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Re: 'Old School' Wrestling Tricks/Moves That They Just Don't Use Now

Heel cheating tactics in tag team matches;

-Grabbing a partner's hand for leverage while having the opponent in a submission hold (ala Abdominal Stretch). Same for managers outside the ring in singles matches.

-Tag team double-teaming their face opponent while the ref holds back the face's partner

-The heel's partner entering the ring and slapping his own hand while the referee is distracted with the face's partner, to make the ref think that a tag is being made when it isn't, and the other heel partner just exits and stands on the ring apron.

-The heel team switching in and out behind the ref's back, the ref allowing the match to go on. Then, when the hot tag came for the face team and the ref's back had been turned, he immediately made the other wrestler get back behind the ropes.

Figure Four Leglock around the ringpost

Russian Legsweep

Atomic Drop. Both versions where they hit it front and back.

Abdominal Stretch

Cobra Clutch

Brainbuster. But it's obvious why we don't see that anymore

Spinning Wheel Kick

Spinning Back Elbow


Fallaway Slam

Gutwrench Backbreaker

Pump Handle Slam

Shoulder Breaker

Missile Dropkick

Fisherman Suplex

Northern Lights Suplex

Running Powerslam

Tiger Bomb

Catapulting an opponent facefirst onto the top turnbuckle

Skinning the cat back into the ring

Hitting an opponent in the face with a championship belt

Low blows

Pulling a foreign object out of the tights e.g Brass Knuckles, Powder etc.


The referee raising an opponent's arm in a Sleeper Hold 2 times and on the 3rd try, the opponent wakes up and raises his arm back up just as it's about to fall completely, letting the crowd know he's still alive and in it, before standing up and breaking out of the Sleeper Hold.
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Re: 'Old School' Wrestling Tricks/Moves That They Just Don't Use Now

Not sure what you mean, these moves are still often seen on TV

Originally Posted by Nightrow View Post

Russian Legsweep ==> Natalya

Atomic Drop ==> pretty sure I saw some recently

Abdominal Stretch ==> same

Brainbuster ==> Murphy

Spinning Wheel Kick ==> Rusev, Breeze

Spinning Back Elbow ==> Naomi

Bulldog ==> Ambrose

Fallaway Slam ==> Paige, Titus, Rusev

Pump Handle Slam ==> Titus

Shoulder Breaker ==> Miz

Missile Dropkick ==> Nikki Storm

Fisherman Suplex ==> Curtis Axel, Paige

Northern Lights Suplex ==> Alicia Fox

Running Powerslam ==> Strowman

Tiger Bomb ==> Cesaro

Catapulting an opponent facefirst onto the top turnbuckle ==> Ziggler loves taking this bump

Low blows ==> AJ Styles, Ambrose

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