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Re: Is The UFC Superior To WWE?

Originally Posted by charsetutf View Post
There are always fans who complain about everything. Conor and Ronda drew a huge amount of interest in the sport. Dana White promoting them the way he did was justified, and any rational person can admit that, even if they are not fans of either fighter. Amanda Nunes benefited greatly from that fight, both financially, and in terms of the exposure she received.

Nate has always had a hardcore following because of his brother. Yet the only time he did big numbers was when he was paired with McGregor. Hardcore fans accounted for a small percentage of those UFC 196 and 202 buyrates. Most of those people were casuals, most of whom would not buy a PPV to see Nate vs anyone else (with the exception of GSP, who is also a big draw.)
Yeah they are big draws for the company, but yet hardcore fans still hated it, and wished Dana and the company would try to build up others they liked more. Is that really much different than how upset folk got during the height of the Cena days and the belief that anybody could be Cena if Vince just focused on them?

While Nate isn't a Conor type draw, he factually got Conor to the biggest PPV number and hardcore fans took that as a win for them and a shot at Dana because the guy he said didn't do numbers did numbers. Folk took all the mainstream love Diaz got post UFC 196 as an example of Dana not knowing that he had a star in his hands in Diaz. Similar to how fans took Bryan's Yes Chant taking of and him showing up at some sporting events as a knock on Vince not understanding he had a star in his hands.

Originally Posted by deadcool View Post
Is this some kind of a joke?

UFC is a far better product to watch than WWE any day of the week (even with lower card fighters).

There is a fundamental difference between UFC and WWE in terms of talent; UFC has multiple active draws (McGregor, DC, Nunes, Cyborg, Khabib, GSP, Jones, Ngannou, Holm, Johnson, TJD) while WWE has barely 3 (Ronda, Lesnar, and maybe Daniel Bryan). UFC doesn't exhaust their main event draws like how WWE does (WWE should learn from UFC on how to manage talent especially a certain long nosed Execute VP of talent relations and creative). UFC's top draws attract different sections of the audience, while WWE has become so niche that only hardcore fans watch. The other difference between the two is audience retention; UFC blows WWE out of the water in this particular category.

On a side note, I can't believe Cyborg vs Nunes is set, this match mark my words will blow away the upcoming Rousey vs Charlotte match at WM (ME or not).
Man what you clearly don't really know anything about MMA lol

Nunes, Khabib, N'gannou, Mighty Mouse, and TJ Dillashaw are not draws at all. Nobody in this group has ever done over 500k in buyrates. The closest any of them has got is doing around 400k on PPVs with 2 title fights. Nunes has the worst UFC PPV buyrate since the early 2000s, Khabib's only PPV main event did under 300k buys, Mighty Mouse rarely headlines because he's with Nunes as an all time worst draw, and TJ only has one good buyrate which is the last PPV which did around 400k (with Mighty mouse on the card) and that's only good by 2017-2018 standards.

And of course they can't use their fighters as much, mandatory medical suspensions and stuff like that are a thing. Not to mention that UFC's television cards do less than the average Raw or SmackDown.
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Re: Is The UFC Superior To WWE?

I think the real question is whether or not potatoes are superior to Kurt Gödel's incompleteness theorem...
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Re: Is The UFC Superior To WWE?

Since it makes more money, yes. But i'm not a fan of MMA.
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