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The draft

Obviously some switches will be planned, probably weeks in advance, Rollins, Cena etc.

But is any of the draft left to pure chance by the WWE where they don't know who will go where?
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Re: The draft

Of course they know. It's the wrestlers who don't know.
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Re: The draft

I think Where the shield members get drafted could spoil the championship match at Battleground. For instance if Ambrose gets drafted to Smackdown it probally means he will lose the title at the PPV because Vince will want to keep his #1 title on Raw.
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Re: The draft

I think they are gonna do it "classic baseball rules", where GM of SD, and GM of RAW, picks one after another, except in this scenario, it will be from a very selective list pre-ordained by Vince. It ain't gonna be like old school Royal Rumble where they pick from a number from roll cage.

Think about it, every draft, teams pick their player, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS and MLB. Except there is only 2 teams, or twist, 3 teams if they throw in NXT.

I almost think people who aren't on SD or RAW, should be on Main Event, rather than using Main Event as this weird little random show. Like get these duds who can't get on Live TV, and give them a weekly spot to build something up (which is what it does now, but spots are filled by people who are on TV).

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Re: The draft

It wouldn't surprise me if WWE just look at a few people on the roster and just say 'Meh, you can go there i suppose', probably guys like Ryder, Slater etc.



New Day/Bar/Machinery/Elias/Jinder/Truth/Ali/Orton/Rey/Lio/TJP/Alexander/Gallagher/Murphy/Sasha/Bliss/Deville/Ruby/Lacey


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Re: The draft

Nothing will be left to chance. This is a TV show, written in as much detail as any other. Just not as well as most

My main concern is the breaking up of teams. I was hoping that there would be a caveat with the draft, where tag teams would be considered a unit, and drafted as such.

However, John "Dumbass" Layfield stated this week on RAW, through his irritating, shit-eating grin, that teams can be broken up, and how that'd be so interesting ... This bodes TERRIBLY IMO.

Have they not done enough to undermine The Wyatts, without drafting Bray's followers away from him?
We are JUST getting to a point where we have a healthy, exciting tag division, and NOW you're going to start splitting them up, most likely forcing tag specialists into singles programs, like "Brother Devon" and "The One Billy Gunn"?

Yeah, cos those splits led to such success in the past, didn't they?

I don't mind the concept of Brand Extension and even don't really mind about a scripted draft. But I hope to Christ that they don't go OTT with their manufactured "shocking" events and "anything can happen in the WWE" crap. Just draft the teams AS TEAMS, because they're a team FOR A REASON, and use the Brand Extension for what it's intended - to give more people TV time.
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