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Re: Triple H On How WWE Will Create The Next Steve Austin Or Rock, Cutting His Hair, WWE NXT, More

The problem lies in his statement. Right there plain as day. The erroneous belief that it will be WWae that created the next top tier star. Nope. All they do is give the star the platform. The next star will creat the next star. The problem is that he full of shit about the company placing people in the best position to do so. Quite the opposite. How often has the companies initial vision of a star actually stayed on course? Hogan? Maybe. Most of the otjer top guys went through a series of changes to get them to where they are top dog with the fans. Defintely the case with Austin and Rock. As long as the WWE is hell bent on the next star being who they want amd presenting themselves exactly as they are told to there won't be a next star.
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Re: Triple H On How WWE Will Create The Next Steve Austin Or Rock, Cutting His Hair, WWE NXT, More

"Those talent make themselves in the biggest way. You train them, you teach them how to do this [and] you try to give them all the tools necessary. And that's really what we created a few years ago with the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. [It] is just the ultimate performance center, for lack of a better term, that gives them every tool that they could need to succeed in the WWE. And then, what they do with that is up to them. If they work as hard as possible and they're dedicated and passionate [about] it and work as hard as they can, then, the sky is the limit."
Except they'll still script and micromanage every aspect of that talent's persona, effectively smothering the gimmick in the crib, so no, not really.
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Re: Triple H On How WWE Will Create The Next Steve Austin Or Rock, Cutting His Hair, WWE NXT, More

HHH is just an outright, goddamn liar. I didn't think it was possible for his nose to grow any bigger but it probably did after this interview.
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Re: Triple H On How WWE Will Create The Next Steve Austin Or Rock, Cutting His Hair, WWE NXT, More

I hate when NXT is called a Brand. It's not a brand. Also NXT doesn't teach young talent. NXT is for Indy guys to put on BS Matches. Who the fuck wants to see Joe vs Young in NXT? Go watch TNA.
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Re: Triple H On How WWE Will Create The Next Steve Austin Or Rock, Cutting His Hair, WWE NXT, More

WWE needs to relize you don't "create" the Rock. That guy has such personality he was going to get over and be a star no matter what.

Steve Austin was great b/c he was him. He does love beer... he is from TX... and he had the perfect attitude for the attitude era.

If WWE keeps trying to make each character a completely fictional character - it's never going to be "created". Fans aren't stupid and they'll see past it.

What WWE needs to do is let more people just be themselves. Look at KO - his personality is a lot like his character so for him acting like a asshole, etc it's easy for him. Look at DB - a guy who truly loved wrestling so much and got such joy out of it - fans saw that was real and got behind him. Hell, look at Ryder - people know he's worked his ass off and they get behind him too. People like and respect "real" and too much WWE these days are just way too scripted or lose that real feeling.
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Originally Posted by tailhook View Post
Ya... no they didn't. Don't make me laugh on that one, youngster.

Stunning Steve Austin
Ringmaster Steve Austin

Steve spent the better part of the 90's toiling in obscurity trying to get a major push before he became Stone Cold. Even then, it took him the better part of a year and the submission match at Mania with Hart, and in particular the feud with Vince in '99 to really get over with the fans. None of that was 'organic'.

Rocky Maivia got Roman Reign'd the moment he stepped foot in the door because the Fed strapped him with a bad gimmick and made him IC Champ too quick. They then spent the next year or two fixing their problems, giving him catchphrases and what not(you think he thought of those? lol.) and he really only got made as a Main Event singles star in 2000, complete with a major push. Organic? That's about as organic as McDonalds.
He meant they got over organically once they changed their characters into something more captivating.

The Ringmaster and Rocky Maiva were WWE creations which never got over. Whilst Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock were purely the wrestlers creation which was a heightened version of themselves.

Austin got over organically because he was a rebellious badass which people at the time liked. That submission match you talk of, that's the match a Heel Austin and a Face Bret Hart turned into a Face Austin and a Heel Hart. Austin was getting over big time as a heel. There's a reason why Bret Hart allowed the double turn to happen, he recognised that Austin was getting over and more so than him and agreed to turn heel at a time when he was the face of the company and top face. It's like asking Cena to turn heel for Daniel Bryan. He pretty much passed the torch at that moment to Austin.

