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Were The Shield Split Up Too Quick?

As I missed out on wrestling between late 2011 - late 2015, I've been catching up on a lot of stuff I missed out on through the WWE Network. I'm going through the year 2014 (which many seem to like), and I've got to the part where Batista quit, and Rollins eventually turned heel on his Shield partners Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Maybe it didn't seem like it at the time, but were the faction split up too quickly or was it the right time? I've got a sense that it was maybe a bit too soon, but again - probably didn't feel like it at the time for many. However in hindsight, was there more they could have offered? Any more feuds? etc. Discuss.

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Re: Were The Shield Split Up Too Quick?

I think they could have had a longer run as a babyface team. They could have even had individual feuds while staying together.

If you asked me what I would have done, I would have kept them as a unit late 2014, have the big break up angle, which leads to their first match against each other at WM 31 in 2015.

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Re: Were The Shield Split Up Too Quick?

The mic of the Shield was Ambrose, if they lasted a couple of years more it would be more difficult and weird the transition of Rollins and Reigns being more pushed than him.

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Re: Were The Shield Split Up Too Quick?

Yeah, they definitely were imo. Crowds were still hot for them and weren't sick of them at all, they could've easily gotten at least another 6 months out of them. Would've been interesting to see which Shield member wins the world title 1st and how the other two handle it. Missed a good storyline opportunity there. And the way they broke up was silly after domination Evolution the night before.
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It felt abrupt as they had just finished beating evolution. they were at their peak. and had a ready made feud with the Wyatt family still not fully fleshed out that they could have built about 3 ppvs around.
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Re: Were The Shield Split Up Too Quick?

No. They broke up at there hottest and I'm not sure they would be as succesful as singles if it wasnt for that. Plus the wwe needed big singles stars at that time with Punk quitting and Bryan being out with an injury. Id say they broke up at the perfect time. They did the 6 man with wyatts,evolution and every combo of wrestlers there was. Nothing left for them to do
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Re: Were The Shield Split Up Too Quick?

They could have waited, but Roman's solo career was of the utmost importance.
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Re: Were The Shield Split Up Too Quick?

I reckon so. They had a very short face run, only a few months. I would have liked to have seen it last just a tad longer. Seth still could have turned on them, but just later on in 2014 perhaps.

But then again, they would probably have run out of heels to feud with quite quickly. But maybe it's just my Shield fangirl side coming out cos I didn't want them to split, even though I adored Dean & Seth's feud afterwards.
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Re: Were The Shield Split Up Too Quick?

I personally believe they were split too early. They had just turned face and begun a hell of a babyface run. The Shield would have been better served staying together for a bit longer before having their eventual split, IMO. In addition, I think they turned the wrong guy in Seth Rollins; either of the other two would have been better choices, IMO.
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Re: Were The Shield Split Up Too Quick?

Yes and no.

No in the sense there was really nothing left for them to do as the Shield. They had beaten everyone on the roster. Seth and Dean have both said this in their interviews with Jericho. Yes in the sense that, second to Daniel Bryan at the time, they the most over guys on roster. So maybe a couple more months as babyfaces would've been good. But I think the break up was fine for Seth and Dean. It hurt Roman the most as his weaknesses were no longer hidden.
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