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Re: Comedy wrestling. Does it have a place?

Absolutely. Just look at LU.

It's a rather dark, violent, serious show. But once in a while, a comedy segment like the pizza one can become a memorable breath of fresh hair.

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Re: Comedy wrestling. Does it have a place?

Originally Posted by Laughable Chimp View Post
This is more of a general wrestling topic, not a WWE topic but I figured this was the best place to ask it.

Does comedy wrestling have a place?

Have you ever had this happen to you? So you're watching a wrestling show. All the matches are presented as legitimately as possible. Everything's going great, stakes are high, you're hyped for the main event. Then, all of a sudden, comes a comedy match and it's just so ridiculous that it takes you out of the whole event. You've got all these serious matches, and suddenly there's a comedy match that just completely destroys your sense of disbelief, not just for the match, but for the entire event.

On the other hand, as someone who's been watching every match in the G1 so far, I've come to really enjoy and actually anticipate a Yano match. There's only so much serious epic matches I can watch before I start to get bored of it. Yano's matches are different. They're funny in a sea of seriousness and I enjoy that. Just an example of me enjoying a comedy match in cards that's mostly serious.

What's your opinion? Is there a place for comedy wrestling in the higher levels of wrestling? Does it mess with your suspense of disbelief too much or are you able to enjoy it in spite of that?
Absolutely, yes. 100%. I argue that it's mandatory and necessary for wrestling to exist. This is how you answer "you know it's fake, right?". Wrestling should be a mix of entertainment, not just two people trying to make something fake look real. There must be a balance.

I argue this a lot and have reference comedy matches as some of my favorite. There is a Summer Rae & Fandango v Emma and Santino Marella match from NXT which is a favorite match of mine because of how well they incorporate comedy. "You can't take it seriously" is the point of the comedy match. You take it for comedy and entertainment, not a serious fight.

I think most people are thinking of WWE skits when you reference "comedy". But, there is actual matches with legit wrestlers who instead of going for technician and "I'm a better wrestler" do funny reversals, fail reasonable spots. Incorporating little fake outs and stalls can be comedic without going overboad.

Originally Posted by Ultron View Post
I hate comedy matches/spots.

They aren't funny and are a waste of time.
I disagree.

Originally Posted by T Hawk View Post
Imagine ever thinking those wrestlers were comedy wrestlers ayy lmao

In general, I sometimes see people try to justify what shitters like Colt Cabana, Joey Ryan, & Grado do and point to Angle, Rock, Edge, Christian, Jericho etc did and go "but when they did it.."

When they did what? Having comedic segments and being able to cut a humorous promo doesn't mean you then follow that up by wrestling like a fool. And none of those guys really did that.

Those guys did some funny stuff on the mic and backstage, but when the bell rang they went to work and left the comedy backstage.
I don't remember many comedic spots in any of Kurt's matches or any comedic spots when E&C where trying to kill themselves along with the Hardys & Dudleys.
Colt was exactly who I thought of. I think comedy needs to be slipped into matches, but not always slapstick.

I don't think any dislikes comedy wrestling. I think people dislike bad comedy wrestling; and, all of WWE's comedy wrestling is bad comedy wrestling. Make this thread in the Other Wrestling and tons of people will love it.
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Originally Posted by HankG View Post
This post
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Re: Comedy wrestling. Does it have a place?

Absolutely as long as the comedy doesn't insist on itself. Ala boxel and non potty segment strowman. Example of comedy insisting on itself is Matt
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Re: Comedy wrestling. Does it have a place?

Comedy has it place for sure but needs to done in the right spots. Yano is a great example of it done well as it breaks up the G1.

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Re: Comedy wrestling. Does it have a place?

Triple H Vs D'Lo Brown in a Blindfold match in 2002 on that Roulette Raw was pretty damn funny.

It certainly has a place but it needs to be booked properly.
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Re: Comedy wrestling. Does it have a place?

It has its place as long as the audience is receptive to it. Yano is easily my favorite practitioner right now.

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Re: Comedy wrestling. Does it have a place?

Wrestling is like a circus, if you don't like the elephants then you might like the clowns. Variation is key. Shows like ECW benefited from some comedy in back stage segments/match's so crowds didn't burn out on the intense/violent match's throughout the show for example. But they have to be booked at the right time otherwise they can derail a shows or ppv flow and piss people off.

That said I get why some fans hate comedy wrestlers, I certainly don't like comedy guys like Colt Cabana, Grado, Santino Marella etc as i can never take them or their match's seriously, why should i when they seeming don't after all? Comedy moves like the Cobra can
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Re: Comedy wrestling. Does it have a place?

I like Comedy when it's done right. Wrestling has definitely been capable of making me laugh a few times. The only problem is WWE's idea of 'humour' these days is painfully bad, and they suck at anything to do with comedy.

I wonder why
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Re: Comedy wrestling. Does it have a place?

problem with wwe's humour is its that of that weird guy in the office who falls off his chair laughing when someone says "poo".

that whole snake charming segment on smackdown some years back is the single worst thing I have ever seen from wwe. Embarrassment is the only thing I felt during that so called "comedy segment".
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Re: Comedy wrestling. Does it have a place?

Absolutely. Wrestling shows, like concert set-lists, sentences in books, etc., need to have some variety. As mentioned, shows like ROH TV and others can be grueling oneupmanship fests where all that matters is superkicks and kick outs. Vinny Massaro in LU or even groups like Heavy Machinery and Street Prophets in NXT can help break up the show into more digestible parts. Elias isn't necessarily comedy but he fits the bill as well I think.
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