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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

Originally Posted by White Glove Test View Post
I notice people love posting Dirt sheet rumors that usually end up being true, so my question is: Do you not like being surprised anymore? Whats the point of watching if you already know whats going to happen?
I remember a few years ago coming on here the morning of a survivor series and all I read was "Sting will make his first WWE appearance tonight" which completely ruined the ppv for me.

This isn't a shot at those who like to know before it happens, I am just trying to understand why you like the surprise to be ruined?
Rumors and dirt sheets aren't spoilers. I wouldn't consider them the same thing. Those are people grasping at straws, voicing their opinions, or directly lying. It's more the fault of the sucker who invests and believes in them than the person leaking "spoilers".

For an actual spoiler, which because of all what you said, dirtsheets, rumors, and Meltzer have killed that. I never believe these posts because it's all opinion, not based on what Vince has planned. So, there is theoretically no longer spoilers in the industry, just lucky guesses if you want to look at it like that.

Taped spoilers - those piss me off. When NXT is taped and a title changes and some asshole has a post with the title change in the picture - that grinds my gears. And, since I mostly look at wrestling on Instagram, a general search has tons of accounts I don't follow that leak that information.

I avoided Kenny Omega beating Okada for 2 days. I would have flipped shit had someone spoiled that.

An old friend of mine spoiledUIndertaker losing at Mania by 15 seconds because our feed was slow but he was texting with a buddy. those people can fuck off.
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Originally Posted by HankG View Post
This post
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I used to religiously spoil both Raw/SD results back when I was a young teen bit not anything big like plans or rumors, These days I make sure I don't spoil anything until I've seen it hence why I don't stick around here while you guys are covering Raw/SD when it's on since i watch it the next day.

Dirtsheets I take as a grain of salt too.
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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

Ring of Honor for examples tapes their TV show and while I see on social media some touches of storylines, I (generally) try to avoid to see the results of matches I still plan to watch.
If you are rooting for/against something and are intrigued about what happens it is more fun than just seeing some flashy moves. There are rarely still things I care enough about to avoid the spoilers though.

Since humans are curious (and that's one of the more positive things about us), we of course often can't resist to click on spoilers. I read some of the better sheets like PWInsider or Sapp at Fightful in hope to read something interesting about what happens backstage though (the ideas behind scratched storylines and so on), to simply learn a bit earlier what happens next isn't relevant.
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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

Originally Posted by A-C-P View Post
I'm the same here with spoilers. The worse/less interesting the happens are at a given time the more likely I am to read/look for spoilers.

Though the last few years the WWE has been so awful you haven't really needed spoilers to know what was going to happen with major storylines
Actually, I think WWE is far harder to predict than it's ever been. Like, I NEVER used to get my predictions wrong in the Attitude Era, I could read them like a book, and that was when I was a lot younger and less informed than I am now. Obviously a LOT of what they do is insanely predictable, still, but back in the day, you knew where they were going because you would just look at everything and say "Ok, this would be stupid, this would be stupid, and this would be stupid, this would make sense, so they're gonna do this" and lo and behold, the thing that makes sense is always the thing that would happen. But now, because there's no logic and it's not about serving the fans because they have no competition, they can literally do anything they want, and they do. They just gave Jinder Mahal the title last year out of fucking nowhere because Vince went "god damn, pal, India market". If the Attitude Era was going on right now, they would've randomly inserted Triple H into Stone Cold vs The Rock to ruin it because they wanted HEAT rather than because it served the story and gave the people the match they wanted to see.

If the Vince of 1998 were booking and they had competition like WCW, Asuka would've beaten Charlotte at WrestleMania and been built up to face Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35 in a singles match, Roman Reigns would've been swapped with Daniel Bryan and Daniel Bryan would've been the new Stone Cold (star wise, not character wise), Dean Ambrose would've been the breakout star in The Shield, Jinder Mahal would've never won the title, Samoa Joe would've beaten AJ Styles for the title, Bray Wyatt would've beaten John Cena and beaten The Streak instead of Brock Lesnar, CM Punk wouldn't have been run off, etc. EVERYTHING would make sense and be what the storyline called for and the product wouldn't be doing record low ratings right now, but they have no masters to serve and so this is what we get, the worst inhibitions of a madman with nothing to keep him in check.

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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

No I don't and there's a lot of unsolicited spoilers around here, even in threads where you wouldn't expect any.

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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

If I know I'm not gonna be watching whatever it is, I don't mind. But if it's something I plan on watching or I'm really interested in, I actively avoid them. I just hate when I'm avoiding spoilers for a WWE thing and am off social media but I forget to turn off the WWE App notification and it comes through and ruins it for me

But a few years ago, Raw and SD didn't air live where I lived (it does now), so I'd always end up reading what happened before it aired. It was never a surprise, but there was no point in trying to avoid spoilers cos they were literally all over the place.

There's moments that I'm glad didn't get spoiled beforehand like Seth turning on The Shield or Dean's heel turn happening when it did.

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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

I don't mind it because, the majority of the time I go to these wrestling news sites and it says "spoiler" (or "potential spoiler"), it's usually something I don't care about (Hornswoggle in the Royal Rumble) or something that doesn't even come true (how many "spoilers" have there been about Bray Wyatt backstage?).

I'm certainly not going to be put off by the return of Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon or some mid card act returning from injury being spoiled, as I'm not the least bit excited to see any of those people. And I really can't think of anything of any significance that was ruined by it being "spoiled" online ahead of time...except Daniel Bryan's retirement & return, which WWE, themselves, spoiled for the sake of popping a rating.

Plus, long before the internet, I spent a pretty penny (and got in a lot of trouble) on calling wrestling hotlines for that exact purpose. But, just like today, a lot of what I heard was either bullshit or something I couldn't have cared less about. The difference is, unlike then, my interest levels aren't the same. Knowing what happens is what drives me to watch, with the attraction being how it happens. But, with that comes bullshit, so it's kind of a wash.
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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

For me It depends on what it is. If it's Wrestling then I'll for the most part stay away from spoilers but if it's like Reality TV then hell yeah I'll look at spoilers because I want to see if the show will be worth my time or not...and it's fun to talk about with other people as well.
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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

Yeah, I like them for soaps like WWE. Despise them for everything else.

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Re: Do you enjoy spoilers?

I don't think spoilers really apply as much in wrestling since it's a live event and nothing happens until it actually happens in front of thousands of people. Even when things are rumored, they still may or may not happen.

The Sting thing was brewing ever since he was advertised for the WWE 2K15 game, so I think that end of the marketing aspect (of gauging interest via videogames) has made things a little more stale than they could be. And a lot of that was because he was slowly introduced to the WWE audience to refresh people's memories rather than appearing out of nowhere.

WWE was apprehensive about Sting appearing out of the blue after being away for so long (forgetting TNA, of course), so they laid breadcrumbs to ensure that he'd be a big deal when he appeared.

Even then, people were still happy to see Sting and I think they would've been even without the videogame stuff.

Honestly, though, the product is so stale that I'd rather read about things that I might want to happen and then check them out when they finally do, than watch every week and be bored the whole time.

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