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Time Machine Universe

I just thought this would be a fun exercise. I'm going to run a "show" of my own, where any wrestler from history can be included. I'll book some matches and put down what the PPVs/weekly shows would look like.

You can all drop suggestions, say whether or not you like the bookings, what wrestlers should be included or maybe just put forward your own shows.

So this is my basic structure.

Name of Promotion: Global Impact Wrestling

Owner: Dusty Rhodes

Weekly Shows: Monday Night Strike and Friday Night Showdown

World Heavyweight Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin (Face)
Main Rivals: Hollywood Hogan & NWO (Heels), The Rock (Face) and Brock Lesnar 2002-04 version (Face/Heel)

The Enforcer: This is the title given to what is the highest of the midcard titles, this will be The Ultimate Warrior (Face)
Main Rivals: Macho Man with Elizabeth(Heel), Jake the Snake (Heel), Gorgeous George (Heel), Million Dollar Man (Heel), HBK (Face) and Ricky Steamboat (Face)

Middleweight Championship: Eddie Guerrero (Heel)
Main Rivals: RVD (Face), Chris Jericho (Heel), Chris Benoit (Face), William Regal (Heel), Kurt Angle (Heel), Dean Malenko (Heel) and AJ Styles (Face)

Knockout King: My version of the hardcore title 24/7, champion is Mick Foley (Face)
Main Rivals: Terry Funk (Heel), Jimmy Snuka (Face), Edge (Heel) and Randy Orton (Heel)

Tag Champions: The Hardy Boyz (Face)
Main Rivals: The Dudleyz (Heel), Legion of Doom (Face), Fabulous Freebirds (Heels), The Hart Foundation (Heels) and The von Erichs (Face)

First PPV - GIW Presents Pain and Torment

Main Event: Stone Cold v Hollywood Hogan - Cage Match. Stone Cold wins, even though the NWO (Nash and Hall) try to break into the cage. Austin stunners them all and stands triumphant.

Enforcer Title Match: The Ultimate Warrior v Jake the Snake - Warrior wins in dominating fashion but as he celebrates, Jake attacks, unleashes the snake and is helped by the Million Dollar Man, who announces that he has now acquired the services of Jake the Snake.

No. 1 Contendership Match for WHC: The Rock v Brock Lesnar v Gorgeous Georgs - The Rock wins, after Lesnar F5s GG, Rock comes in and delivers a Rock Bottom and People's Elbow on unsuspecting Lesnar. The two shake hands after the match.

Middleweight Championship: Ladder Match - Eddie v RVD v Jericho. Eddie wins and then teams up with Jericho to beat on RVD.

Tag Championship Match: The Hardyz v The Dudleyz - The Hardyz win and retain.

Tag Championship No. 1 Contenders Match: Fabulous Freebirds win.

Rivalry Match: HBK v William Regal - HBK wins.

Opening Segment: Mick Foley is walking through the parking lot when he is attacked by a masked assailant with a metal pipe. A severe beat down takes place until Foley is suplexed off the roof of a car. Yet Foley keeps kicking out and keeps resisting. He finally slams a car door into the opponents face and then DDTs him on the concrete. He picks up the win and unmasks the assailant, it's Edge!

Total run time, 3 hours 30 minutes.
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Re: Time Machine Universe

Wrong section.

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