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Re: Your favorite face vs face match?

Originally Posted by Mutant God View Post
I thought the dumb part was doing the heel turn in the middle of the match rather then the end of the match with Vince hit Rock but Rock kicked out and then Vince and Austin just spent the rest of the match trying to keep Rock down almost like a comical Benny Hill sketch with the Benny Hill music.
Yeah that was a tad excessive lol. Should've just had Vince hand Austin a chair and he just beats the shit out of Rock and pins him, instead of having him kick out like 3 times or whatever it was.

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Re: Your favorite face vs face match?

Bret "Hitman" Hart vs "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (c) at WrestleMania 8 for the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

A perfect example of wrestling, psychology and telling a story in the ring. There's isn't a wrestler alive today that couldn't learn something from watching and studying this perfect match. Add to that the utter brilliance on commentary by Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon, and it is, without a doubt, one of the truly great professional wrestling matches of all time.


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Re: Your favorite face vs face match?

Hogan vs Warrior
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Re: Your favorite face vs face match?

Rock v Austin WM17

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Re: Your favorite face vs face match?

Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan (WM6)

My 'childhood match'. The first proper big match I really took notice of and I was a big Warrior fan, him winning the WWF Championship to go along with his IC belt was fucking massive.

Plus another obvious two; Rock/Austin (WM17) and Undertaker/HBK (WM25)

Two of the absolute best WWE main events, we can all argue to the cows come home regarding the Austin heel turn, but the match was a perfect, chaotic rollercoaster that was one of the most intense and exciting I've ever seen.

Taker/HBK is just a fucking classic match that I'll never get bored of watching. Just Taker doing his all his big fucking moves still, great last ride and apart from his dive, he was just so on point here.
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Re: Your favorite face vs. face match?

HBK/Taker WM 25

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Re: Your favorite face vs. face match?

I also liked Bret vs. Undertaker at Royal Rumble 1996 even though that match isn't received well but I liked it because it was a clash of two big babyfaces who were complete opposites of each other in style and personality.

And others that come to mind...

Austin vs. Taker - Summerslam 1998

Bret vs. Diesel - Royal Rumble & Survivor Series 1995
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Re: Your favorite face vs. face match?

John Cena vs Daniel Bryan

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Re: Your favorite face vs. face match?

Warrior vs Hogan WM6 as a kid. Rock vs Austin WM17 as a young adult. Both HBK vs Undertaker WM matches as an adult. Would say Punk vs Cena MITB2011 trumps all but he was technically still a heel going into it.
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Re: Your favorite face vs. face match?

The Cena Michaels series
Punk Cena money in the bank 11
Daniel Cena SS
And Nak vs zayn

I never watched any older wrestling due to no access

In the whole of wrestling in the modern Era nothing will beat tanahashi vs Okada as a face vs face series
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