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Should/Is WWE a popularity contest?

I've seen several people say "Whoever is the most over should be pushed/main event. It's not about who's most deserving." Seth fans say even though he isn't the best promo worker, he should main event/be FOTC due to his extreme popularity. Do you agree that popularity/overness should determine who should main event?
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People don’t like to think deeper about why someone is over, they put it all on the individual behind the character.

Overness is situational - and situations can be manipulated (intentionally or unintentionally).

Becky wasn’t mega over 3 months ago. Braun and Seth were mega over with the thought one of them could replace Roman Reigns against Brock at mania, but their overness dropped after that situation was no longer possible.

The most popular will always change depending on the situation. You can’t keep changing direction every few months depending on who gets hot and who has a cold spell.

Should Seth be dropped for his poor reactions post-mania? No. You’ve got to have a long term plan with these guys and manipulate the situation to make it work.
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Re: Should/Is WWE a popularity contest?

Wrestling can't be a pure popularity contest no more than it can be a pure athletic contest because in both regards it's a rigged contest.

Booking, storylines heavily influence overness. I do think it's safe to say that when someone has been given fair opportunity to get over and has fallen short of exciting the crowd, that person should definitely drop out of the contest - Drew McIntyre for example

That being said, I've enjoyed plenty of wrestlers who weren't over. A talented performer should always have a place to showcase, even if they don't get loud reactions. They just shouldn't be in the conversation for FOTC

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Re: Should/Is WWE a popularity contest?

I don't think so. Because people get hot so randomly and WWE can't just switch their plans every time someone gets over. Long term plans are needed and are a must.
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With two shows, there isn't a FOTC, but a face of the brand. In this era, fans are not getting behind the face of the brand and too many of the men and women flip flop back and forth. Everyone is a heel and that is what the fans want.

If it doesn't make money, it doesn't make sense.
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Re: Should/Is WWE a popularity contest?

It's supposed to be a popularity contest. That used to be how you made your money. Now it's not because they don't make their money off of stars, they make it off tv deals, so he can do anything he wants.

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Re: Should/Is WWE a popularity contest?


Enzo > Neville
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Re: Should/Is WWE a popularity contest?

"Popularity contest" is a bit of an over simplification, but generally speaking it should be a major factor. Though I would also say wrestling companies and fans should be considerate of whats long term consistent popularity and what "flavor of the month" popularity.

That's not to say you don't want to "strike while the iron's hot" but you don't want to invest everything in an act with a short shelf life.
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Re: Should/Is WWE a popularity contest?

Why does it only have to be one of these options, OP? Why can’t the superstar be BOTH over with the crowds AND talented enough as an overall package to warrant a good push?

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Re: Should/Is WWE a popularity contest?

No, it shouldn't. Just look at how quickly a performer can go from immensely popular to not as popular or vice versa. There is even proof now that being the most popular with the crowd doesn't even make you the most profitable performer in WWE. People have been going crazy for Becky for the last few months yet there aren't more people in the crowd there aren't more people watching on TV just the people that do go to the show are vociferously on her side. Popularity just isn't the type of measure that matters that much in the grand scheme of things these days. You have to be able to see that WWE has cared little if at all about this so-called popularity or unpopularity of performers. The vocal portion of the audience crucified Cena for a decade yet he proved to be the guy that brought in the most money for the company despite that. It's almost as if this vocal portion of the audience either isn't the majority of the overall audience or they aren't supporting the performers that they like in a manner of any consequence.
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