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Re: Why is in ring skills more important in WWE now?

i don't think its more important now... maybe its more important than the previous era but not in the big picture. Back in the 80s and early 90s I think in ring work was more important that ever.
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Re: Why is in ring skills more important in WWE now?

Originally Posted by Chris JeriG.O.A.T View Post
Jericho, Bray, Woods, Miz all have main event mic skills but are midcard4lyfe

Enzo is a jobber, Gable isn't doing anything worthwhile, Slater's mini push just ended. Plus there are a bunch of people with potential to be decentto good but need consistent mic time to get comfortable.
Jericho is past his prime AE relic, he's too old and is a semi part timer, he already had plenty of pushes in his career, he's been in the main event picture ever since Wrestlemania so im not sure what more you expect from him.

Miz is currently IC champion and one of the people they build around on SDL
He is a grand slam champion and already main evented wrestlemania, seriously outside of winning king of ring and the royal rumble i dont think there is anything else he can do.

Woods is part of the longest reigning tag champions of all time and is still young, we dont know what ahead of him.

In addittion to that all the guys you brought dont have "DA LOOK" that Vince is looking for in a main eventer, i expected you of all people to know that.
I half expected you to bring me a list of little Rocks hiding in backstage somewhere, instead all i got is more "vanilla midgets".

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Re: Why is in ring skills more important in WWE now?

It somewhat matters to me but will ultimately always take a backseat to promo ability, personality, and story. Unfortunately, this era is weak on all three of the latter and as a consequence, fans seeking those three components have given up and bowed out, leaving a crowd whom will legitimately attempt to sabotage the career of one whom does not work a match like they believe they should. I'd personally take any Austin vs Rock main event over any Seth vs AJ dream match (with their current characters.) There's nothing the latter duo will do that will make the event feel bigger than Rock & Austin squaring off despite the fact the former will have a match that consists of 90% punches, stomps & clotheslines, 5% suplexes, and 5% rest holds. They didn't need to kill themselves because they were larger than life and WWE effectively wrote gripping narratives. Not the case today which is why KO & Seth have to nearly kill themselves on RAW to get a pop when a simple stare down in the past from bigger, better booked characters got a larger reaction than any flip gets today.

It's also detrimental to the perforners, as they're having to push their bodies harder and harder to appease a fanbase that is only growing more vindictive and densitized to the action in ring. People harp on the dates worked being the cause for injury but the style so many are working is a huge factor, too. There's a reason a guy like Ambrose hasn't had a single injury since debuting in 2012. The longer the talent allow the fans to dictate how they work, it's only going to get worse as the stakes continue to be raised. It's simply not worth it in the long run.
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Re: Why is in ring skills more important in WWE now?

Because other then Wyatt and Dean. They all lack the psychology. Which is a big part of why WWE is shit. Incredible ring performers. Shit story tellers. So I guess they need to over compensate.
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Re: Why is in ring skills more important in WWE now?

Originally Posted by Cooper09 View Post
I have yet to see them do ONE cool thing so far.
Then you didn't watch the CWC and have just watched the Kevin Dunn/Vince McMahon watered down piece of shit division that they turned them into.

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Re: Why is in ring skills more important in WWE now?

Its not more important and that is why the business is in the toilet.

The problem is, the fans (me included) are now conditioned to care about nothing but the 'MOVEZ' and the number of stars that each big match can garner. The result is that we no longer need characters, we just need MOVEZ and a billion false finishes from kick outs of finishers. Wrestling can still be bloody great - Revival vs DIY - but those types of clashes are the exception.
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