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Re: Most likely we watched the LAST Attitude era reunion show from WWE

Originally Posted by juice4080 View Post
Because the current generation is not up to the task..they don't have the look the charisma the presence or the mind of their predecessors....The better question would be why is that the don't "create" a stone cold or a rock or a flair a macho can give a talent better opportunities to bring the most flavour out of them but even then i don't think anyone on the regular roster has the charisma that those guys had..People can hate on the old timers all they want but the fact is they wouldn't need them if the current generation was over..the fact that we still use them as a crutch is proof of that
Its mostly the writers. Austin and Rock were both talented guys but they absolutely WERE created. If they had remained as The Ringmaster and The Blue Chipper nobody would remember either of them today. Instead we got Austin 3:16, confrontations with Mike Tyson, putting a gun to the bosses head etc and we got The Rock Says, the eyebrow, the Hawaiian shirts and a million catchphrases. That is all a creative issue.

Nowadays nowhere near as much effort is put in to create larger than life, distinctive, memorable personalities, and the guys that actually do have characters (like Bray, Elias, Enzo, Matt Hardy, Velveteen etc) dont get the big moments and storylines that elevate a talent to superstar level.
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Re: Most likely we watched the LAST Attitude era reunion show from WWE

We've seen enough Vince stunners and DX reunions for 50 lifetimes at this point.

People blaming the roster for not molding themselves into the new SCSA or Rocks is hilarious. Those two had way less restrictions and received full backing from the company who were desperate for new stars. Things aligned perfectly for both of them so they can let their talents shine.

Let's see how the WWE treated some of the most over and talented guys over the last couple of years:

Punk - Lost every match vs part-timers, never main-evented albeit being the most over guy on the roster for quite some time, got his momentum shattered multiple times by bad writing like return one week after quiting with the wwe belt, feuding with Nash, TripleH going over him while he was hot, ADR etc..

Bryan - Wasn't much of a fan of him but he lost in 14 seconds or something to Sheamus at Wrestlemania. Was tossed out of the Rumble like a joke on his return. And the only reason he even got his special moment was due to Punk leaving the company.

Bray Wyatt - A guy with a tremendous gimmick who was instantly one of the best promos on the whole roster. I've said multiple times he was the closest thing we had to a successor of the Taker gimmick and if Taker actually gave a fuck he would have convinced Vince to put Bray over at Wrestlemania as the next big thing. He's been treated like a joke who lost every big match he was ever involved in.

I mean people can talk all they want about the new generations lacking this and that, using cliches but regardless of how talented you're if your legs are always cut from underneath you'll never reach the heights you could. Vince refuses to acknowledge his new stars and keeps banging about the past thinking this will go on forever. Well his part timers are merely all almost finished and It's time he suffers the consequences of his own incompetence.

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Re: Most likely we watched the LAST Attitude era reunion show from WWE

Why don't they cater to their current fucking roster and treat them like they're worth a damn? We've had enough nostalgia in the past 6 years. Stop it already.

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Re: Most likely we watched the LAST Attitude era reunion show from WWE

I guarantee Steve Austin will be back at some point to deliver more stunners
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