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Did the announce team bury the 'normal' Raw audience?

As soon as Raw kicked off last night, they had JBL, Cole and Saxton do a promo that was all about "preparing" viewers at home for the crowd they were about to hear.

They alluded to the after-Mania crowd being "our more impassioned fans", and said it's the wildest, most memorable crowd of the year.

JBL said the hardcore audience was "all about having fun, Maggle! That's what it's all about!"

Essentially, they seemed to be admitting to the fact that the older fans are the most fun, and make for a more memorable show. But doesn't this "Let's put the crowd over" tactic kinda bury the "normal" Raw audience after Mania season is over? It's like the company is saying that a random crowd from, say, Phoenix or Milwaukee or Seattle or Buffalo in any other month of the year doesn't know how to have fun, or have any passion for the product.

It's like they were saying "This is the best crowd of the year that'll react to almost anything. Then it's back to work trying to get things over with our 'normal' audiences."

I just thought it was weird how they went out of their way to put the crowd over, and it made other crowds in other cities come off like morons who don't know how to have a good time at Raw. I think they should've just made one blanket statement like "It's the night after WrestleMania, this crowd is the hottest one of the year, Maggle!" or something similar. But the commentary's opening "promo" on the crowd was just unnecessary.

I don't know, maybe I'm reading way too much into it. Just my two cents.

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Re: Did the announce team bury the 'normal' Raw audience?

The post mania raw is one of the biggest Raw's of the year so they have to build the crowd is still red hot after mania

I did not really see it as a burial at all
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Re: Did the announce team bury the 'normal' Raw audience?

They low-key buried their own shows by saying they can only generate one lively crowd a year, and that one lively crowd has nothing to do with the show

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Re: Did the announce team bury the 'normal' Raw audience?

My favorite part was when they pretended it was opposite day.

This crowd boos people they normally cheer and cheer people they would normally boo!
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Re: Did the announce team bury the 'normal' Raw audience?

This announce/commentator team was especially annoying on Raw last night. Not only did they keep trying to treat us like idiots while trying to rationalize the widespread audience dissatisfaction, but they never shut the fuck up, and incessantly ramble on about shit that has nothing to do with the current match/segment we're watching. I wanted to punch all of them in the face last night.
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Re: Did the announce team bury the 'normal' Raw audience?

I just took it as a way for them to save face knowing that certain guys like Reigns were going to be heavily booed, and because matches were going to be hijacked.

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Re: Did the announce team bury the 'normal' Raw audience?

I liked it, especially when it was immediately followed by Uberheel Vince coming out to a huge show of respect.

That being said, it's clearly just their way of deflecting the post WM crowd shit that they are going to get. I think next week everything will be reset to normal.

Originally Posted by KuritaDavion View Post
The crowd has just booed the entire WWE roster, cameramen and announcers and are cheering for HHH. He finally did it. He buried the entire roster all at once. This is truly HHH's finest hour.
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