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View Poll Results: Worst World Champion?
The Great Khali - World Heavyweight Champion 2007 35 26.72%
Jack Swagger - World Heavyweight Champion 2010 17 12.98%
The Miz - WWE Champion 2010-2011 11 8.40%
Dolph Ziggler - World Heavyweight Champion 2013 3 2.29%
Finn Balor - Universal Champion 2016 8 6.11%
Jinder Mahal - WWE Champion 2017 43 32.82%
Other 14 10.69%
Voters: 131. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Worst World Champion since 2002?

Originally Posted by Laughable Chimp View Post
1-Jinder Mahal arguably hasn't had a good match in his entire career and its only arguably because of that one match with AJ and you think he had great matches in his title reign?

2-Oh I don't know, great matches with Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, part of an amazing Survivor Series match as well as the famous Festival of Friendship?

Fucking calls Kevin Owens the worst and that he did nothing while thinking Jinder Mahal had great matches, get in my sig.
Put me in that Sig. I'll take Mahal over Owens any day.


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Re: Worst World Champion since 2002?

i didn't watch WWE when Khali and Swagger was champion. so, my vote goes for jinder
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Re: Worst World Champion since 2002?

I don't know if it is considered the worst, but I didn't enjoy Rey Mysterio as champion. Him winning felt like even more of an exploitation of Eddie's death and that never sat right with me.
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Re: Worst World Champion since 2002?

It was a tough choice, but I picked Jinder Mahal as having the worst world title reign in the past 14 years.

People can hate on The Great Khali all they want, and donít get me wrong, he was absolutely abysmal in the ring. Yet he was over seven feet tall and was built up with victories over legends like The Undertaker, so it would make sense for him to win the World Heavyweight Championship at least once. Besides that, he only held the title for about two months and then never held it again.

Jack Swagger had all the charisma of a cardboard box and his acting ability could only have been rivalled only by Linda McMahon. His push came out of nowhere. However, from a kayfabe perspective, he won the Money in the Bank contract and took advantage of a weakened world champion to win the title. Sure, it sucked, but from a storyline perspective, you can just about justify it when comparing against others. Also, he didnít hold the title for too long either, and was a good in-ring worker, as demonstrated in matches with guys like Orton, Cena, Undertaker and Rey Mysterio.

Jinder Mahal, on the other hand, held the most prestigious championship on offer with no merit behind it whatsoever. Storyline wise, it was completely unbelievable that a former member of a comedy act could suddenly become world champion within a month of a push. He has barely any charisma, his in-ring ability is mediocre at best, his push was unjustified and he shouldnít have held the title for as long as he did with guys like AJ Styles and Randy Orton on the brand.
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Re: Worst World Champion since 2002?

Khali for sure
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Definitely underrated as a wrestler!
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Re: Worst World Champion since 2002?

Great Khali was much better than Jinder.
For Better or worse, Khali was at the time credible enough to be world champion, he was squashing top guys like Rey, Kane, Jeff..ect and his reign lasted for a couple of months.

Last year WWE put the title on a JOBBER, out of nowhere, FOR 6 MONTHS
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Re: Worst World Champion since 2002?

I have a few...

Mahal is probably up there as he has not only a downright dull gimmick but he can't have a decent match with AJ STYLES! Even Cena got a semi-decent last man standing match (IIRC) out of Khali. Plus Khali looked like he could unscrew your head if he wanted to. Mahal has been presented as a jobber for years and now we are expected to believe he is main event material? No chance.

Jeff Hardy has to be up there. He was very popular with the girls and the casuals and I 'get' that. However he looks like my little brother who is 15. He doesn't hold himself like a world champ nor does he look like one. I cannot name more than a handful of decent matches of his that don't involve a ladder or throwing himself off of high places.

At least Swagger could have a decent match with the right person. That said I was disgusted when he won the title, completely shitting on the legacy (ignoring McMahon et al for a moment).

The Miz did a lot better as champion than I expected. Ziggler was a meh champion and didn't need the belt.
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Re: Worst World Champion since 2002?

people here have obviously forgotten (or weren't around for) the original holder of WWE's version of the big gold belt, the man who really made people switch off - triple h

honourable mentions to khali, gimpder mahal & rey mysterio

probably the only time mysterio will be the same sentence as those two failures, but his run as top boy was dismal, utterly dismal
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Re: Worst World Champion since 2002?

Great Khali, with Jinder close behind.
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Re: Worst World Champion since 2002?

khali just because the guy shouldnt of been near a wrestling ring so it cant get much worse than that as a wrestling champion when his matches never go above poor.

like its been said though, at least wwe somewhat built khali up, they didnt even bother with mahal, he literally went from being a jobber to a champion capable of defending against some of the best in wwe overnight with no reason or rhyme. Total shit.

I give mahals reign come credit though for simply being something different than the standard set of guys and a total surprise, dont get that much in wwe these days.

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