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Re: Women getting better, men's relegation, intentional?

Originally Posted by Stormbringer View Post
You contradict yourself here. You say they wouldn't book the men bad on purpose, yet one sentence later you flat out admit they booked the hottest thing going like shit. Right into the ground went Braun's mega overness in the span of a few months. Did they do that to Ronda? No. Have they done that to Becky? No/not yet. But that's the difference between what's happened to the men and not the women.
I said they booked him badly yes, but I never said they did that purposely. Remember that with the exception of Ronda and Charlotte, it wasn't long ago that Asuka was jobbing out to Carmella in a title feud, and Becky was doing nothing but short tv matches.

The entire roster is subjected to the same team of bookers and Vince. Some of them have escaped bad booking for the time being, and some of their booking actually has been good like Ronda's.
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Re: Women getting better, men's relegation, intentional?

Or maybe it's cause women are actually being treated like wrestlers and not idiots?
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Re: Women getting better, men's relegation, intentional?

I don't think it's intentional as much as it is the right women being in the right place at the right time. Ronda was always going to be a big deal in the division and that topped off with her being more impressive than anyone expected allowed WWE to book the division as serious and credible. And then on SD, Charlotte has always delivered in her matches and WWE fell ass backwards into the Becky Lynch angle.

Let's not forget Carmella's reign over the summer with her jobbing out Asuka or Alexa and Nia's feud that was literally a rehash of the "Piggie James" angle. Not to mention, their mishandling of the Sasha/Bayley feud as well as the lackluster booking for Evolution.
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Re: Women getting better, men's relegation, intentional?

No, it's not intentional. This is simply what happens when the men's division is all about one guy and that one guy ends up being put out of action for a long time. It's also what happens when you stop pissing around with trash like Carmella and push women who are actually capable of having great matches.

I think it's silly to suggest this was some kind of secret plan by WWE. The women's division was still a dumpster fire as recently as July. They stumbled into this by accident and deserve credit only for going with the flow. Even then, they almost didn't. Look how badly handled Becky was in the immediate aftermath of her turn. All that hype from Summerslam and what happens next? The most generic, tone deaf heel promo ever. It was an embarrassing blunder even by this company's standards.

The women's division still isn't even doing that well. Put Becky, Charlotte, Asuka and Ronda to one side and look at the rest of it. The top level might be stronger than the men's division right now, but go beyond that and it's just as rubbish. We'll see this in full effect once Becky (and probably Charlotte too) jump ship to Raw. The Smackdown division will sink faster than the Titanic and the men will retake the spotlight.

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Re: Women getting better, men's relegation, intentional?

For those who think WWE won't intentionally stink up the joint. Please read below an excerpt of Vince admitting he wanted to put a match at WM knowing full well it wouldn't be good, but had an agenda:
I was looking at it like me and Piper, Snuka and Greg Valentine, this match is gonna be s--t. I said that to Vince, I told him it won't be good and he said, 'it's not supposed to be good.' I told him I understand, that but instead of putting Greg Valentine in there, could we put Ricky Steamboat in there.
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Re: Women getting better, men's relegation, intentional?

I don't care if it is men or women who are the best entertainers and in ring do the most for me. Right now, its Asuka and Becky Lynch. Miz and Ricochet too.
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Re: Women getting better, men's relegation, intentional?

Originally Posted by Sincere View Post
He said they hadn't booked a particular gender deliberately badly for the sake of putting another particular gender over.

That Braun may have suffered from some of his booking doesn't contradict this. The fact that you seem to think any/all weak booking is necessarily done in service of the women is bizarre.

The truth is, both the men and women have to deal with the same idiots in the back. They both get booked well on occasion and poorly on occasion. Neither the men nor the women have all good or all bad booking/creative.

Becky was booked to cut a "you people" promo after Summerslam. She was booked as a chickenshit heel through much of her feud with Charlotte, including getting herself DQ'd, trying to run from fights, and Edge even admitted his job was to get Becky booed on SD 1000. Considering the story context, and reactions she was getting... this was all fairly retarded booking, and the fans rejected WWE's intentions wholesale. Becky got over and stayed hot largely despite WWE's booking intentions. She was also booked to bury the hatchet with Charlotte for SSeries only to have to reignite their rivalry when she returned a week later.

Just last week they had Vince clowning both Charlotte and Becky, who has spent more time in a ring side chair than anything else lately--and not even on commentary.

I guess that's all somehow great booking to you? It may not be the worst, but it hasn't been particularly good either.

The top women haven't had great booking, and the women more generally certainly haven't had good booking. In many cases, in fact, it's been quite nonsensical, or downright bad. That something has managed to survive and strive despite WWE's booking/creative doesn't mean WWE's booking/creative has been great.
The women are being booked as characters comparable to the male stars, as opposed to being "divas". There is a freshness to the female characters as this is the first time that WWE has had a credible female division, as well as one that is this large. There isn't a prior history of a female John Cena to compare Ronda Rousey to. Everything is new right now, and that's why they are standing out.

On a secondary note, the female wrestlers stand out more. Gear-wise they have a lot more in common with the colorful wrestlers of the late 1980s (Hogan, Warrior, Savage) than with the male wrestlers, who perform in predominantly drab attire.

Literally, let's make the comparison. Which stands out more:

Women's Roster:

Men's Roster:

Which stands out more? The women, by far. The men are all in matching black attire. Again, for the women it's much more comparable to the look of classic WWF:

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