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Re: R-Truth Main Eventer?

Didn't he just come over from TNA? It could have been a contract promise. Maybe he had good merch sales. Maybe the wanted a prominent black figure with MVP leaving?

I found him better than those beneath him. So his place wasn't strange to me.

Originally Posted by HankG View Post
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Re: R-Truth Main Eventer?

He main evented Capital Punishment in 2011 against Cena.... in a very underwhelming match. Which was a shame as R-Truth was on fire that year with his Little Jimmy gimmick. I really did root fr him back then too, man was very entertaining. Looking back on it 2011 was actually better than I remember.

I think that was his time if any, that time though is long past, the best days are behind him now I think.

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Re: R-Truth Main Eventer?

cuz the truth has set him free
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Personally I thought crazy heel R Truth was brilliant.
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Re: R-Truth Main Eventer?

Probably because 2010 - 2012 was a time where the roster was not strong on paper. It got worse and worse when the big names started to become part time and other big names started to leave/retire (i.e. Batista and HBK). They pushed guys like Miz (he wasn't as good as today), Jack Swagger, Del Rio and Sheamus to the top so it's no surprise at one point R-Truth was in world title matches.

Just looking back at that time period, Santino was the US champion and Ziggler/Kofi dominated the mid card. Times were really bad back then lol.

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Re: R-Truth Main Eventer?

Lil Jimmy was gold! But then he got GOT! When Truth came out dressed as a confederate soilder the look on Austins face was priceless. I enjoyed his crazy heel run as well.

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Re: R-Truth Main Eventer?

Originally Posted by akeem da dream View Post
Lil Jimmy was gold! But then he got GOT! When Truth came out dressed as a confederate soilder the look on Austins face was priceless. I enjoyed his crazy heel run as well.

I've forgotten he was a real cool heel. Thanks refresh my memory

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Re: R-Truth Main Eventer?

R-Truth was great as the NWA Champion.

- Vic
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Re: R-Truth Main Eventer?

Arguably the most underrated wrestler of the past decade. He showed everything in that brief run- most importantly natural star power and charisma. Just a natural performer in every way. He'd easily outshine 97% of today's main eventers if he were given that push.

I still remember that segment where he declared he was gonna win the MITB match before Kane let him know he wasn't even in the match. It was a dull episode of Raw, and it took R-Truth just a minute to bring the crowd to life.
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Re: R-Truth Main Eventer?

R-Truth was one of those guys that I just never saw the appeal in.

I didn't like him as K-Kwik. I didn't like him as Ron "The Truth" Killings in TNA, and most of his run in WWE just perplexed me.

He would always get over, but I'd always sit there going "Why?". He comes out, raps "Wazzup" a 1000 times, and the crowds eat it up. Now I don't like rap, but I have to believe that even fans of rap would think that this is horrible.

And his matches...good God his matches! OK, as K-Kwik he was green. I'll let that slide. Then in TNA they give him the NWA World title and some big pushes. Oh, so he must have gotten better....yeeeeeeeah. No. There was a period where he had the exact same fucking match every single time he went out there. I got way more annoyed with his "get irish whipped into the corner-flipped out of a clothesline, duck another clothesline with the splits, and knock him down with a kick" sequence than I ever did Cena's 5 moves of doom, and that's say alot. If he ever tried to work anything beyond the standard formula he made for himself, it would typically be awkward and bad. I always unfavorably compared him to Booker T. He was like Booker in how he worked...but shitty. And trust me, that goes beyond skin color. Same hair, GI Bro pants, Siccors kick as a finish...but everything is shittier.

I get TNA put the title on him just so they could say they crowned the first African American NWA Champ, but for God's sake, was he really the best option? Really?! Maybe he was, I don't know, but whatever the case, I never cared for the guy in TNA. It didn't help that 3 Live Kru was one of the most obnoxious factions of the post 2000s.

He eventually goes back to WWE...does the same song and dance...matches suck, hate the gimmick...still gets TV time and "bigger than he should" pushes, and I'm just sitting here going "Why?". I understand catchphrases get over in Wrestling, but "Wazzup?" is living proof that fans are dumb enough to chant anything.

WWE finally developed him into something different from the crappy rapper, but it still seemed half baked at times. Was Little Jimmy supposed to be an imaginary friend or his name for Cena fans? They never seemed to decide on that. In the end, I felt like the whole experience was done just to have someone else to feed to Cena, which resulted in a lackluster PPV main event in that Capital Punishment PPV.

The BEST run that R-Truth ever had was when he was paired with Miz for Awesome-Truth. They did some good stuff together and the pairing did a great job of hiding some of his weaknesses and gave him someone more entertaining the play off than his previous dance partners in 3LK. But that run had to be cut super short, because of course it did! He needed to go back to saying Wazzup a million times!

Since then, he's been useless. Thankfully, they've reduced his airtime, but he seeps in every now and again. The Golden Truth was fucking horrible (and another reason for me to unfavorably compare him to Booker, who had a great teaming with Goldust back in the say).

He keeps getting reactions and keeps getting work. I guess there is something to admire about that, but for the life of me, I just can't figure out what others see in the guy. Why do the fans go along with the Wazzup shit? Why did promoters keep giving him major pushes from time to time? I don't get it, and I never will.


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