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Re: Ryback pulled from TV indefinitely

Where is a guy like that going to go? With what all he wants WWE is the only one that can give him that in his next contract.

The guy literally wants his own tour bus paid for by WWE in his contract. Cena and like 3 other wrestlers have a bus to themselves. Tour busses to travel around the country cost about 1k/day with driver costs, gas, etc. So if he's on the road for 100-200 days - that's 100-200k right there. Sure, not end of the world - but if this is just one of the things Ryback is pushing for I'm sure Vince is making a point right now.

Both parties are probably unhappy. Ryback wants a big time contract as one of the top guys in the company - and WWE probably feels if Ryback left tomorrow it wouldn't affect their business in the slightest. Both are being stubborn - but Ryback unfortunately needs to figure out that if he wants first class type things - there's only one first class wrestling company that can give it to him. He's fucking up and acting a little childish it seems. He got his push when he came up, recently had a US Title run, and now is getting other wrestlers over.... That's like 80% of wrestlers on the roster.

I get that he wants to be a main event guy... but he's not a main event guy right now... and so he shouldn't be asking and being stubborn in contact negotiations like a main event guy. He's young enough to have another 2-3 WWE contracts after this. Just suck it up, shut up, be happy you've made it to WWE, and work hard for that next contract.
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Re: Ryback pulled from TV indefinitely

Let's be real the guy is never gonna make it to the top, he's in the Dolph Ziggler tier now. His last strong push was 4 years ago and he didn't make it then, I don't see WWE having faith in him after a 4 year directionless stretch
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Re: Ryback pulled from TV indefinitely

Was it the sloppy work?
Was it being fucked by creative by being dressed as Goldberg?
Was it overestimating his jobber self?
Was it taking the piss out of CM Punk constantly?
Was it his nonexistent promo work?

Naaaaaah, he just wants to gather himself for his big break.
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Re: Ryback pulled from TV indefinitely

A big guy like that jobbing to some tiny dude = buried sorry. He can never salvage himself. They had big show toss around and destroy x pac every time they came into contact in the AE for a reason. And that is because it makes sense.

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Re: Ryback pulled from TV indefinitely

You can only get shit on for so long. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. He'll be a top draw in any other promotion, and booked like the monster he should be. Won't make the same kind of money, but the man has to have his pride, too. I mean, what's a guy that size doing in an extended program with a relative half-pint -- and jobbing almost every time out. Ridiculous. Hope he ends up some place good soon.

Send lawyers, guns and money.

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Re: Ryback pulled from TV indefinitely

Either go to Japan, join a faction there, maybe Bullet Club, or go to NxT and face off against the likes of Joe, Nakamura.

Originally Posted by TheGreatBanana View Post
It would actually make Rollins look like a huge star and be the first guy to cash in at Wrestlemania. The only problem is execution. The best cash-in would be to have Rollins cash-in near the end of the match, where Lesnar is about to defeat Reigns, but then Rollins interferes and cashes in his contract which essentially turns the singles match into a triple threat. Rollins then pins Reigns for the win, it gets the title off Lesnar without hurting his monster image and give Reigns someone to feud against for the next few months.

This is how I would cash in.
I saw it coming a month before Wrestlemania.

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Re: Ryback pulled from TV indefinitely

Originally Posted by CoolestDude View Post
A big guy like that jobbing to some tiny dude = buried sorry. He can never salvage himself. They had big show toss around and destroy x pac every time they came into contact in the AE for a reason. And that is because it makes sense.
Great post. It's absurd. Imagine someone like Kevin Nash jobbing to Rey Mysterio. It's ridi--

Oh. Wait.

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Re: Ryback pulled from TV indefinitely

Someone that size shouldn't be jobbing to a midget lol. Its actually embarrassing. But its Wwe.
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Re: Ryback pulled from TV indefinitely

The guy is just the most recent victim of the John Cena effect. When he debuted in the Ryback gimmick he quickly started getting attention and gaining fans. Before long "feed me more" chants were the loudest pop every city they went, his merchandise sales were solid, and literally everyone was seeing him in the main event. Then he got his shot at the title against punk, and both of them were pissed off because the Fued was was given no attention or billing even though it was for the championship because WWE was all in hyping the Rock vs Cena at Mania, and they basically told people Rock would be the guy to finally dethrone Punk. Their match wasn't even the main event, cenas match was.

Then after Wrestlemania, we got Ryback turning heel on Cena and getting a huge pop...then he was stripped of everything that made him popular, given a bland promo style, and even told to wrestle slower because "heels move slowly". Then he did what so many others have suffered through, he went through a three month program with Cena where Cena wins every verbal exchange, every match, even beating them when the odds are heavily stacked multiple times, and being made to back down from Cena every time he takes his fucking shirt off...for months he was made to job to Cena in every way, often with Cena no selling him shamelessly both in the ring and out by smiling during his opponents promos that are supposed to be serious(you have a 300 lb muscle bound monster in your face threatening to end your career) and even regularly makes them look like little bitches by turning his back to them, or takes his shirt off and makes them back down to him. Then in the match, kicking out of 3 finishes, a chair shot when the ref was distracted, and 37 minutes of sustained whoopass, only to jump up, hits 5 moves and slaps on a submission hold with zero prior damage to the affected areas, yet the guy taps in seconds. Then there's Cena smiling and jumping around like that entire match, where he realistically speaking took lethal amounts of physical trauma, didn't happen. He sells none of it, and beats his opponent in 3-6 straight matches...

That shit takes a very heavy toll on a guys credibility as a main event. Basically how can we take a guy seriously when he's been Cena's bitch for months? After going through months of being jobbed, really what Wwe should do is quickly book them strong again, to regain some of the lost credibility but instead they just fall off the radar into mid card hell...Ryback went months without direction of any kind, literally no story, just random matches that didn't matter, had no billing at all. Then they stuck him in a tag team...

Basically the guy was huge, and they used his star power to prop up Cena instead of pushing him and creating another believable main eventer. And if you think Ryback could not have been a main eventer, with his freakish size, look, and great wrestling ability for a guy his size, then you don't know Wresling. Sad to say he is a perfect example of the WWE's frustrating booking in the Cena PG era, it's why no new true main eventers have been made in years. Make no mistake, they're only allowing guys like rollins and Reigns to be where they are because they are realizing Cena is getting older and they might not have him as a every week guy much longer.

WWE always talking about grabbing the brass ring yet if anyone steps an inch out of line they get these bloated out of proportion punishments. Aka not even being on Wrestlemania and being forced to wrestle on preshows... Honestly shit like this makes me really wish WWE had competition...guys were treated better when walking to the competition was a legitimate threat
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Re: Ryback pulled from TV indefinitely

Originally Posted by Heath V View Post
He's not nearly 50! He's 34. Good for him, he's probably pissed that he had to job to a 140lb midget.
Yes, good for him! He should quit just like like Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, JBL, Kane, Batista, Jericho and CM Punk did after losing to that midget Rey Whatshisface.
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