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Re: Good way to built a new star

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
Except it won't build a new star because nobody has any respect for Roman Reigns, not to say anything of the fact that he's been pushed harder than Taker has ever been. Based on everything they've handed to Reigns, Taker didn't put over Reigns so much as Reigns didn't put over him.
Well put.

Did anyone see the Total Recall reboot with Bryan Cranston? I bring it up because at the end of the movie the hero is beating the shit out of Bryan Cranston and the crowd should be going yay! But really.. it's just some young guy beating up and old man.. you said it best man.. this match didn't make Reigns look good, it just made Taker look sad.

Originally Posted by syrusriddick View Post
Roman is how you lose fans. Did you not see that crowd, did you not hear them, did you not see their reaction to the newly made "star". Those people showed absolute disappointment with everything that had to do with him. What they did is proved they don't know how to make a star but how to force one until the poor guy is genuinely disliked.
The real sad thing is this ending is gonna reappear at a lot of Wrestlemanias to come. Every year for the next ten years LOLCenaJrWinsLOL. They couldn't even put it on earlier in the show, they had to put it in the main event so the last thing the viewing audiance sees is thousands of people moping.

And OP beating Taker isn't going to make a new star. People who don't watch anymore will think "What the fuck Undertaker's still wrestling? Isn't he like 60?" They're not gonna say oh shit cool and tune in. People who've never watched will say "I don't know what that means". Casuals will say "oh okay... so Taker's done?". And as you saw 90% of regular fans reacted with at best apathy at worst anger/sorrow.

None of what happened tonight made Reigns a star, it just put another nail in his coffin.

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Re: Good way to built a new star

One of the worst wrestling matches I have ever seen. And moreso due to Roman sucking ass than Undertaker being 87 years old. Shouldn't it be HIS job to carry the match? Not the other way around? Jesus Christ I cannot fathom why this guy is still the guy. Literally take anyone else and it would be more interesting. Cept maybe Ambrose.
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