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Re: Lack of rising stars ?

- Too Much TV (How can Romain feel special if you see him every week wrestling?)
- Too Many PPVs (19 a year come on now)
- Too Many Rematches (Ultimate Warrior vs Rick Rude wrestles eachother only 3 time on PPVs , How many time you watch Flair vs Banks now?)
- Too Many Titles (Two world champion, 2 women champions)
- The Loss of Jobber Matches (Without Jobber matches everybody is on some 50/50 booking)
- Loss Of The Midcard (Thank you 50/50 booking)
- No More WCW (WWE need somebody to keep them on their toes)
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Re: Lack of rising stars ?

I just wish they'd break Cesaro away from Sheamus and get Cesaro back in the title picture, that's a squandered star right there.
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Re: Lack of rising stars ?

There hasn't been a rising star since the Shield guys. And they rose to become absolutely nothing. So maybe they're trying to can that narrative until they actually have a hot younger star to promote that way.
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Re: Lack of rising stars ?

As much as people don't want to admit it, Roman Reigns is one of the next "guys." He is absolutely a star just based on the reactions he gets from both sides of the fans..and his merch sells.

Some guys who I think could become big time stars: Finn Balor if he keeps his mouth shut and is Demon Balor 100% of the time and Seth Rollins if he's heel/tweener. Samoe Joe would be a star on the main roster as well but he's a veteran so I don't really count him.
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Re: Lack of rising stars ?

The Roman experiment failed but I think Finn Balor has potential to be a rising megastar.

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Re: Lack of rising stars ?

The issue is WWE puts all their eggs in the Shield basket and books everyone else like a midcard dork for life. No one has the feeling or buzz that they're going to be big, be a star, or be a Champion. There's just people that us fans want to see become a star.

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Re: Lack of rising stars ?

Owens, Styles, Rollins, Ambrose, Reigns are all rising stars in the WWE, kayfabe or real life or both.
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Re: Lack of rising stars ?

Another big problem with the WWE is the need to push people to the main title straight away. This doesn't help anyone and certainly doesn't create new stars.

The WWE will like to pretend they are, you argue with them and they will probably come out with "But he's the champion" etc. and THAT is their problem. They think everything they do is right.
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Re: Lack of rising stars ?

The fact that Bray Wyatt hasn't been champion yet is a travesty.
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Re: Lack of rising stars ?

The fans chose Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Goldberg, Rock, Diamond Dallas Page, John Cena, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson and then outside of Punk and Danielson the company machines got behind those wrestlers so it worked in unison and the result was seen by all.

Problem now is if Vince McMahon wants someone to be the top guy then that's what's going to happen regardless of whether the fans want them or not, don't want to be obvious but Roman Reigns is a perfect example of this.

We've seen Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Roman Reigns all tried to different lengths and none of them worked whilst the others of those time frames that were or are hugely popular were left in the mid card or used to put the chosen one over and that makes the fans reject them.

Another reason is other than Hulk Hogan every rising star worked the traditional method of mid card feuds then on to the mid card title and once they were a draw with the mid card title and over they were moved up to the top tier and only then were they made top champion, now we see people hot shotted to the top title as if the title will make them when it's the wrestler than makes the title as seen when Cena was US champion.

Until Vince changes his ways or steps aside and the person taking over sees the problem nothing will change and the wrestlers that people WANT to see on top will continue to flounder in the mid card or flourish elsewhere, wasn't it reported a few months back that Vince said he wished he'd signed AJ Styles a decade ago ? His stubbornness cost him arguably the best in ring performer of the last decade and as seen Styles "flaw" in mic skills have been sorted since joining WWE so wouldn't have been a problem.

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