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Re: Where do you see these guys in 5 years? (II)

Aiden English: Retired
AJ Styles: Retired
Akira Tozawa: ROH
Apollo Crews: Superstars
Ariya Daivari: Indie scene
Austin Aries: TNA
Baron Corbin: TNA
Big Cass: Singles, upper mid-card
Big E: Mid-card
Big Show: Retired
Bo Dallas: Somewhere doing some kind of Wyatt related gimmick
The Bollywood Boys: Indie scene
Braun Strohman: Main event scene
Brian Kendrick: Agent
Brock Lesnar: Still making occasional appearances/matches
Cedric Alexander: Superstars
Cesaro: Some comedy/light entertainment gimmick
Chad Gable: Superstars
Chris Jericho: WWE Hall of Fame
Curt Hawkins: Released
Curtis Axel: Released or in a PR role
Darren Young: In some other form of entertainment (maybe podcasting)
Dash Wilder: Superstars
Dean Ambrose: Main event scene
Dolph Ziggler: Mid-card
Drew Gulak: Indie scene
Enzo Amore: Lower card/out of ring role
Epico: Puerto Rico
Erik Rowan: Occasional indie appearances
Fandango: Superstars
Finn Balor: Retired/working Japan
Goldust: Retired/agent
Gran Metalik: Mexico
Heath Slater: Released
Ho Ho Lun: Retired
Jack Gallagher: UK scene
James Ellsworth: Indie scene novelty act
Jason Jordan: Upper midcard
Jeff Hardy: Let's put it this way, I'm surprised he's still with us now
Jinder Mahal: Superstars
John Cena: Making occasional appearances/matches
Kalisto: Superstars
Kane: WWE Hall of Fame
Karl Anderson: Indie scene
Kevin Owens: Mid-card
Kofi Kingston: Mid-card
Konnor: Making occasional indie appearances, semi retired
Lince Dorado: Indie scene
Luke Gallows: Indie scene
Luke Harper: Indie scene
Mark Henry: Retired
Matt Hardy: Retired/agent
Miz: PR role
Mojo Rawley: Retired
Mustafa Ali: Occasional indie appearances
Neville: Superstars
Noam Dar: UK scene
Primo: Puerto Rico
R-Truth: Retired
Randy Orton: Making occasional appearances/matches
Rhyno: Occasional indie appearance
Rich Swan: Superstars
Roman Reigns: THE man
Rusev: Mid-card
Sami Zayn: Gatekeeper putting over new talent
Samoa Joe: TNA
Scott Dawson: Superstars
Seth Rollins: Main event scene
Sheamus: Mid-card
Shinsuke Nakamura: Mid-card
Sin Cara: Mexico (may still be in WWE played by someone else)
Titus O'Neil: Retired/PR role
TJ Perkins: Indie scene
Tony Nese: Indie scene
Tye Dillinger: TNA
Tyler Breeze: Indie scene
The Uso's: Mid-card
Victor: Indie scene
Xavier Woods: Superstars
Zack Ryder: Superstars

I'll do the NXT roster as a video on my youtube channel...probably wont touch on the women of either roster because let's be honest, that all depends who they marry.

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Re: Where do you see these guys in 5 years? (II)

Originally Posted by Punkhead View Post
OK, so I did this 5 years ago, I think we can do this again. Where do you think these wrestlers will be in 5 years?

Apollo Crews
Big Cass
Enzo Amore
Bray Wyatt
Braun Strowman
Heath Slater
Finn Balor
Karl Anderson
Luke Gallows
The Miz
Austin Aries
Akira Tozawa
Jack Gallagher
TJ Perkins
Cedric Alexander
Rich Swann
Brian Kendrick
Baron Corbin
Jinder Mahal
Erick Rowan
Luke Harper
Chad Gable
Jason Jordan
Big E
Xavier Woods
Kofi Kingston
Sami Zayn
Kevin Owens
Shinsuke Nakamura
Mojo Rawley
Tye Dillinger
Tyler Breeze

Alexa Bliss
Nia Jax
Sasha Banks
Eva Marie
Becky Lynch

Bonus question: Who, currently in NXT, do you think will make it in the main roster and will be there 5 years from now?

I will add my predictions later. It will be interesting to look back at this 5 years from now.

