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Re: What's the proper way to bring up NXT talent?

They need to stop having NXT guys first feud be with Ziggler. They did it with Baron, Nakamura, and Roode.
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Re: What's the proper way to bring up NXT talent?

Originally Posted by DecEmber Moon View Post
She ended the streak at Fast Lane in anti climactic fashion, which was the beginning of the end for her. Retaining at Wrestlemania with no momentum in a lackluster match and getting into a war of words with Alexa only made it worse.
The Charlotte feud killed the Bayley character. The Alexa feud just put the dirt on the coffin.

Coming off winning the title dirty and then refusing to relinquish the title having been presented with the fact she won it dirty. She begged Charlotte to keep Dana from interfering and then what happens? She wins because Sasha interfered and distracted Charlotte.

That was the killshot to the Bayley character that people knew. At that point it was time to tweak her.

In a weird way the Alexa feud was kind of Bayley's comeuppance for what happened in the Charlotte feud.
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Re: What's the proper way to bring up NXT talent?

Originally Posted by DecEmber Moon View Post
I'm not a fan of that idea because I'm a momentum based guy that believes in striking while the iron is hot. I believe they should be built in NXT and called up after being established. You can't call up someone who's doing absolutely nothing and blindly hope they succeed. Mandy has the privilege of being in a stable and raising curiosity. They also did a good job with the Smackdown B team last night. I consider Alexa and Elias to be anomalies as singles stars. They're doing much better work on the main roster than they ever did in NXT. If I had the option to promote Bianca right now, I'd say hell no. I want her to have 5 or 6 strong feuds and an NXT Women's Championship reign before coming up so that the audience has a point of reference for her work, and a reason to care.
See, when I was pointing this out, I'm not talking like people who are destined to be main eventers or even people prominently featured.

There are some people who are just meant to be positioned as enhancement after a while, developmental is to develop the roles of talent, regardless of what placement on the card it is. I get offended when people like Alicia Fox get the same opportunities to job for years, when there's younger talent in NXT that could play an enhancement entertainer in a more refreshing way that could benefit the same higher-tier people who are called up. The next Brooklyn Brawler, Zack Ryder or Blue Pants could be down in NXT and we'll never know because the same jobbers are taking up spots. I don't think you have any desire to watch Bianca Belair face Fox on the main roster (god help us if Fox is STILL the person jobbing), when you know someone could be doing a better job putting Bianca over.

You mention Elias, he wasn't supposed to be some world champion, imagine if they went through the gambit of him being NXT champion and everything AND THEN threw him on the main roster, his main roster run might be scrutinized, but he was meant to fill a role of being a guy who's annoying by playing music! That's it! He developed in NXT, got the gimmick down and then they threw it on the main roster and he's playing a role. Has he won a title yet? No, but there was no high expectation to, he's been able to stay over with some oddities that dance around his win/loss record (which is funny, he doesn't win too much but he doesn't lose too much either).

So it's not like I'm saying, call up Bianca with no fanfare, I'm saying that there's probably someone in that Mae Young Classic who, may probably not have the immediate main event skill, but has the ability to make jobbing look like an art when Bianca is beating them. (which is funny, notice that they called up Sarah Logan with like, NO NXT time, that means they think she already hit her ceiling, supposedly, Bianca has a much higher ceiling to hit)
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Re: What's the proper way to bring up NXT talent?

@IceTheRetroKid In that case, I completely agree with you. We need fresh jobbers. When Tamina comes out, you know she has a 90% chance of losing. Alicia, Dana, Mickie; whenever their music hits, you're sitting there and wondering who they're going to lose to. When the Hype Bros appeared on TV with no entrance last night, you knew they were losing. I agree that we need variation in our jobbers and some NXT wrestlers need to be called up with a mid card ceiling.
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Re: What's the proper way to bring up NXT talent?

It just comes down to being consistent and not taking two steps back after taking one step forward. And I'm not limiting this to NXT talent being brought up, I'm talking main roster stars too.

