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Heels and Faces

So I've been around this forum for a few years now and the one constant that always sticks here, at least in my mind, is whenever a discussion arises about a wrestler''s character it always boils down to;

Turn him/her heel

Now is this because people on here genuinely dislike faces regardless of which talent it is or do people acruelly think a heel turn will suddenly work wonders for a boring talent?

Discuss without the flames please.

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Re: Heels and Faces

It's because a lot of guys would come out of their shells when portrayed as heels. It gives them a lot more room to work, they don't have to pander to the crowd, it gives them a little more leeway with what they can say in their promos, and can allow them to work a different role in the ring (heels tend to dominate matches more often than not)

A character change can be executed without a heel turn, but a full blown heel turn can bring out the best in some guys. Look at how much more comfortable people like Jericho are when they're allowed to play a heel role, they shine. It also opens up numerous new paths for a wrestler's career in terms of feuds and storylines.

It just depends on who the wrestler is to be honest, if you have people like Bryan, Zayn etc. who thrive as faces because they have that natural connection to the crowd, then being face is totally cool. You can have people like Seth who really is more naturally a face due to the way he wrestles, and the way he comes across in promos etc. or even dynamic characters like Ambrose who can thrive in either role. When you have someone like Reigns, or even Charlotte, who display very few face qualities (and are generally poor on the mic, that's a pretty key point too), then a heel turn in my opinion is the best solution. There are some who just can't be saved regardless of whether they're a good guy or a bad guy, but some really would benefit from the opportunity to be a bit more aggressive and 'hateful' i guess you could say, in their work.



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