By the way, to my future self, if you're reading this in 2022, what the fuck are you still doing on this forum?
Apollo Crews - Fired
Big Cass - Mid Card
Enzo Amore - Fired
Bray Wyatt - Mid Card, one more run with the title
Cesaro - Tag team champion
Braun Strowman - Main Event star
Heath Slater - Fired
Finn Balor - Main Event star
Karl Anderson - Fired
Luke Gallows - Fired
Kalisto - Fired
The Miz - Top heel
R-Truth - Fired
Austin Aries - Mid Card
Akira Tozawa - Fired
Jack Gallagher - Pre show
TJ Perkins - Pre show
Cedric Alexander - Fired
Rich Swann - Fired
Brian Kendrick - Fired
Baron Corbin - Upper Mid Card
Jinder Mahal - Mid Card
Erick Rowan - Fired
Luke Harper - Mid Card
Chad Gable - Tag champs
Jason Jordan - Tag champs
Big E - Comedy act
Xavier Woods - Comedy act
Kofi Kingston - Comedy act
Rusev - Upper Mid Card
Sami Zayn - Upper Mid Card
Kevin Owens - Main Event Star
Shinsuke Nakamura - Main Event star
Mojo Rawley - pre show
Tye Dillinger - Mid card
Tyler Breeze - fired
Fandango - fired

Alexa Bliss - Star
Emma - Fired
Bayley - Star
Nia Jax - Mid Card
Sasha Banks - Mid Card/Star
Naomi - Fired
Lana - Fired
Eva Marie - Fired
Charlotte - Star
Carmella - Mid Card
Becky Lynch - Star

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Re: Where do you see these guys in 5 years? (II)

Most of those dudes are already 30+ and will be gone.

Shinsuke is the brightest one and Apollo Crews is only 29. He just needs the right Heel gimmick. He needs it more than Roman and Cena combined. He has so much potential he just needs to grow his hair out our something. So far he is just another Bald, black buff guy. I have seen to many of these black men. He can do all the fancy flips he wants he still looks bland.

Divas side is way too hard to calculate.

Will they keep doing the hot-potato reigns?
How many will get fedup the horsewomen+Bliss show?
NXT doesn't look bright, does it?
After Charlotte and Alexa fued then what?
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Where do you see these guys in 5 years? (II)

-Apollo Crews: Released or jobbing to everyone or simply off TV
-Big Cass: split up from Enzo and having a push as a singles competitor (maybe Enzo as a mouthpiece at some point)
-Enzo Amore: split from Big Cass, maybe a shot at the Cruiserweight title, and being the mouthpiece of Big Cass at some point in time
-Bray Wyatt: Ridiculous booking will not stop at any point, build him up in promos to lose feuds, but will get more wins than losses than those previous years. Not in the main event though, at least not consistently
-Cesaro: Still wandering in the mid-card
-Braun Strowman: 2 time WWE Champion by that point
-Heath Slater: completely forgotten about or released
-Finn Balor: Universal Champion once again, but mostly in the upper mid card
-Karl Anderson: Club still kicking ass, maybe a Bullet Club part 2 stable will be formed
-Luke Gallows: see Karl Anderson
-Kalisto: Cruiserweight champion once but mostly irrelevant
-The Miz: still in the upper midcard US Title/Intercontinental title scene
-R-Truth: Released or off TV
-Austin Aries: multiple time Cruiserweight champion, might even get a main show feud or two
-Jack Gallagher: still wondering about in the Cruiserweight division, will get the title at one point
-TJ Perkins: irrelevant
-Cedric Alexander: irrelevant
-Rich Swann: irrelevant
-Brian Kendrick: released
-Baron Corbin: upper midcard, maybe WWE Champion at one point
-Jinder Mahal: remember that Canadian dude that got a push because hes indian? Yeah neither do I
-Erick Rowan: irrelevant
-Luke Harper: jobbing out in the midcard unfortunately
-Chad Gable: irrelevant
-Jason Jordan: irrelevant
-Big E: Still spreading the POWER OF POSITIVITY
-Xavier Woods: see Big E
-Kofi Kingston: see Xavier Woods
-Rusev: Im gambling here but hopefully the WWE sees his worth and he will be pushed into a main eventer
-Sami Zayn: He will get an underdog story of the year moment and win the WWE title, I can just feel it
-Kevin Owens: constantly in the main event, killing and tearing shit apart
-Shinsuke Nakamura: given a mouthpiece and in the main event scene always, possible first ever Asian WWE Champion
-Mojo Rawley: irrelevant
-Tye Dilinger: irrelevant
-Tyler Breeze: irrelevant
-Fandango: irrelevant

For the women's division I don't really care but I see Charlotte having some kind of record amount of title reigns

And for the bonus question from NXT, I see Bobby Roode as the person with the most potential to get called up and still rip shit up in the main roster

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Re: Where do you see these guys in 5 years? (II)

Apollo Crews - released
Big Cass - released
Enzo Amore - manager
Bray Wyatt - ?
Cesaro - retired
Braun Strowman - gone
Heath Slater - released
Finn Balor - released
Karl Anderson - ?
Luke Gallows - released
Kalisto - ?
The Miz - same as now
R-Truth - retired
Austin Aries - retired
Akira Tozawa - ?
Jack Gallagher - released
TJ Perkins - released
Cedric Alexander - released
Rich Swann - released
Brian Kendrick - retired
Baron Corbin - ?
Jinder Mahal - released
Erick Rowan - released
Luke Harper - ?
Chad Gable - ?
Jason Jordan - ?
Big E - ?
Xavier Woods - ?
Kofi Kingston - retired
Rusev - ?
Sami Zayn - ?
Kevin Owens - ?
Shinsuke Nakamura - gone
Mojo Rawley - gone
Tye Dillinger - ?
Tyler Breeze - released
Fandango - ?

