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It is time for the Club

WWE needs a powerful faction right now....One that can sell tickets and give fans something to look forward to.

with Balor, Anderson, and Gallows all on the same brand, I think the time is right for the Club to make their official debut.

I call them the Club, because I am pretty sure WWE doesn't want to call them the Balor Club. Vince doesn't like Balor and so I doubt he wants the stables' name associated with him. Like the original bullet club, I would assume the WWE version will start out as simply a faction designed to put Balor in the main event. Anderson and Gallows will likely keep working as a tag team, as well as going after the IC title, while the group as a whole works to put, and keep, the Universal title on Balor.

If I was WWE I would try to keep the club as non-establishment as I could. Avoid having members who are WWE-Made. Sign indie guys. If they can sign Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks, that would be cool.

I would say that the best way to book them is as a non-brand exclusive stable. Don't have them "signed" to Raw or Smckdown. This is a group that doesn't give a shit about WWE's brands. Have them appear on both shows and lay waste. The best idea for their first big feud is to have them offer AJ Styles a spot and he refuses. AJ vs Balor would be a great feud, and Team AJ vs The Club would be great for Survivor Series.

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Re: It is time for the Club

unfortuantely no one really knows who the club is so you're going to have to have a VERY strong campaign to make sure the audience 'gets them'

the brand split sucks
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Re: It is time for the Club

We already had the Club with Styles/Gallows/Anderson, it was ok but nothing that "sold tickets" IMO
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Re: It is time for the Club

If they can sign Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks, that would be cool.
No it wouldn't.

Too little too late on "The Club."
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Re: It is time for the Club Getting a little ahead of yourself after just one night, don't you think TC?
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Re: It is time for the Club

Why are they forming outside of them all being members of the original Bullet Club?
What is their goal? What are they fighting for?
Why are they doing this NOW instead of 20 months ago?
Why are they babyfaces right now? Why is Finn, the one guy on the show outside of Dean Ambrose who needs a tsunami-sized character overhaul, still a face?
Why are they trying to make Balor some legit guy now after meandering since his return?
Why do they now see value in Gallows and Anderson after being in catering for most of their WWE run?

Yeah it's not time for The Club. They had their shot and they didn't take it.
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Re: It is time for the Club

They have a long way to go to get over with the fans. Hell even the bullet club fanbase. The bullet club has evolved into a massive profitable commodity since the original band formed.

Omega and styles absolutely eclipsed balors leadership. And the bucks have destroyed anything Anderson and gallows did in the club.

They need to be absolutely mind blowing to make the bullet club fanbase not see them as bootleg club. A club led by Finn balor in 2018 won't cut it.
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Re: It is time for the Club

Nah. It's time for the Clique. The Ammunition Clique!
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Re: It is time for the Club

The original Club with AJ was actually pretty damn great. It was just extremely short lived due to them splitting them up from the brand split but they could've been a force in the WWE. It was certainly the best thing Gallows and Anderson have done in WWE.

if they could recreate that with a heel Balor, I'd be fine with it. And heel Balor would suit The Club more than AJ did.
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Balor fookin club? Get the fook outta here!
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