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Re: The 2018 WWE Salary List

With so many spelling and grammatical errors to the point where some statements just plain don't make any sense, I find this "list" to be highly dubious and most likely bullshit.
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Re: The 2018 WWE Salary List

This it totally not accurate. For one, in no way does Chris Jericho still have a full time contract with WWE. Lesnars deal sure isn't 5 years with how his contract rumors come up every year. He probably isn't signed past WM next year, like WWE has been doing for awhile reportedly.

Summer Rae was "future endeavored" a long time ago.

I did laugh at the "Heath Slater - Extra bonus on PPV Main event appearances".
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Re: The 2018 WWE Salary List

was this written by a 1st grader ?
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Re: The 2018 WWE Salary List

Originally Posted by Bestiswaswillbe View Post
I really doubt the accuracy of this list.

Why would WWE pay Roman Reigns 5 mil a year? It's not like he could go somewhere else and get paid a lot. I mean if WWE offered him 500k a year what's he gonna say, no? There's literally no other fed that would pay him anywhere close to 5 mil a year.
Because that’s not always how contract salaries are usually given out. There’s a lot of factors which go into it, not just the lowest wage they’d have to be payed to not go to other promotions.

For example, reportedly Kane and Big Show are one of the most highest paid people there at near a million a year. Why? Because they’ve been working for WWE for so many years and each new deal they’ve been given has resulted in a pay rise or stayed the same. That’s how it is I assume with senior members of the company. But I don’t think Big Show or Kane would be able to comman anywhere near the wage they currently have in other promotions.

How about Triple H, his combined performers salary and corporate salary is insane, do you think he’d be able to command that salary outside of WWE? How about Lesnar’s 10 million a year at least salary. Sure he had UFC he could go to but UFC isn’t necessarily the best way to make big money from what I’ve heard(you only get payed when you fight and you don’t fight for months and if you get injured or get suspended there’s goes a lot of your income). Brock wanted to go back to UFC and only stayed with WWE because WWE offered him more and easier money.

Even outside WWE, Okada is reportedly earning 1 to 2 million dollars a year. There is no way any Japanese promotion other than New Japan could afford to pay him that amount and I doubt WWE would be offering him a similar sized contract initially if he jumped ship. Yet he’s still being payed that amount of money. Why? Loyalty and being their top star.

Roman’s getting payed that much because he’s a loyal company man that’s perceived as their top full time star by the WWE themselves. Of course they’re going to pay big money for him.

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Re: The 2018 WWE Salary List

$10 million a year for Bork Laser? LMAO what a rip off.
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Originally Posted by UniversalGleam View Post
people complain about lesnars salary etc but john cena isnt much better, specially considering he is hardly around anymore and didnt even take any bumps in his last match. $8.5 million seems way too much for what hes contributed.

Im surprised that braun strowman only earns $100,000 more than curt hawkins....... strowman is one of the lowest paid on the list considering the level he is on in wwe, even kalisto and zach ryder earns more than him.

overall I don't hold much trust in this list, it seems rather stupid but then it is wwe.
Difference is Cena is going over potential new stars and isn't wwe champion. Lesnars a cancer to the company, it's undeniable at this point.
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Re: The 2018 WWE Salary List

Originally Posted by birthday_massacre View Post
What a joke AJ only makes $2m while Reigns make $5m. Also WTF are Jinder making more than someone like Owens.
Give me a year or two of $2m/year and you'll never see my chubby ass again. Stop acting like it's not a good salary.

Jun Kasai > You
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Re: The 2018 WWE Salary List

Anyone on here could have wrote an article like this and guessed a lot of these numbers like this looks like it has. Unless WWE release the numbers or something gets leaked, these are always just guesstimates to get clicks.

You can find my wrestling match reviews HERE:
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