The Rock with that character was able to liberate himself from the Rocky Maiva gimmick and be more creative with his character and showcase his insane charisma. He always had it in him but wasn't able to show it because of his previously limited gimmick. He then went on to become one of greatest wrestlers of all time.

Austin and Rock got over and Vince did everything to maintain it by booking them as strong as possible because he had fierce competition from WCW.

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Re: Triple H On How WWE Will Create The Next Steve Austin Or Rock, Cutting His Hair, WWE NXT, More

You can't randomly take anyone you want and say "do what Seth did, and you'll be the best superstar just like him", and 99 times out of 100 you can't just take someone with Rollins caliber throw them on RAW with just as high expectations as you would after a couple years at Performance Center (AJ being the 1%). Tossing in random guys thinking they can be as good as people like Seth, is basically what they did with Roman. He is a cheap imitation wanna be who didn't have nearly the same amount of skills nor had anything going for him. From the whole Shield gimmick that wasn't for him, to copying everything Seth said and wore during his title run, "The man" Roman's the "the guy". Seth wears black and gold for big fights, now Roman wears Black and Gold for big fights. Whats next, Roman gonna wear a white suit with gold, and call himself "the builder" of the Roman Empire like Seth was the "Architect of Shield". No amount of propaganda is gonna turn a Rosie into The Rock. Seth Rollins has trajectory of Rock's level in Wrestling, so I see why they want Roman to copy him, but dam, Roman's trajectory was much lower than Rikishi and Umaga, and I'd say Roman's more like Rosie than any other when it comes to wrestling knowledge.

Rollins, Owens, Zayn and Cesaro are not products of Performance Center, they were already products prior to it, Performance Center is more of adding enhancements, and you can put all the enhancements on a piece of crap, at end of the day its still a piece of crap, likewise you can take someone like Cesaro and enhance him with crap, but at the end of the day it just did shit to him. You take people off the street like Roman, Dana, or Corbin, who cares if they were professionals in body building or athlets, these types unless they are 1 in 100 million, then they shouldn't be rushed. Even if Dana was gonna be the new "total package" the highest level of anyone who ever walked in the door, doesn't mean you rush them off and throw titles on her early.

I don't get why they go to these far lengths to try and impress fans, when all it does is destroy their perceptions of entertainers. Had they done what they did for Roman, to even Rock, SCTA or Cena, it wouldn't have made anyone like them any better. So why do they think its gonna help some dude not even near their level? Having Stone Cold get cashed in on after winning, ok, let him beat up McMahon and win title on RAW, yeah way cool, but then have him lose his title during a Royal Rumble match to what is basically a old timer General Manager (like a Sgt. Slaughter Austin's era), just to win it back at Wrestlemania. This wouldn't have panned out well for Austin or Rock, but you know Roman sucks ass, cause had either of these guys been put through this, they would have at least found a way to thrive.

I think you need proper breeding for this business, either born into it, or grow up wanting this. Yeah many guys just got into this business as a young adult, but most didn't spend a few years with a territory, and within a few years win the title, well some might have. I know Cena did, 20 something, 2 years at OVW, and in 3 years a champion, but he wanted to wrestle from a young age even if he didn't start somewhere locally til 1999, he still bred himself for it. No Performance Center can give people what Cena "had", I respect him for the dedication he has for what he does, even if I find his level of pandering to be disgusting and implorable, but there is no performance center in the world that can replace a decade of work in the indies in a matter of months/few years, nor just give people the dedication Cena had.

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Re: Triple H On How WWE Will Create The Next Steve Austin Or Rock, Cutting His Hair, WWE NXT, More

The Cerebral Assassin' claimed that WWE puts talents in the best position to succeed and individual effort and passion will determine who rises to the top.
LMAO he says this the week the WWE release Damien Sandow.

Someone tweet this to Sandow.

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Re: Triple H On How WWE Will Create The Next Steve Austin Or Rock, Cutting His Hair, WWE NXT, More

I opened the thread only to see what he said aboug cutting his hair, only to find nothing transcribed on that point.
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