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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: Awful WWE Segments

Any segment involving Hornswoggle.
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Re: Awful WWE Segments

Originally Posted by Prior22 View Post
Also off topic here, but I wonder why Nexus ended up failing. I only saw their Raw debut where they destroyed the ring. Seems like an impactful way to make a good first impression. Plus their was some real quality talent in that stable.
Cena absolutely buried them. Even when Edge and Jericho suggested that the Nexus wins the big 7 on 7 tag match at Summerslam. Nexus never recovered after that.
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Re: Awful WWE Segments

A gay Fandango in Trenchcoat shooting an Uso with a water pistol in the middle of a match, while an even gayer Tyler Breeze is struggling with his blonde wig, and screams like a teen bitch anal-ravaged by Nacho Vidal.
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Wheelman for James Ellsworth
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Re: Awful WWE Segments

All segments involving Adam Rose and his awkward gay gimmick or Hornswoggle.
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Re: Awful WWE Segments

I'm severely disappointed in all of you. How could none of you mention the Bellas' reconciliation promo?

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Re: Awful WWE Segments

Big Show recently said this is worst thing he's ever done in WWE...

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Re: Awful WWE Segments

This is your life isn't bad its just boring. Alex is cute as hell though

Alexa is too hot to make me hate her. god damn

Becky and Sasha are my favourite divas, but Alexa has to win. its hard to explain

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Re: Awful WWE Segments

Originally Posted by Prior22 View Post
I'm looking for a rather interesting recommendation. Over the past ten years or so can you guys list some Raw and Smackdown promo and interview segments which have been really bad (like the Bailey This is Your Life deal a few weeks back).

I only watch LU and Impact now, and haven't seen WWE on a regular basis in years. So any recommendations for stuff I could watch on the Network to get a cheap laugh or two, in terms of total stupidity, would be great. Thanks.
bad promo segments from the last 10 years eh? Guest Host era is your goldmine.

In particular:

Read the background on this raw for full understanding

outside of guest host (hiatus for most of 2010 until start of 2013):
Kathy Lee and Hoda

Take your pick from the Bella Twin feud
Tater Tots

The broke, crying Big Show angle

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