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View Poll Results: Biggest Cusp Wrestler That Should've Gotten the Extra Push
Jake the Snake 11 8.59%
Ted Dibiase 11 8.59%
Mr Perfect 8 6.25%
Ravishing Rick Rude 20 15.63%
Owen Hart 4 3.13%
Big Boss Man 2 1.56%
Razor Ramon 13 10.16%
Booker T 7 5.47%
Christian 15 11.72%
Cody Rhodes 6 4.69%
Rob Van Damn 10 7.81%
Ryback 10 7.81%
Dolph Ziggler 11 8.59%
Voters: 128. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Biggest On-the-Cusp Star That Vince Missed Out On

As ever I'll be the one (well, I'm not actually the first, as Joff had said above) to say Jericho.

Yes, he is a star, but not the star he should have been: Austin heel turn at WM17, Rock leaves for Hollywood......Jericho becomes face of the company for 3 or 4 years.

Ignoring this utterly obvious move was a disastrous blunder. Jericho's pops were monstrous and he looked like and carried himself as a megastar.
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Re: Biggest On-the-Cusp Star That Vince Missed Out On

I voted Christian over Rude. No good reason why Christian was not at least given a chance at the top of the card in 2005, when I think he was at his best, even single handedly began and maintained for a few months a feud with Cena when Cena was on the other show, very similar to how Jericho single handedly maintained a feud with Goldberg in WCW. It's too bad that Christian's run "on top" only happened because Edge retired and resulted in him losing the title to Orton less than a week after winning and then being made to look vastly inferior to Orton throughout their feud, which I thought was great but in which Christian was definitely booked as not being in Orton's league.
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Re: Biggest On-the-Cusp Star That Vince Missed Out On

Had Ryback kept his undefeated streak long enough to win the WWE Title, I think he could've been another emerging top star besides Bryan and Ziggler. Perhaps Cena turning heel on Rock in a non-title rematch at WM 29 allows Ryback to dethrone Punk but we'll never know. Ryback works as a heel too.

Going a bit farther back, MVP was someone I wish made it. In 2007, I was sure he'd be World Champion in a year or two. Take into account that we got the same guys winning World Titles around that time (Cena, Orton, HHH, Edge with new guys like Punk and Hardy sprinkled in), you'd think MVP moving up helps the main event scene around that time. Still miffed Punk got MITB in 2008 instead of him. Same as Ryback, heel or face MVP works on top.

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Re: Biggest On-the-Cusp Star That Vince Missed Out On

Originally Posted by Seafort View Post
Sid Justice - WWE wanted him to be the next Hulk Hogan, and unlike other attempts to generate a new FOTC this one was actually working. But the company got cold feet after Sid suffered a triceps injury and the steroid controversy heated up. Sid went from being the future foundation of the company to a heel opponent for the Warrior.

It was bad timing with Sid too. I mean the guy was getting cheered for throwing out Hogan in Rumble '92. WWF definitely screwed up. Then again, it is Softball Sid lol.

Sid I think if things went a bit differently could definitely been bigger in the early 90's.

The fans were still hot for Ultimate Warrior too. You may have had a point about the steroid thing, but Warrior was brought in for him.

Jake I think in 1991 and 1992 could have easily been WWF Champion. The fans would have bought him sneakily and outwitting either Hogan or Warrior for the belt.

This may sound strange as they are top dogs for WWE, but I think Cena and Orton if the WWE waited a bit longer on pushing them they may have been bigger stars like the guys in the past.

They rushed Cena and Orton to the point it may have hurt them with the long time fans who were backers of Austin and Rock and Hogan and Savage before.
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Re: Biggest On-the-Cusp Star That Vince Missed Out On

Rob...Van...DAM in 2002

- Vic
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Re: Biggest On-the-Cusp Star That Vince Missed Out On

"Mr Wonderful" Paul Orndorff

Why was Zack Ryder upset with WWE's Mattel deal?
He prefers HasBRO.
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Re: Biggest On-the-Cusp Star That Vince Missed Out On

From that list, toss up between Owen Hart and Razor Ramon.
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Re: Biggest On-the-Cusp Star That Vince Missed Out On

Thatís tough given the choices but Iím going to say Van Dam. In his prime the fast majority of fans FUCKING LOVED HIM and if they pulled the trigger on him at the right time he could have been huge, not Austin/Rock huge but at least Jericho huge.

It also has to be pointed out though that when he did get the belt he fucked up and got himself suspended.
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Re: Biggest On-the-Cusp Star That Vince Missed Out On

I cannot separate context here.

Fact is none of these guys were going to overshadow the stars who were on top. None of these guys especially during the Hogan era had a prayer.....Therefore I cannot call them missed opportunities. In fact in must about every case I think they did as well as they should have. I mean was Ric Rude gonna be a Hulk Hogan level face.....Hell No!

Then why are people voting for him? He was never going to be a top face and at his time, huge heels were not face of the company types.

So I would so no to all except maybe Cody.
Ryback's potential died when they started that stupid "feed me more" chant.

Truthfully, and I know I will get heat for this but Mr Kennedy had the look of "next" but his big mouth, backstage politics, and some bad timing derailed that.

He should be on this list for sure. Of all the WWE misses this one was the one thedy they blew.
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Re: Biggest On-the-Cusp Star That Vince Missed Out On

I would say Christian as far as not giving him a legit main event push in 2005 before he left to TNA. He also should of been the top heel of Smackdown his entire second run from 2009-2012. He plays the cocky heel greatly and he plays the coward heel greatly, fantastic worker when given time 10-10, he can also be very funny as shown in E&C and backstage segments with Jericho, Evolution, Booker T, also have serious intense feud when given time and investment such as orton in 2011. The guy should of been a 4-5 time world champion and top heel of smackdown for years. Instead he got used to make Orton look great and do jobs to guys like Sheamus who have no talent. Christian just didn't have the look bottom line other than that he had the talent and ring skill to be a top heel on Smackdown and always in the world title scene. Always thought he was the more talented one out of E&C but just didn't have the star look or physique which hurt his career.
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