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You're the booker

Chris Jericho is arguably one of the best Sports Entertainers that ever lived. He's had a storied career and had countless 5 star matches with the biggest stars in the industry. Chris is 45 years old though and his career has slowed substantially. He has essentially become a mentor to the younger talent. Putting over future stars in the ring. It is no question though that Jericho will eventually retire from in ring work for good.
I challenge you to pitch an idea for a final story for his career. A final fued. A final match. A final aponant.
Give, the story, his rival, how many matches would be contested and on what stage would it be. Would Jericho be heel? And.....go
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Re: You're the booker

He said one time on his podcast that he doesn't want a send off or a retirement tour. He simply wants to disappear when it's time to call it quits.

So... Going with that idea. When it is time. He puts over his last opponent, whomever that may be, effectively furthering along a good losing streak.

Backstage he is interviewed and he simply says in a somber tone, "and that's how it ends" and walks away. Camera follows him down a long hallway where he eventually turns out of view. Fade to black.

And that's how I'd book it. The end. Never to be seen again. Until his hof induction I guess.

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Re: You're the booker

Chris Jericho is a professional wrestler. Are you a WWE paid poster?

This Is Sum Bull Man. I Knew This Match Was Gonna Happen Because On Raw When The Sheild Beat Team Hell No At The End Of The Match They Held The Tag Titles And They Did The Same To Kofi. Kane And Brian Better Win Or Its Gonna Be To Scripted
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Outhe of all the ideas I've heard over the years, this is by far my favorite. Good idea
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Re: You're the booker

“There will never be a retirement match. I’ll never have one. When I’m finished, it might be a house show in Wolverhampton [England], but when I’m done, I’ll know it and that’s it. There will be no retirement tour, no retirement match, no big WrestleMania sendoff. I don’t believe in that either. I think when you’re done, you’re done and I don’t need somebody to pat me on the back and say how great I am. I’d rather just ride off into the sunset and just disappear and that’s probably what’ll happen. It might’ve already happened. You don’t know!”
I respect his opinion.

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Re: You're the booker

Jericho said he wants go out kicking and screaming so maybe I'll turn him heel, book an up and coming over babyface to beat him and retire him for good. That way Jericho can go out like he wants to without the whole big retirement thing.

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Re: You're the booker

Andre The Giant memorial battle royal

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