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Originally Posted by igotagun View Post
xpac heat
Nah definitely not X-Pac heat there wouldn't be endless threads and posts waiting to see him get booed if he had X-Pac heat.

Reigns is simply the heel fans want but not the heel WWE wants to give them
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Re: 'Boos' make a Heel?

I think john cenas statement is ridiculous.Being a heel in a nutshell is easier than being a face.Character flaws can be hidden I remember when ryback came in and got those title matches against cm punk n had a limited moveset lack of charisma etc but he got a reaction because he's heel

So for me if ur telling reigns isn't there yet it makes no sense for him to be a face until he has a few more tools like cena in his thuganomic phase he was a heel until they were sure he was ready
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Re: 'Boos' make a Heel?

Cena's telling you that he transcends face/heel, and he's right to an extent. His character is his identity and that character doesn't necessarily have an alignment. He's "for the kids" no matter what, booed or cheered. If he's booed, he still cuts the same promo, if he's cheered he still cuts the same promo.

This sends the wrong message to wrestling fans, though. The whole roster isn't going to make it doing a balancing act between heel/face like Cena. You already seen how awful it's been for Reigns. You need to have guys that represent face qualities and heel qualities so fans can draw that line. This ain't the fucking UFC.
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Re: 'Boos' make a Heel?

Well, when it comes to the crowd's reaction to face characters, it's pretty simple. Crowds cheer the ones who they find entertaining and boo the ones they don't (or they just stand silent, it depends on how much they hate the guy and if it is a dead crowd or not). Pretty much if you are a face and are not getting cheers then something's wrong. If it happens on the scale that we are seeing with Reigns then there's PLENTY wrong.

If you are a heel, things are more complex. Generally, guys who simply do a bad job as heel characters simply get no reactions. But the ones who do a good job can get one of two reactions: Some excel at their heel roles and are booed no matter how good they are at what they do (ex: Vickie, Miz, 2008 Jericho) and then there are those who despite having heel characters manage to entertain the fans, and therefore get cheered (ex: Owens, Sasha, Heyman).

What I want to say with this is: While I think that if a face is getting booed they should pull the plug and turn him heel, that logic doesn't always work with heels. You can be a good heel and be cheered, but you can't be a good face and be booed. The notion that heels always have to get booed is outdated imo, because nowadays wrestling just doesn't work that way, both in and out of the WWE.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: 'Boos' make a Heel?

A heel is somone who doesn't do correct things to win, that's all. Crowd reaction is there to show what they think about him.

People liked Darth Vader, The Joker... but that doesn't make them the good guys (unless you approve some kind of weird internet theory), they are just there to do what they want to happen breaking the rules, cheating, etc...
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