human nature; we want to know everything, yet we also wanna be surprised.
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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

I don't read spoilers for any TV show or movie I like or ever plan on seeing.

Think about it: if you care so much about a show that you want to know what is going to happen, wouldn't you want know...WATCH IT?!?

The only time reading spoilers makes a modicum of sense is if you know for certain you won't have time or the ability to watch a certain show and never plan on going back and catching up. That's it.
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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

Yes. For movies for example, my brother or someone already told me the story and ending, I was even more excited to watch the film. For games, I download and seek the most comprehensive FAQ (typically the larger file sizes) and I want to read the story via the author's run. It actually helps me to avoid getting stuck and bored and stiff-necked. For COD for example, I already read the many gamers' love and hateful reactions, endings, analyses and theories, before I even got the game. For boxing I read round-by-round updates in websites before the broadcast even has the chance to air. And so for WWE and wrestling, likewise, and I also visit this forum to see the results and the likes and dislikes of the posters before I even see the show. I just can't wait.
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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

I didn't need Meltzer to tell me Ronda/Becky/Charlotte was happening. I saw it myself from Survivor Series onwards. In fact, I knew they were doing a triple threat when BIG DAVE was still saying Ronda/Becky in a singles and Ronda/Charlotte at Rumble.

And no, I kinda like being surprised. Yet I still look for the spoilers
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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

I don't care about spoilers because almost nothing happens in the WWE anymore. Same stale wrestlers in the same spots doing the same angles over and over again. Who cares about spoilers when the show is more predictable than an episode of Sesame Street
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The element of surprise is still one of the main reasons I watch, so no. Even though it's been more predictable lately, I'd still rather find out for myself..and I never actively seek out spoilers though it's tough to avoid online. The only info I usually seek out is in regards to injuries or stuff that goes on behind the scenes (not storyline-related).
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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

To me, wrestling isn't worth caring about spoilers. The stories aren't worth anything, so they're not worth not spoiling. If anything, spoilers help, because it makes me know if I want to see it.


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