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Meltzer Believes WWE want CM Punk to return

The old saying in professional wrestling is “never say never.” Bruno Sammartino and WWE were at odds since the early 1990’s after Sammartino spoke out about the company during the steroid scandal. Triple H was the one that reached out to Sammartino to bring him back into the company. The Ultimate Warrior and Vince McMahon were considered to be bitter enemies for over a decade before Triple H reached out to Warrior to mend fences. Triple H was the person that got the wheels in motion to bring Kurt Angle back and Bill Goldberg returned after a bitter split with WWE in 2004 and after Goldberg was critical of people in the company, including Triple H.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that WWE is willing to do business again with CM Punk. In the July 3, 2017, edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer talked about Mauro Ranallo’s return to the company, despite a contentious relationship stemming from issues with JBL. Meltzer talked about how some people will leave the company on horrible terms but most end up returning. Meltzer wrote, “That’s why, no matter what is said, WWE wants C.M. Punk back and even though Punk was adamant about never doing it, history tells you time heals a lot of wounds.”

During her recent book tour, AJ Lee said that she misses wrestling but her husband does not. The Observer cited a Punk interview with ESPN in Chicago where Punk said that he feels that WWE sent lawyers and people by proxy (Dr. Chris Amann) after him because “I called them out on their BS.” Punk also said that he hasn’t spoken to Dana White in months but still wants to fight again.

Meltzer is right. Time does heal all wounds and there have been people that were thought to have been banned for life from WWE and ended up doing business with them again. Punk could be one of the rare exceptions but I would have said the same thing for Sammartino and The Ultimate Warrior. Punk is 38 years old and the clock is ticking on his MMA career. He probably has a lot of money saved but if he wants to cash in on one more big paycheck then a return to WWE (even on a part-time basis) might make sense to him.

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Re: WWE NEWS WWE wants CM Punk to return

I mean, IDK about the source but it doesn't surprise me at all they want him back, or at least that Vince does. Punk was a star when he left and only got bigger.

Now will he go back? I can't see anytime soon but down the road? Most of them always come back.

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Re: WWE wants CM Punk to return

Of course they WANT Punk back. Outside of Lesnar (who's "buzz" has taken hits to) Punk and Bryan were the last 2 guys they had that actually created any kind of "buzz" for the WWE, and Bryan's health is keeping them from letting him come back and wrestle.

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Re: WWE wants CM Punk to return

I think Meltzer is mistaken here.

Given what they did to Punk and the kind of pride that Punk has, he will never come back to WWE. Punk saved his money, and he aint going back to Vince on his hands and knees asking for another shot.

If his UFC thing totally flops, and he really wants to get back into wrestling, I can see him going to Japan but not the WWE.

WWE can eat their hearts out.
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Re: WWE wants CM Punk to return

Nah, you dont say!

Obviously they want him back. If Punk called Vince today and said he wanted to return, he would be signed that very second.
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Re: WWE wants CM Punk to return

He'll be back. Hopefully AJ Lee too.
I miss those two.

I hope he doesn't return. I prefer people honor their word. WWE does seem like a toxic environment where the passion for wrestling can be drained out of one.
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Re: WWE wants CM Punk to return

The best part of el Punketo returning is the one and only AJ Lee highlighting WWE again.
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Re: WWE wants CM Punk to return

He will definately return to pro wrestling one day but I doubt it will be WWE.
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Re: WWE wants CM Punk to return

Punk is literally the only wrestler I like more than Big Dog himself, so I hope he returns one day.

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Re: WWE wants CM Punk to return

We all know Punk still wants that Wrestlemania main event. If it was offered to him, I am sure he would take it, you can't just switch of your lifelong ambition.

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