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WF Challenge: Book a Bray Wyatt/Finn Bálor feud

How would you book the "The New Face of Fear" versus "The Demon King" ... channel your inner "Adam from WhatCulture" and tell us how you would book their first feud!

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Re: WF Challenge: Book a Bray Wyatt/Finn Bálor feud

They talk about Devils, Demons, Ghosts, Ghouls and Goblins, do supernatural shit to each other, Bray slaughters a pig in his entrance, Balor comes out as The Demon King, and Bray beats Balor.

The end.
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Re: WF Challenge: Book a Bray Wyatt/Finn Bálor feud

Since Balor has to debut again due to his short lived main roster run and Universal title run it would make sense to have Bray summon him back to the WWE. If Seth Rollins is "face", then I would suggest bringing Balor back as "The Demon King" and heel. How they are on different shows? Exactly live Bray Wyatt summons the Demon King, he doesn't necessarily call it that because it would be too obvious. Perhaps refer to him by a symbol shown on the screen during his ceremonies leading to this person, but not on SD. Balor arrives on Raw live the following Monday. A final Bray Wyatt "vignette" aired live on Raw and Balor comes out for Seth Rollins.
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Re: WF Challenge: Book a Bray Wyatt/Finn Bálor feud

I don't know how I'd book the entire Demon King Vs Bray feud..

But I know, I would have Bray just before the match say in his promo that Finn Balor The Demon King will meet The Demon God or something, and have Bray Wyatt have some epic Brood type entrance with epic paint, and have Bray go over.
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It me.
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Re: WF Challenge: Book a Bray Wyatt/Finn Bálor feud

Refuse to do it until Bray's had a title run.

Once I don't have to worry about his credibility anymore, I'll oblige.

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Re: WF Challenge: Book a Bray Wyatt/Finn Bálor feud

Whatever the booking, the end result will be Bray Wyatt getting his shoulders pinned to the mat for a 3 count.
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Re: WF Challenge: Book a Bray Wyatt/Finn Bálor feud

I'd have Bray slowly start going face towards the time I'd start the feud.

I'd start having Bray's spooky video package start going off randomly in matches. Each time you can see a demon in the far background.

Then have it go from just being the "we're here" package to showing footage of the compound. His chair, lantern, a picture of sister Abigail all that.

Then after a while I'd have Bray finally address it. Have him talk about how Sister Abigail always told him that once "you walk with the demons and monsters they'll never let you cross back over" have him go on about how he's not afraid of demons because he's still the eater of worlds and he'll devour them

Cut to another surprise package but this time the rocking chair is broke and the lantern is releasing red smoke. The smoke starts to clear and on the seat of the broken chair you see the eye Finn wears on his back.

Cut back to a clearly disturbed and distraught Bray because the lantern and chair are his version of Takers Urn.

Cue to next week and Bray returns to his compound to check things out. He arrives and finds out that his followers have all been laid out with Finn's Eyes on their backs and their masks covered in his paint.

Next week he comes out and is flanked by Rowan and Harper. He cuts a scathing promo on he knows who the enemy is and how that enemy should run because there will be no mercy yada yada.

You cue Finn's music and lights. He doesn't show at the moment. But what does happen is you have Rowan turn and lay out Harper and Bray. After he lays him out he takes off his mechanic top to reveal the marks of Finn.

Next week Rowan explains from an undisclosed location that when Bray abandoned him he was lost and he wandered for a while. But that from all the teachings Bray taught him, that he remembered Bray talking about a force that could be even stronger than himself, and that he had gave himself to that force to take his revenge in the master that had left him an orphan in this world. Finn steps in now going by Lord Balor in full body demon paint, Rowan kneels before him like he's in a state of prayer.

Balor cuts a promo about how Bray is a strong force and how he had served the monsters/spirits/demons whatever well. But that they were coming to take his powers since he no longer walks with them.

Cue the first match is a tag match Bray and Harper vs Demon Lord Balor and Rowan. Obviously Harper turns. They beat the shit out of Bray. Taking his "powers"

Next show Balor talks about how he originally came to just take Bray but now he's come to take everything. He begins to go after the world title while Bray has to go through his former henchmen.

Bray eventually goes through both say he finishes them in a hell in a cell match.

Bray has got them out the way, so now he turns his attention towards Lord Balor who is now the champ. We'll play up how Balor is surprised that Bray has got through Harper and Rowan with out his powers. Bray tells him that his Sister always told him that the only way to stop the Demons was to take everything from them and bury them underneath the Earth.

Cue a Buried Alive match for the title where Bray comes out on top. He has a good month rule before he goes bat shit insane heel again because well Bray has too much power now. Whoever is the deserving face gets to take him out and restore order to Smackdown

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