Alexa Bliss - ?
Emma - released
Bayley - released
Nia Jax - gone
Sasha Banks - ?
Naomi - retired
Lana - no longer wrestling
Eva Marie - still gone
Charlotte - retired
Carmella - ?
Becky Lynch - retired

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Re: Where do you see these guys in 5 years? (II)

Apollo Crews: Working the Indies

Big Cass: Upper midcard perhaps main event

Enzo Amore: Cass's manager

Bray Wyatt: I honestly don't know

Cesaro: Same position on the card he is now

Braun Strowman: Where Triple H was from '03 - '09

Finn Balor: Retired from wrestling. I think he's gonna burn bright and fast

Kalisto: Same place he is now

The Miz: Solid main eventer transitioning to color commentary

R-Truth: Retired

Austin Aries: Retired

Akira Tozawa: Who is this

Jack Gallagher: Big deal on the Indy circuit

Rich Swan: main show midcard

Brian Kendrick: Big deal on the Indy circuit

Baron Corbin: Gone

Jinder Mahal: Gone

Erick Rowan: Gone

Luke Harper: Gone

Chad Gable: Gone

Jason Jordan: Midcarder

Big E: Where Sheamus was before Cesaro

Xavier Woods: Chris Jericho '03 - '08 type of position on the card

Kofi Kingston: Semi retired, RVD type of deal. Possibly a trainer/producer

Rusev: Gone

Sami Zayn: Ziggler tier

Kevin Owens: Gone

Shinsuke Nakamura: Where Undertaker was from '05 - '09

Mojo Rawley: Biggest star in the company or close behind Reigns

Tye Dillinger: Gone

Tyler Breeze: Gone

Fandango: Gone
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Re: Where do you see these guys in 5 years? (II)

Apollo Crews - New Japan
Big Cass - Still in WWE with a failed main event run under his belt that he is still trying to recover from
Enzo Amore - RAW Commentator
Bray Wyatt - A wild card to me...depends on the character
Cesaro - Ring of Honor
Braun Strowman - Still in WWE as the big man beating down young up and comers
Heath Slater - On the indies and doing shoot interviews
Finn Balor - Retired, NXT Trainer
Karl Anderson - Part-time on the indies and in New Japan
Luke Gallows - Same as Karl
Kalisto - AAA or CMLL
The Miz - Smackdown Commentator
R-Truth - WWE Hall of Fame
Austin Aries - Part-time indies
Akira Tozawa - Dragon Gate
Jack Gallagher - Ring of Honor
TJ Perkins - New Japan
Cedric Alexander - WWE midcard
Rich Swann - New Japan
Brian Kendrick - NXT Trainer
Baron Corbin - Retired
Jinder Mahal - Upper midcarder who is sometimes seen as a World title threat
Erick Rowan - Part-time on indies
Luke Harper - Same as Rowan...probably teams up with him as "The Family" sometimes
Chad Gable - WWE midcarder who makes others look good
Jason Jordan - Will have a World title reign already, possibly still in main event
Big E - WWE main eventer
Xavier Woods - WWE midcard with some comedy gimmick
Kofi Kingston - Retired, possibly being inducted into WWE HOF
Rusev - Another wild card, he could either be in the main event or out of wrestling
Sami Zayn - He would have had his moment of one World title reign but by this time be back in the midcard
Kevin Owens - Still hanging around the main event scene, possibly slimmer
Shinsuke Nakamura - New Japan
Mojo Rawley - WWE midcard
Tye Dillinger - Retired
Tyler Breeze - WWE midcard
Fandango - Telling all of the dirty locker room stories of WWE in the 2010s

Alexa Bliss - It's hard to predict the girls, I feel like have different avenues they can go down. I mean Alexa could still be in WWE..or be a success as a fitness model. Who knows.
Emma - Pass
Bayley - Still in WWE
Nia Jax - Still in WWE
Sasha Banks - Probably still in WWE if injuries don't do her in
Naomi - Retired
Lana - Acting
Eva Marie - Modeling
Charlotte - Trying to become a 17 time Women's Champion
Carmella - Retired
Becky Lynch - Still in WWE

Bonus question: Who, currently in NXT, do you think will make it in the main roster and will be there 5 years from now?
The Authors of Pain, Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne, No Way Jose, Billie Kay, Ember Moon, Liv Morgan, Mandy Rose, Peyton Royce

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Trim list down
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