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Re: Your honest thoughts on Triple H?

Never been impressed by his work, although I enjoyed his 2000-2001 stint quite a bit. In his prime he was very good in the ring and occationally great on the mic when he ramped up the intensity and wasn't cutting tedious 20 minute promos that put the crowd in a coma

I thought he was interesting in the rich snob gimmick because he looked the part and fit it perfectly. Thought he was annoying as f*ck in the early incarnation of DX and felt like he was very forgettable up until he won his first WWF title. The Evolution days were passable and everything after that I'd rather block out of my memory.

Based on everything I've seen and heard over the years, the guy just comes across as disingenuous, and the company's estimation of his value as an on-air performer reached sickening levels at one point. The guy was given Edge's spot in the WM 22 main event when he had no business being there. He returns in 2011 to cool Punk's jets only to leave again... ect. Yeah.

He no doubt contributed to WWE's success in the AE so he does deserve credit, but that doesn't undo all the other crap he's been involved with over the years. It's very telling that he's bombed in the WM main event more often than anyone yet keeps getting that spotlight anyway

As for his work with NXT. Eh, I don't watch the show that much so I can't judge, but I'm not all that impressed with what I see of it. Comes across as WWE light with slightly more interesting production and fresher talent, but some of the gimmicks on there are straight out of the cartoony era of WWF circa 1993. Hunter basically signs a bunch of indy talent with buzz and promotes NXT like it's a cult phenomenon. It's not all that revolutionary, it's just a product mainly catering to a niche market. Sorta like a less hot, less ballsy and less unique ECW. I'll give him credit once his work there actually help turn WWE's fortunes around and makes them culturally relevant again

So yeah. Not a big fan. He's a good performer that IMO overstayed his welcome years ago. If I never see him on my TV ever again it would only improve my viewing experience at this point
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Re: Your honest thoughts on Triple H?

Great look
Great intensity
Good mic skills
Decent in ring skills
Decent charisma

All in all, he is decent/good. not like Austin or Rock level where he says he belongs but he is still good. He is a main eventer but IMO shouldn't have the legacy that he does. I do hate his politicking and sometimes his 20 minute promos are god awfully boring unless he gets angry about something. I will say that he is overrated by not that much. He should be the level where Orton is but he is at the level where Cena is.

He was one of my favorite wrestlers when I was a child but not anymore. My final say on the guy is that he is good when he comes to get the job done as in putting guys over, he sucks when he himself goes over. Like the Undertaker. Both should be putting guys over in most matches. And even though he is doing that unlike Undertaker, he still has "buried" alot of guys that could have made it big in the company.

Also the NXT thing and people praising it like Triple H himself. I dont praise it at all. They have great matches but no one there could ever actually cut a decent promo unless it some guy who already has it from before (Enzo, Owens). The matches mean jack if you dont have a story to back it up and to create a story, you need mic skills. I used to love Balor, but that was before he won the title and everything he did became so boring to me. His talking, his wrestling, the only thing that was cool was the demon thing and that was nothing but body paint and a cool entrance, didn't do much for character development. I dont know if its on him or he completely skipped promo classes but it certainly took me away from the product. Also ever since Dusty Rhodes passed away, the product has been boring. Could be said that the only reason NXT was as good as it was because of one legend and another taking the credit.

-----End NXT rant----------

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He's...he's even saved my life as if I were a helpless child. He has stolen my honor...and his debts...must be paid!"

-The Prince of all Saiyans
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Re: Your honest thoughts on Triple H?

Originally Posted by Judy Garland's Biggest Fan View Post
The most overrated professional wrestler who ever lived.
This is not a thread about Daniel Bryan
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Re: Your honest thoughts on Triple H?

Epic music and walkouts. Really a midcarder that got lucky.
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Re: Your honest thoughts on Triple H?

HHH created my favorite thing, NXT, and then he ruined my favorite thing.

As a talent I thought he was good in his position during the AE but I never saw ppvs so I never realized how dull his long non gimmick matches are. As an onscreen authority figure he's had way more bad moments than good but some of his good moments were fucking phenomenal.

