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How to remedy the WWE problem...?

RAW25 was roundly panned as the shits last night with little of consequence for the viewers (and even less for those in NY). There are many problems with the current product but one things I have really noticed over the past five years is the sheer volume of rematches on free TV and PPV.

I won't run through the problems as I have done so before but one of the key issues for me is that I can never keep track of the matches and so lose interest or investment in the product as a whole. This is made worse when the win/loss doesn't seem to matter to the company so why should we?

Now this isn't exactly a NEW problem but given the amount of weekly programming the company are intent on inflicting on the audience it has been much more noticeable. No longer can we differentiate between events, they all merge into one.

Whether the matches were decent or not the fact it most long time fans can recall the main event of Summer-Slam 1996, the title match of Wrestle-Mania 14 or the feud ending bout between Foley and HHH. There were clear builds that meant something and the matches were not thrown away every week on RAW.

Compare that to today... Strowman, Balor, Reigns, Joe, Styles, Mahal and others - I personally can't tell you who main evented a show a year ago let along TWENTY YEARS from now. This problem started around the era of Cena vs Orton #2897593 and has steadily gotten worse in my view.

The issue WWE has is that they have so many hours of content each week that they will have to rely on the same rehashed matches every month if they can ever maintain that output. When RAW was weekly and there was no Smack-Down they had time to span matches and feuds over multiple weeks or months.

I am unsure how they can remedy this but I can only make comparisons to NJPW. Apparently Omega wasn't happy that the Okada rematch took place five months after their epic at WK11. Why? Because he thought they were hot-shotting the rematch and needed more time to build and hype the encounter. FIVE MONTHS wasn't enough time between? In WWE land that would have been about two weeks.
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Re: How to remedy the WWE problem...?

Jobbers. And no, I'm not kidding. We need guys like The Brooklyn Brawler and Barry Horrowitz back so that TV matches aren't giving away main event caliber stuff all the damn time.
And whilst 205 Live is a good idea to showcase talent Vince would never push in ordinary circumstances, in general I think it should just be Raw. The two show format, even right back to Smackdown's inception, struck me as overkill, a sentiment which has only worsened over the years.
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Re: How to remedy the WWE problem...?

Only one way, really...get rid of Vince. He's the problem.

By the time this actually happens though, it'll be too late.
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Its as simple as wwe remembering that there TV show is broadcast when children are asleep and that their competition is adult programming.

Once they start writing for adults again we might actually get compelling stories and believable build to a violent conflict.
Until then the writers don't have Mich of a choice but serve us a kids show broadcast after the watershed.

Oh and the west needs to ditch the ideology of political correctness. How can a heel get heat when even a Mr Myogy reference is, according to the fans, 'too far'.
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Re: How to remedy the WWE problem...?

Step one.
Fire. Cena.
Step two.
Stop destroying young heels.
Step three
See my list in things wrong with modern WWE and fix those.
Step four.

What say you?

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Re: How to remedy the WWE problem...?

Stop Watching?
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