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View Poll Results: Should the Authority be deleted at Wrestlemania 33?
Yes - Get that megacunt and cuck off my television! 23 67.65%
No - I am a neckbeard virgin latching onto the Attitude Era circa 2000 5 14.71%
I don't care - I only watch Smackdown Live 6 17.65%
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Should the Authority disband after Wrestlemania?

The Authority has been running the show since pretty much 2013. Ever since they mostly have been a hamper to the storytelling on WWE television. Raw is infested with the stench of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Heels don't feel as menacing because they are just muscle for the Authority (see: Samoa Joe, Batista, Sheamus, Rollins). Furthermore, there is no closure for the faces, because even if a heel defeats the face of the Authority, Triple Nose, the Authority will still be in power the next day.

There have been many logical opportunities for the Authority to disband:
1) After Wrestlemania 30, when both Bryan and the Shield could have teamed up to end them at Extreme Rules
2) After Sting helped Ziggler reclaim relevance and destroy team Authority to end them at Survivor Series 2014
3) After Roman defeated Triple H at Wrestlemania 32

I'm tired of Stephanie McMahon emasculating the roster, wearing chokers to hide her Adam's Apple, and deliver herself from her midlife crisis. Furthermore, unlike Vince, Stephanie plays a calm, collected but power-hungry woman who makes the roster look stupid. Vince would actually play an unhinged boss. I am also tired of Hunter trying to play face on NXT and heel on the main roster. Also, he's not really good at putting guys over these days as much as he is putting his ego first.

Therefore, when Rollins presumably goes over Triple Nose, would this be a good time to get the Authority - in particular Stephanie McMahn- off television and bring in Kurt Angle as Raw's GM?
Is Wrestlemania 33 a good burial ground for the Authority?
Discuss Wrestling Forum!
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Re: Should the Authority disband after Wrestlemania?

They technically disbanded after WresteMania 32 when HHH disappeared until September and Vince let Shane run Raw for a bit till Stephanie came back.

We've only recently seen a return to that dynamic in the leadup to WrestleMania, and I expect HHH to slowly fade out and go back to NXT once he gets his WM match.

In any case, yeah, the Authority's beyond played out and hopefully they have something else in mind.
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Re: Should the Authority disband after Wrestlemania?

I don't mean to sound like a dick, but of fucking course they should disband.

Kevin Owens with Samoa Joe led by HHH is an AWESOME stable. However it still have the McMahon/Levesque stench to it. Hunter should become a guy who wrestles every 3-4 years at Wrestlemania as an actual legend, that can still go. Stephanie should be written off of TV. I am ok with authority figures like GMs, but the word "authority" has been given a bad rep.

Something that will never happen but should is Seth Rollins triumphantly defeating HHH at WM33, leading to The Authority of HHH/Steph being written off of TV for good. Then make Rollins your top babyface, and he will be if he gets rid of Steph.
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Re: Should the Authority disband after Wrestlemania?

I don't care, just get rid of fucking Stephanie
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Re: Should the Authority disband after Wrestlemania?

I thought they already disbanded? But anyway, just get Stephanie to fuck!!! She honestly ruins everything she's in!!!
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Re: Should the Authority disband after Wrestlemania?

Voted yes... but really the answer is No... because they should have disbanded 2 years ago...

Or at least done SOMETHING to shake up the act, it's been pushing the same shit for close to four years now and the only time something enjoyable came out of it was when they got their comeuppance at Wrestlemania 30... think about that... Vince got stunned, beat up and humiliated all the time... Steph took a suicide dive three years ago and a spear last year...

Long story short... YES for the love of God get Stephanie off tv!!
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Re: Should the Authority disband after Wrestlemania?

It should've happened last year but Rollins was injured
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Re: Should the Authority disband after Wrestlemania?

We need less Stephanie & more Trips.
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Re: Should the Authority disband after Wrestlemania?

Yes. They really have no purpose anymore. Seth being the one to finally end the Authority makes the most sense. He was the most involved with them. They turned their backs on him. He's had enough of listening to both HHH and Stephanie. Him beating HHH can finally close that chapter of his career. I thought that stipulation might've been added to this match at Mania, but it doesn't seem that way.

However, the only way this works is if Stephanie leaves her position of Commissioner. I don't see that happening either. If Rollins beats HHH at Mania, whether HHH sticks around on TV again remains to be seen, Stephanie isn't going anywhere. She'll most likely continue to go after Seth because he beat HHH and she's the heel Authority figure to his babyface character.

The Authority needs to end. The story is there right now with Seth, but sadly they will probably stick around.
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Re: Should the Authority disband after Wrestlemania?

Every year close to WM a thread about Authority disbanding always pops up.

Authority should have been long gone after Sting aided Ziggler at Survivor Series. Dolph should have gotten massive rub from that and become a huge star. Authority is gone a month until Seth threatened to Curb Stomp Edge's neck unless Cena brought them back (as he was the only one who could do so).

KO/Joe/HHH feels more like Evolution 2.0 then Authority. Difference obviously being is that Orton and Batista were up and the future whereas KO, Joe aren't but very well established veterans.
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