As an actual authority figure I'm not as confident in his direction for the product as I was in 2014; his philosophy that wrestling has a niche market and they should cater to them instead of trying to grow their audience is probably going to put WWE on TNA and ROH's level eventually. His living vicariously through his insanely pushed Kliq 2.0 boys is just as unfair and dangerous to the business as the original Kliq was but now it's okay, I guess because they can all put on 5* matches.

All in I'm kinda 50/50 on HHH.

Shilling for Xia Li, Aliyah, Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley

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Re: Your honest thoughts on Triple H?

Great heel, a wrestler who relies way too much on taking shortcuts in matches to be as good as people claim that he is.

Look is 10/10, he many times drags out his promos to where they become too long and boring where they could have been some great promos.

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Re: Your honest thoughts on Triple H?

Good not great, jack of all trades master on one (which is not that great of a thing as a wrestler)

He's just a decent guy overall but was always missing something in all areas to be truly great, he was never a draw on his own but was a good guy you pair with real draws,

Plus he was always a guy that needed to be surrounded by a group as he struggled on his own, whether it was original DX, DX again, Stephanie and HHH, Mcmahon/Helmsley era, Two man power trip, Stephanie and HHH again, Evolution, DX a third time and the Authority.

It tells you something that they always felt he needed at least one person to bounce off of.

Punch Kick

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Re: Your honest thoughts on Triple H?

Very good wrestler and an excellent heel who was better in a faction than on his own. Very good in the ring up to his injury in 2001 and may not have been the same wrestler since. Most of his big matches in the last 10 years have been gimmick matches, Hell in a Cell, No DQ etc so not many normal one on one matches where he has to rely on his wrestling skills (maybe Daniel Bryan at WM30 was an exception).

What will go against him will be his politicking especially in 2003/2004. Has does really well with NXT and does seem to love the business. Despite what WWE will tell you though he is not one of the all time greats but he is well in the top 100 of all time.
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Re: Your honest thoughts on Triple H?

Originally Posted by RLStern View Post
Oh please, Triple H was in the same position as The Rock, they gave him a shitty gimmick that didn't work(English Character) to which they attempted to keep him down when he has a new gimmick that's more reflective of himself. the man had to work hard and constantly evolve with pop culture and keep his gimmick fresh which ultimately led to his success during the Attitude era, and it wasn't because he "leeched off" Austin(who he outdrew in 2000) or Rock, because he was wrestling them while he was floundering before his success in '99, but because he was a draw and had a great character.


Required Triple H, he had Chyna, and that Triple H Chyna duo along with Shawn Michaels was what made DX successful, Shawn wasn't doing promos by himself, it was a team effort, their jokes and segments were co-dependent.

DX after Shawn? Triple H took charge, without him the group would've been pure comedy, yes Triple H did do alot of comedic aspects, but he was the leader and had the serious role, stuff like invading WCW, their trip in Manhattan, "The Crock", and etc wouldn't have worked without Triple H.

Then the crazy part is that they say Shawn Michaels and Stephanie made him success, Really?

Shawn Michaels buried Triple H in december of 1998, called him a mid-carder for life.

He wasn't even dating Stephanie Mcmahon when he and The Rock were drawing the highest rated segments in the summer of '99, when he had that promo calling himself The Game.

The WWF booked him poorly, they turned him heel when he was the leader of DX, when DX was at their peak, to become a lackey in the Corporation where they simply put him with Rock again(and no this wasn't planned, Rock was supposed to be a heel, but was the top draw since late 1998 and his stock was reaching peaks by spring of 1999, they turned him face and booked this feud again on the fly).

What happened when DX was running without Triple H and Chyna in 1999? they floundered.

Triple H escaped the hold back, grew out his beard, trimmed his hair, took an MMA look, cut the Game promo and drew the highest rated segments of the summer of 1999 with The Rock to the point where they had to make him the WWF champion, they ruined it as he should've won it at Summerslam 1999.

They then took away Chyna, and Russo left. DX was reunited where they worked without Russo and an updated Triple H. Triple H was doing awesome, Problem?

Now in Late 1999, Smackdown was doing better then Raw, as it was the new show, the writers gave it the most attention and it became the Triple H and Rock show.

