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Re: Why not bring the Cruiserweight Title back for good?

Because WWE never booked a cw title right when they had it why do you think that would change

Competitors in cw were treated like prelim talent well below the other roster members..christ hornswoggle was champion which tells you everything

If this was march 2011 I bet there were people asking "please bring cw title back so we don't have to see cm punk and Daniel Bryan jobbing anymore, we can bring up Seth Rollins and have a great cw division"
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Re: Why not bring the Cruiserweight Title back for good?

Originally Posted by Scotty2Hottie View Post
Did you read the post? There'd be the same amount of titles because the IC and US titles will be unified.

This CW title is needed. Think of what the X Division did for TNA
Yes I read the thread, I know what he is saying but even with the unification I can't imagine WWE putting time and effort into another title. Once again just use the US or IC title as crusierweight title.

Want a cruiserweight title I think the NxT title is the closest to that we have and the title actually means something :P

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Re: Why not bring the Cruiserweight Title back for good?

Originally Posted by ellthom View Post
WWE are struggling to keep 3 other titles relevant right now, what makes you think adding the Crusierweight is going to improve anything??? It would just end up being another title...

Want a cruiserweight? Fine thats cool then use one of the already existing belts for that.
Yeh...how about, no?

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A CW title would make the WWE hierarchy more clear.

Small guys like Kalisto get to shine while not looking out of place against the bigger guys. These wrestlers would stay within their own division for the most part with a few exceptions like Neville and Aries.

This is all wishful thinking though. Knowing the WWE they'd push the division for two weeks and forget about it completely. Look to NJPW as a guide with their Junior Heavyweight Title
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Re: Why not bring the Cruiserweight Title back for good?

Last thing we need is more pigeonholing in WWE.

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To be honest I think it's coming, like they have the summer series and depending on its success I could see the title being rolled out. Plus they have been aquiring the right talent for it over the past few years
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