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Re: Batista in talks with WWE and AEW

Originally Posted by TMWTLAITW View Post
WCW went down under because of the Time Warner Merger. It was an unfortunate casualty and went down with Ted, who crashed and burned. He lost 4/5 of his fortune. If that didn't happen, WCW mismanagement wouldn't have been enough to destroy WCW in the short run and they could have rebounded from it. There are a lot of examples of organizations with incompetent management that still makes profit in sports.

Not to mention giving big money deals to talent on the level of Virgil and Horace Hogan - you won't be getting that with AEW.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with giving astronomical wages to the best talent out there.

The merger was absolutely the end of the company. Where the fuck are AOL today?
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Re: Batista in talks with WWE and AEW

AEW= ass excrement willy. that is all.
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Re: Batista in talks with WWE and AEW

I never thought I'd be saying the WWE needs a 50 year-old Batista, but the WWE needs a 50 year-old Batista. The WWE product currently is a pile of shit. Even more so than the last several years, which is saying something. Batista is a big name with tremendous charisma who can put on a solid match if properly conditioned and working with the right guys. His matches with Ziggler in 2014 were really good and he was apart of 2 candidates for MOTY in the triple threat at WM and the match vs. the Shield. Despite the run initially being nothing short of a disaster (not his fault at all), he made it work in the end and put over four guys which eventually made them superstars.

If WWE were gonna do Batista/HHH at WM I think he would've returned already. I think it's just too late. But if he ends up appearing at AEW I personally will bloody love it. It will be a kick in the groin to the WWE who ultimately deserves it for shitting on him in outstanding fashion since he left in 2010 (then only piping up to try and ride his success like they were apart of it). There is great potential at both AEW and WWE for him to end his wrestling career and I'd be happy to see him in either - but AEW would be more satisfying. He'll get in the WWE HOF either way.
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Re: Batista in talks with WWE and AEW

I'm on the fence about it. On the one hand he is a big name to bring in and it makes AEW look "big" by being able to get him involved. On the other, hes shot to shit now, is pretty much the antithesis of what AEW is currently perceived to be and bringing in ex-WWE guys has proven to be a double edged sword in the past, if you're not careful you can end up sacrificing your own identity and looking like an off brand dollar store WWE alternative.
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Re: Batista in talks with WWE and AEW

One of the good things about AEW developing as a company is that the market is less of a promoter's market and now wrestler's and additional talent can now have leverage to negotiate better deals in terms of money, dates, flexibility and the option to take projects outside of their Wrestling career. Upon hearing interviews with Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho they have deals that allow them to take other projects outside of wrestling be it in gaming, music and acting, now I can see a wrestler with the status of Dave Batista being tempted if AEW make the right offer.

Imagine if they were able to pull this Batista who is in many ways a much bigger household name due to his success in Marvels films and the role his character played that could really help all elite secure a stronger television deal when the networks see a name that they know linked to the project.

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Re: Batista in talks with WWE and AEW

Batista is a WWE guy. There's no way he'd join AEW unless they make him an offer he just can't refuse (money talks)..

And btw he would help AEW more than WWE publicitywise etc. and that's why I think this could become a really interesting story.
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Re: Batista in talks with WWE and AEW

Don't turn AEW into WCW.

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Re: Batista in talks with WWE and AEW

AEW wishes it could get to WCW levels, and this coming from someone hoping it does.
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