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Re: So what do you think about Heyman's "opinion"?

Bryan at 2 is lol funny

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Re: So what do you think about Heyman's "opinion"?

I thought it was a kayfabe line to stir up the AJ-Bryan match on SD, Heyman may feel that way but this is hardly proof of this because he's said a lot on TV to put over Brock's opponent which at times were a big stretch. AJ had tapped out Bryan weeks earlier which is as decisive as it gets so it made little sense in terms of the story.

It led nowhere after it and seemed they wanted to involve Lesnar somehow because of the match at SS.

Either way, it's extremely dumb in kayfabe because Cena is kayfabe goat of this gen and they've already mentioned that Roman will surpass him. I hate how they bring up the best of their generation stuff (even for AJ) when in kayfabe they're clearly nowhere near it. It's stupid and breaks story, everyone watching would consider the likes of Brock, Roman and Cena the best of their generation - but they're thrown lines of the GOAT, the guy who will surpass the GOAT and most dominant etc. which leaves best of their generation (again, wouldn't the GOAT be the best of his generation? ). It's things like this which annoy me as it insults the fans intelligence and undermines in ring success (W/L but we all know they don't matter, except it does when it comes to Brock and Roman), kayfabe tiers (S tier - Roman and Brock, A+ - Braun) and stories. There's no consistency or logic behind it.

Being able to put on the best matches means fuck all in the end (which appears to be the context they put AJ and Bryan in when they say best of their generation - basically giving away it's fake and breaking kayfabe... the man who beats his opponent in 2 mins is better than the one who beats someone in a back and forth 30 min match), it's the guy who wins the most matches and championships (like in all sports) is the one who is given those plaudits. This seems to be the case everywhere except the WWE. It hurts the presentation and feel of the product, it comes off like another marketing tool to give everyone something.

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Re: So what do you think about Heyman's "opinion"?

I'm honestly confused what he meant by this. It really depends on the context of what he said.

If he means kayfabe, Bryan has beaten AJ cleanly in a title match, so yeah I guess he is #1 in kayfabe terms. The WWE Champion should be number one in kayfabe. But in regards to their actual ability, I do think Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler in WWE and yes, I do think AJ Styles is second to that based off ability. But like I said, it depends on the context of which it was said in.

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