Triple H was booked poorly as was most in late 1999, they had him lose the title to Vince Mcmahon, lose the title to the Big Show, the WWF was not doing as well creatively as it was earlier in the year.

Come late 1999 we head into Wrestlemania 2000 season, things pick up for everyone, Mankind, Rock, Triple H etc, Triple H and Stephanie marry, Mankind is fired storyline, Rock's quest to the WWF championship(no longer in tag division)

Now everything is good, from this point on the writing is well, people consider this to be when Triple H got over, truth is he was over, people were having the signs and he was being talked about, problem was the WWF was in a creative flounder in late 1999, especially in September and October.

So 2000 and on Triple H is the top draw behind The Rock, he's doing so well and drawing so huge that they turn him face against Kurt Angle, but back to a heel in order to get Austin over with the "who ran down Austin?" storyline.

Triple H was always amazing and the writers made it possible for him to show it from late 1999-Early 2001. He was at his peak from late 1999-2001, every week he was doing great, this is his best time period. that was The Game.

The problems start in Spring of 2001, this guy is drawing huge as a heel, getting huge pops when he started Raw Is War every week with his 20 minute promos in Early 2001. Now logically this would be the guy who goes against heel Austin, but they poorly booked him again and made him Austin's lackey, which no one wanted, they cheered the man over Austin at No Way Out for crying out loud.

He gets injured people miss him, he returns, gets the loudest pop of 2002, he's once again the top guy after Rock.

They book Triple H and Stephanie breaking up well, problem?

They messed it up by aligning Jericho with Stephanie. it should've been Angle, Triple H/Kurt Angle/Stephanie love triangle drew some of the highest rated segments in 2000, in fact I believe one night in 2000 it was the highest rated(this one I will need to check again), it made perfect sense, Jericho worked better as a babyface.

Jericho works better when he's the babyface and Triple H is the heel, Triple H works best as a babyface against Kurt Angle and it would've made more sense.

Kurt Angle should've been the first undisputed champion, it matches his gimmick, he most hated rival was Triple H, would make most sense with Stephanie.

Another problem was Rock/Hogan, Triple H is a huge draw but there's no way he was outdrawing Rock/Hogan at Wrestlemania 18, that match had to go last, even Triple H has stated he wanted it last, but the WWF didn't do it.

Hogan has a nostalgia run takes the belt from Triple H as soon as he won it, this damaged him very much, it left him in horrible feuds until Shawn Michaels.

However this was ruined as well when Triple H dropped his 1999-2002 gimmick, shaved his face, became Ric Flair tribute with Flair as his manager, and we were left with no top babyfaces for Triple H to work with(You can't have success as a heel without a great babyface, likewise you can't have success as a face without a great heel)

Triple H can't be blamed for 2003, it was clear they were building him up for Goldberg, if it wasn't for that he would've lost the title like he always used to, but since they wanted Goldberg he had to hold it for so long. Also Triple H's gimmick wasn't the same anymore, the 1999-2002 made him beloved, it is crazy because in the beginning of 2002 he was beloved, by the end of 2002 when he stripped all the 1999-2002 gimmick off, he was getting huge heat(maybe he did this on purpose or maybe the bookers did this)

you have alot of valid points only thing wrong with your statement is you have should have or should have been, what if never happens, and even if you arte right the wwe is to blame not triple h but none the less perception is reality so, im not taking away anything from triple h always been a fan but i try to stay objective
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Re: Your honest thoughts on Triple H?

Great heel, made more stars than he buried, good face to, excellent on the mic and his gimmick matches with mostly great

on a side note i notice people like to say only good in gimmick matches like its a bad thing, does foley deserve the same then?

lets make one thing very clear, booker t didn't belong in the title scene in 2003, yes the build up made him losing a bit of a controversial decision, but with goldberg coming in hhh should have been champ

he should have put kane over yes, but the chances are kane refused to take the belt

was involved in one of the best rtwm ever with batista in 05, made dave a star and their hell in a cell is underrated

a heel that actually knew how to get heat, not one of these modern heels who look for pops
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