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Re: Stardom's Io Shirai and (possibly) Kairi Hojo heading to WWE

Originally Posted by Vårmakos View Post

I hope you realize Io literally tried to convince Yoshiko to stay with the Stardom during her "retirement" ceremony after the incident so this moral stance you're taking against the company is flawed.
You mean me not watching their content anymore is a flawed statement...? Despite thinking Io Shirai and Kairi Hojo are talented? Is that... not allowed in this pre-defined world of morality that you just apparently created out of thin air? Lol. My bad then buddy.

Edit: Did you actually give me negative rep saying #ActShotFirst? LOL. I can't even be mad that was funny.

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Let's talk about six, baby.
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Re: Stardom's Io Shirai and (possibly) Kairi Hojo heading to WWE

Originally Posted by DGenerationMC View Post
I'm curious/scared to see if WWE will put them with Asuka.
Considering Io's history with her it's possible. Though I think there's also a decent chance that if they do manage to sign Io she could be the one to beat Asuka, depending on when the deal is done. I don't see Asuka being champion past February or so.

Hiroshi Tanahashi/Kazuchika Okada/Minoru Suzuki/Daniel Bryan/Asuka

Samoa Joe/Tetsuya Naito/Tomohiro Ishii/Meiko Satomura/Jay White

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Re: Stardom's Io Shirai and (possibly) Kairi Hojo heading to WWE

How did Asuka kill the division? The people booking NXT didn't build up anyone when all the horsewomen got called up. Moreover the WWE passed over women in the US like Hania the Huntress, Lu Fisto, Cheerleader Melissa, Mercedes, Taya, Candice LaRae, Mia Yim, and Kimber Lee etc for years in favor of women have no personality and cannot wrestle.

The WWE does not know how to build the women without Dusty Rhodes and they use it all to boost the ego of Stephanie McMahon.

Hojo and Shirai have way more personality than a lot of the women the WWE had years ago. People confuse knowing English with having a personality. Most of the promos in WWE are awful because they are written by sitcom television writers and Vince is an idiot.

Japanese women have been better Wrestlers in terms of characters and workers for years. WWE only had Mickie James, Trish, Victoria, and Lita. That is it. Everyone else until the NXT women's boom were interchangeable bitchy backstabbing women on different bodies.

Why blame the Japanese women unless you some kind of moron or racist?

WCW fans who can't let go of the past are killing pro-wrestling today. There I said it.
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