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Originally Posted by ErichZann View Post
Lesnar being legit means a lot. When he appears it changes the whole atmosphere and every time he appears things feel more 'legit'
Probably because he's been booked as God the last 4 years.
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Re: Being "legit" means nothing in WWE.

It's about being believable and i don't believe for one second most of these guys and all the women can whop somebody's ass.. They're known as fake fighters with no fighting experience.
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Re: Being "legit" means nothing in WWE.

Unfortunately, it means everything to the McMahons, so despite it actually meaning nothing, we have to deal with it shoved up our asses every week.

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Re: Being "legit" means nothing in WWE.

Originally Posted by HBKRollins View Post
Lesnar would destroy Nakamura in a MMA fight.
He would destroy everyone on the roster in an MMA fight.
Picking Nakamura is geeky cherry picking because "he no talk no English, bro!"
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Re: Being "legit" means nothing in WWE.

To me, it means the same thing as Miz being an "A-lister".

In reality, it doesn't mean anything (and isn't even true) but I look at it as a tool to enhance his character and add to his aura.

The business has been full of guys being presented as something they're not. At the same time, there have been guys presented as something you could argue they really are but, in the grand scheme of things, means nothing. To me, it balances out. I don't know.

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Re: Being "legit" means nothing in WWE.

Agreed. A lot of the people who peddle that rubbish also only do so when it suits them and applies to someone they like. Where's the support for a Sonya Deville monster push? She could wreck any woman on Raw in a real fight. Shayna could do the same to the NXT roster, yet there's actually some backlash against her rapid rise to the top.

Charisma and aura are what matters and being an MMA fighter doesn't guarantee you have either of those.

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Originally Posted by Machismo88 View Post
Lesnar is just a freak of a human, seeing him in '02 & how he moved, his strength & just his physical presence was on another level to just about anyone who has ever laced them up. In my opinion he felt legit before going to MMA with his first run in the company.
So? in a scripted enviroment it doesnt matter if you are a freak of nature or not if WWE wants you to job you will job.
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Re: Being "legit" means nothing in WWE.

Originally Posted by SavoySuit View Post
to be fair, you do realize there's a massive massive difference between Nakamura's mma achievements and Lesnar's right? Nakamura's are almost insignificant to the wider population.

Lesnar's gave him a sort of "real life" aura... knowing that aside from pro wrestling, he could likely demolish anyone on the roster. Sure, he lost to Cain, but many attributed that to his illness, and in any case... he handled it better than Ronda, who came out of MMA looking very fragile.
Not sure Ronda will really have that aura. Maybe a little.
His loss to Cain is attributed to Cain being top 5 all time grestest HW's in MMA and better than Brock in every facet of the game. His loss to Overeem could more be attributed to his illenss, but if you follow MMA like I have for the past 17 years, it had more to do with Brock being hesitant because he doesn't like being it in the face, and Reem having great striking and jitz. Which is why Lesnar didn't just shoot for the TD, he feared the guillotine, he feared striking with him. So he waited with his back against the cage for Reem to finish it. I'm not familiar with Nak's ground game, but if he's competent in submissions and gnp D I'd put that match at 50/50 at best. Velasquez was a hell of a lot smaller than Brock, and he ragdolled him for as long as it lasted, will never forget this

Or my personal favorite


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Re: Being "legit" means nothing in WWE.

Punk and Bryan fans started the whole "they train so they're legit". So it naturally evolved when people who won titles in MMA come around. I get waiting to see the results for a Ronda and such. But it just seem so weird that a lot of fans like the clear MMA influence that's spread into in-ring work, but dislike the idea of folk that did the real thing coming in.
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Re: Being "legit" means nothing in WWE.

Originally Posted by anirioc View Post
Really, you hear all the time " This guy is legit", it started with Lesnar's fans, now with Rousey and it will continue being used as a valid argument with every guy/girl with MMA background but doest it matter? Is really being a legit fighter that important in a fake contact sport? Non of these people could have a legit fight in WWE anyway so for me being legit means nothing, Charisma and in- ring wrestling style is what matter the most and not trying to look real by performing two or three boring moves, i bet when Mcgregor comes to WWE his fans will say over and over again " but he is legit".
On that note Rousey is more charismatic than anyone else in WWE, and if Conor came over he’d be more charismatic than the entire roster combined.

Legitimacy can help with how the wrestlers are presented. And the whole legitimacy thing as it is in wrestling started out with guys like CM Punk who’s fans would proudly proclaim how legit he was.

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