Hell, look at Roman Reigns himself. And before you all scoff and dismiss this, here are the facts for you. The guy may have retired THE FUCKING UNDERTAKER in the main event of Wrestlemania, and yet his next PPV win wasn't until five months later in September against Cena. And then from there, just 24 hours later and once again after a huge win in a blockbuster match, he's laid out at the end of Raw against, of all people, the fucking Miztourage.

I'm not saying someone should go on a pinning spree just to look good because that doesn't do the rest of your roster any favors, but again, it's just that consistency I'm talking about. Move forward and help talents build momentum instead of throwing stumbling blocks in front of them.

But as it relates to NXT talent, I'm a fan of video packages and vignettes, and they don't get used nearly enough these days to signal the arrival of new talent to the main roster brands. An exception to that would be Asuka; the way they advertised her impending arrival to Raw was well done, and by the time she debuted at TLC, the audience reacted like they were seeing a superstar right out of the gate and were drawn into what she does in the ring.

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Re: What's the proper way to bring up NXT talent?

Originally Posted by RapShepard View Post
It seems like anytime an NXT call up comes people start getting upset about how they'll be misused on the main roster, but people rarely ever say how they should be used.

Should they come up and go straight to what ever position they were at in NXT?

Because when Balor and Bayley came in and got to the titles quickly folk complained of Balor's rocket push and how they ruined her underdog character by getting her a title soon. Yet now that neither are in title contention they're both back to being misused

With guys like Nakamura and Roode going to the midcard you got folk pretending they are jobbers, while also getting mad that WWE are pointing out part of the reason they are so over with their entrances and in Nakamura's case unique charisma.

Then you got acts like Emma, Tyler Breeze intially, and Adam Rose that they tried to build own that just didn't get over, because the NXT crowd and main roster aren't the same.

Granted the Ascension were fucked over and they randomly quit on Bo who was getting over. Sami has also been misused by having an abundance of "just want to wrestle" faces, but to me those are the only 3 they really fucked over hard. But most of the call ups are over, it's just they're not all holding the title like they usually are when they leave NXT.

So for those that feel most NXT talent are misused what's the proper way to book them on their arrival to the main roster, and a few examples of NXT call ups that went bad and how you'd fix it.
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Re: What's the proper way to bring up NXT talent?

Established stars like Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, James Storm should not go through NXT at all. If there is a physical issue, they could have had a personal trainer work them out secretly. They should have debuted on the main roster with a big bang. NXT was supposed to be for people, who need to learn. Now its just a 3rd brand.

Then there are gimmicks like Bayley that you simply cannot repeat 1 on 1 on the main roster. Once the underdog has reached the top in his storyline, you cannot sell the same story again. The champion is not the underdog again.

People with natural charisma and mic skills can also be used as managers on the main roster immediately, which gives them a build in feud.
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Re: What's the proper way to bring up NXT talent?

At first I didn't think I should answer since I don't watch NXT, but after a while I realized that, in a way, my opinion is equally valid as not everyone that watches Raw and/or SmackDown watches NXT. So here's my opinion. The best way to bring up NXT talent is one that answers these questions: "Who are you?" and "Why should I care?" Pretty much the same for any debut.
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Re: What's the proper way to bring up NXT talent?

First maybe some vignettes?
They had ones for Asuka, Shelton and even Curt Hawkins.
It's a problem in NXT too, wrestlers just appear and fans are supposed to already know them.

Secondly there needs to be upward mobility in the company, not everyone can or should be pushed like AJ Styles or Finn Balor.
For example Nakamura should have debuted on SD contesting for the US title.

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Re: What's the proper way to bring up NXT talent?

Originally Posted by machomanjohncena View Post
They need to stop having NXT guys first feud be with Ziggler. They did it with Baron, Nakamura, and Roode.
Ya know, I think you are on to something there.

If they wanted to put these guys in with Ziggler they should have spent some time building Ziggler back up as a threat. The guy had been on the bottom for so long that when you see someone like Nakamura struggle in a feud with him you are automatically like "Geeze, what was the hype around this guy."

On the other hand, it does make creative's job easier..

HHH - "Hey, I got a guy I want to bring up from NXT!"
Vince - "Ok, let me see if they Ziggler is doing anything...good news!! We can put him in a feud with Dolph right away!"
HHH - Damnit!
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