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Re: How awful was it that WWE didn't utilize "Bully Ray?"

WWE's loss is ROH's gain.

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Re: How awful was it that WWE didn't utilize "Bully Ray?"

Bully Ray was the one of the most overrated people in TNA history. Gimmick was laughable. It was Bubba Ray Dudley people, no matter what the name he uses, he's crap in the ring and babbles on the mic trying to sound like a tough guy. Good riddance and glad they never used that garbage
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Re: How awful was it that WWE didn't utilize "Bully Ray?"

I mean not for me, but I don't care about the Dudley's other than the nostalgia pop. But for those that dug Bully Ray I'm sure it sucked, but I don't think I missed anything

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Re: How awful was it that WWE didn't utilize "Bully Ray?"

A horrible, hideous and unforgivable error by the "brains" of WWE to not let the Bully Ray character do his thing. He would have immediately become the top heel in the WWE, IMO. Capable of drawing immense heel heat, something most geeks nowadays don't know how to do because they, despite being heels, are too prone to pandering to the crowd or are put into terrible cookie cutter heel gimmicks that are shit.

Bully would have been better than them all on day freakin' one, no doubt.


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Re: How awful was it that WWE didn't utilize "Bully Ray?"

If you mean on his return with Devon, then thank God he didn't go it. Bully Ray is so old, faT, and out of shape, and singles run would gave tarnished his accolades. I am so upset seeing him on ROH as active as he is. He needs to be a part timer.

Originally Posted by HankG View Post
This post
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Re: How awful was it that WWE didn't utilize "Bully Ray?"

I'm more pissed that after their epic return WWE had the Dudley Boyz flounder and job. Bully Ray would have been much better than what happened.

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His mic work is solid and or least he could have been a great manager.
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Re: How awful was it that WWE didn't utilize "Bully Ray?"

Originally Posted by SpikeDudley View Post
They were pushing kevin Owens as the "bully type" at the time and there was no reason to hurt his push for an older talent

That simple
That would make sense.

Plus they really only brought Bubba back because they wanted the Dudley Boyz. I don't think WWE was ever interested in making them a solo act.

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Re: How awful was it that WWE didn't utilize "Bully Ray?"

WWE doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to adapting gimmicks that were succesful in other promotions. So, for a litany of reasons from creative limitations to willingness to make someone elses idea look good, it's probably best that they didn't try to run a Bully Ray angle.

WWE can proudly say they didn't ruin Bully Ray.... even if it's only because they didn't try.

All that said.... Bully Ray, no Bully Ray, the Dudleys' return was awful and a big wasted opportunity. But, hey, we're getting used to that these days.

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