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Edge: EC3 reminds me of Cena

WWE Hall of Famer Edge and former World Champion Christian talked about EC3, Lars Sullivan, Lacey Evans, Nikki Cross, and Heavy Machinery being called up from NXT to the main roster.

This is where Christian stated that he thinks EC3 is better suited for the main roster than NXT, which led to a response by Edge, who stated that EC3 reminds him of John Cena.

“I think EC3 reminds me of Cena as well, and Elias,” Edge prefaced. “And I think if you were to put Cena on the NXT roster starting out, I don’t know how great it would’ve gone, but you put him on the main roster and you see what happened. I think that’s very similar with EC3, and his skillset, and where he’s at. And I think, not that he didn’t do great in NXT, I just don’t think it’s the best place for a guy like him. I think he’s really kind of going to flourish coming to one of those two shows.
Source: https://www.ewrestlingnews.com/news/...r-wwe-champion

I don't see it

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Re: Edge: EC3 reminds me of Cena

I can't see it


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He is an American human male with big muscles who happens to be a pro wrestler and employed by wwe so they do have things in common.

Ec3 can talk but talk to a level that you can significantly increase business or get people to buy the shows you appear on...nah. also unlike Cena I have never seen ec3 command a crowd once the bell rings. Every kid wanting to be a pro wrestler should watch how cena controls crowd at one night stand
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Re: Edge: EC3 reminds me of Cena

They said the same thing about Alex Riley and we know how far his career went.
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Re: Edge: EC3 reminds me of Cena

EC3 provided something different in NXT. I think that's fine. Not everyone has to be in the main event to contribute.

Another problem with this EC3 will be better on the main roster mindset. EC3 just isn't that great, at least compared to the rest of the talent on NXT. I think that's the hard truth to accept for most of his fans. You got Ciampa, Gargano, Dream, Black, Cole and the TUE, Dunne and Ricochet with Riddle and Lee coming in recently. All of these guys are better than EC3 and are rightfully booked above him or are going to be booked above him.

Now, the issue here is that EC3 isn't going to be booked better on the main roster. He's likely going to be given more chances though, but that's not necessarily the same as being booked better. The thing is, is this really a good thing? Because it implies that EC3 is going to be booked above guys that are better than him in comparison to his time on NXT.

There is only one person that I can think of that genuinely benefitted booking wise going from NXT to the main roster and that's Elias. And even then, so many people seem to think that Elias didn't do well on NXT. No, he just played his part and always contributed to the show. He just didn't need to be a main eventer to do it.

I know some people might say Alexa Bliss but Alexa was once upon a time considered underrated in NXT. She had the mic skills and character work, and working more as a manager meant that her in ring deficiencies were hidden. Then we saw her get overpushed with the title. Yeah she has several women's title reigns to her name but that's not at all due to good booking. She got overpushed, and that's not a good thing. If Vince falls in love with EC3, you're looking at an Alexa type push.


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Re: Edge: EC3 reminds me of Cena

He reminds me of Cena as well a bit.
I think EC3 could be a big deal on the main roster if they get behind him.
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Re: Edge: EC3 reminds me of Cena

EC3 is hot. Doesn't need anything else.
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Re: Edge: EC3 reminds me of Cena

I am amazed the Cena went on to A-level movies.
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Re: Edge: EC3 reminds me of Cena

Edge is right. If we're talking about early Cena, EC3 is clearly inspired by him

The physique, the level of energy, the brash-young ruthless aggression that EC3 has. Hell even their mannerisms, they way they kind of bob their heads and bounce around. He reminded me of 2003 Cena almost immediately

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Re: Edge: EC3 reminds me of Cena

He reminds me of Cena in terms his physique and has similar mannerisms as well. I guess funny enough where they differ is in the ring. Cena may not have ever been the mos coordinated guy, but, especially as he got more experience, he did feel like he could move around in there. Not as well as other top guys, but still.

EC3 most of the time is as stiff as a board in the ring.

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