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Re: Are General Managers unnecessary?

GM's are necessary, someone has to be in charge, book the matches and maintain order. It becomes a problem when they start picking favorites and antagonizing superstars. It just doesn't seem like a good work environment.
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Re: Are General Managers unnecessary?

No. They aren't needed.
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Re: Are General Managers unnecessary?

Maybe they're needed when they have a 'son' on the roster.

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Re: Are General Managers unnecessary?


No one believes these guys have any control. Unconvincing to the core.

Vince McMahon was the staple of an authority figure, & Stone Cold was his thorn in his side. McMahon & family also had trouble keeping the asylum under wraps, e.g. 30+ wrestlers. In WCW it was believable that wrestlers took over, & Bischoff lost control over there.

The environment isn't here anymore.

What they should do is a "Board of directors" stable. 12 guys in suits, over seeing everything & being a heel faction. We already show our distain towards the product, Vince should run with that & put it into a physical presence.

Return of the RABID WOLVERINE!

Bah GAWD ALMIGHTY! It's him!!!

Although Brock Lesnar's "Go to hell tour" might be coming to a close; we still have the decade strong, Vince McMahon's "Go fuck yourself" tour to look forward to.
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Re: Are General Managers unnecessary?

They need to bring back the position of WWE President - who only shows up on big occassions like when there's a title change that's being disputed.
It's a shame Jack Tunney was a degenerate gambling addict, because the role he played on TV was infinitely superior to the dozen or so Vince McMahon clones we've had for over a decade now.


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