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re: What are some positives to take from wrestling?

It is hard to come up with positives after coming out of record low ratings but one is Drew.

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re: What are some positives to take from wrestling?

Umm...Lita returned in 2018...



The Miz and Maryse had a baby girl.

Everything else sucks.

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Everything revolving around AJ/Becky/Alexa/Rollins.

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re: What are some positives to take from wrestling?

The thing I am most positive about is the fact that Indy shows are getting very big, especially in Europe. This will only be a good thing for ALL of wrestling. As much as people complain about WWE from time to time, there are plenty of FULL shows you can now watch thanks to this great thing called the internet lol. So there isnt really an excuse if people cant talk positive for once.
Japan has entered the US market
ICW are still thriving along with Progress and the likes
OTT have revitalized wrestling in Ireland and are putting out 5 star matches/cards with the best homegrown talent and abroad.
WXW still going strong

Guys you are seeing on the indies are now getting on to bigger shows (a lot of the brits...and well deserved too! )

Thats not including any promotions with TV deals. I think wrestling as a whole has been the hottest its been in decades.

If WWE isnt doing it for you, there is plenty of great things happening outside. It wasnt long ago where the British/European scene had only family friendly shows in small town halls, nothing amazing happening. WWE seemed to be the only option. Now this is not the case!
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re: What are some positives to take from wrestling?

Looking forward to Wrestle Kingdom, The Elite leaving the Bullet Club and turning face was pretty cool. Kenny Omega winning the IWGP Heavyweight Title finally, Daniel Bryan coming out of retirement was awesome.

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Re: What are some positives to take from wrestling?

Its been a rough year for WWE injury wise but I can name plenty of positives.

Seth Rollins!! Guy had an amazing year, he deserves to be THE top guy.
Braun in the spotlight, while they have made some stupid booking decisions for him, its great to see my guy in a top spot. He has improved so much since he came in and I couldn't be happier about it. Another good candidate to be the top guy.
Elias, I talk about him on a weekly basis, this guy, in my opinion, is one of the most talented wrestlers in the industry. He has something very special and turning him Face was a good call. Book him properly and consistently, you will have a megastar.
Becky Lynch, not much needs to be said, so happy for her.
Daniel Bryan return/heel turn, Bryan coming back was amazing and the heel turn has been some of his best work ever in my opinion. Hope the booking stays consistent and he has a decent title run.
HBK returning, even though it was at the worst show of the whole year, was great to see one of my all time favorites return to the ring. I'm down for another match.
Dean Ambrose heel turn. Happy to see Dean in his proper alignment.

It has been a weird year with all the injuries and some subpar storylines that could have been great but there have been some major positives. Here's to hoping 2019 will be awesome, they have a decent set up right now.
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