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Learning to break kayfabe
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Change of Power storyline

Though its been done several times and I thought they were going this direction last year with shane. Do you think its time for a chance of power.

Im really sick of seeing Steph running raw. I like the idea of the GM but not having someone over them. Steph, HHH, Vince, Shane, should all take a year off from on screen roles.
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Re: Change of Power storyline

The change of power angle should have taken off with Vince's last on screen camera appearance. I know the Board fired him and all that bullshit. The fact of the matter is this. In the end the angle never really happened. There has been tons of word here and there about HHH taking over once Vince steps aside. Apparently that's in reality as well, not just on screen.

Onscreen the fans never were given a substantial angle to follow for weeks, months, or year. Of course Vince at his age and health just can't stand to be on television as he used to. His character is pretty much buried. Hell, they even tried to kill him off years ago, we all know what happened that changed that angle. Anyhow, I think the onscreen angle of the Change of Power should start at WM 33. Why?

Why not? It's Wrestle "fucking" Mania. Is it not the biggest extravaganza in WWE to date? Of course it would make sense to let this angle start and pretty much play out at WM 33. Perhaps a live Raw, or two, with SD sprinkled in. However, WM makes the most sense because there will millions and millions of people world wide tuned in, so they'll know the direction of the company.

I'm not just talking Vince McMahon, but his whole crew as well. Of course we're keeping it in kayfabe. All those old wrestlers that used to be with Vince and helped him his whole career should be with him when this balance of power changes. HHH should have his "boys" as well. Basically, HHH shows Vince that his staff are ready to take the WWE into the future and it's time for them to politely step aside and they do.

The angle shouldn't be that HHH and Vince are at each other's throats. This should be an angle of compromise with Vince seeing this as a "moment" in WWE history. However, keep in mind that HHH is a heel and honestly I want to see Vince McMahon end as a heel as well. Basically, Vince setting up at the emotional moment and yet takes the time to heel it up and tell HHH, "Keep these bastards in check and don't let those idiots in the stands tell you otherwise. People will try to out do you, or our perform you, never let them. Always grab the competition by the throat and never let go". It's like Vince want's to keep this "Evil Dynasty" alive.
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Re: Change of Power storyline

There's at the very least another 20 years of HHH & Steph to come

Just let that sink in

Kickstart the whip like Fred Flintstone
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Re: Change of Power storyline

The change of power SHOULD include HHH being replaced as well.

Triple H being the "brain" behind NXT isn't enough to keep his influence on "The E."

I want a non-McMahon or Triple H running things.

WWE needs a huge breath of fresh air, because it's just a pig with lipstick on right now.

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Re: Change of Power storyline

It's seriously frustrating to see so much time given to the GMs on Raw.


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Re: Change of Power storyline

it doesn't matter.. A 3 hour show with a lack of talent and terrible booking will still be boring with or without them.
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