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Re: The WWE is NOT Entertaining. It is Stressful and Boring.

What i have found recently that really works is just focusing on the parts of the show you like, Whether its K.O or DZ, New Day. Neville, Renee Young or Ric Flair just being Ric.

Just cut off from all the stuff you don't agree with, Don't even try and get invested in it because we all know the conclusion so why get our hopes up.

I know i will never stop watching BUT i just don't care enough any more to get angry or even excited about the product.
Which i think is probably WWE's biggest problem at the moment.
The social media hate isn't taken seriously at all by WWE, Just look at Road Dogs twitter feed to see that.

But the actual excitement and passion of the fans is just dying, Even Reigns fans don't really care (at least the ones i know) Because the divide amongst fans is so strong that all his victories have a bitter taste to them.

Don't get me wrong either, The whole situation isn't about Roman anyway, Its about creative.
Roman could become universally cheered, they did it when he beat the hell out of Triple H @ TLC. Problem is they only kept that Roman for about 48 hours, Then he was back to that smiling Cena.2 good guy whose promos make Brie Bella look like CM Punk.

So don't get stressed or bored by WWE just lower your expectations dramatically and focus on the stuff you do enjoy.
Think about the potential of AJ VS Neville, an Enzo and Cass debut, Kallisto VS Owens to unify the U.S and I.C titles.
Just focus on the stuff you enjoy talking about and watching.

Just look at all the other stuff as filler or the minor leagues, Don't get drawn into it. Because in WWE's mind any reaction is good.
So by having no reaction more impact will be created because then they will have to come looking for our opinions instead of seeing a bunch of attention seekers on twitter hash tagging cancel the WWE network, and not actually cancelling it at all
or even having a subscription in the first place.

I have never felt more depressed about WWE,
Than what i have these past few months,
For me personally its been, Uncreative, tedious and beyond predictable.

I still watch yes because i still have my favourites that i like to follow, But i am not invested and to me anyway that is the saddest thing of all.
Because Wrestling is no longer Wrestling.
Its a Merchandise selling competition / who will the Mom's in the crowd find most attractive competition.

Its not marketed towards or for our generation/ type of fan anymore,
Guess that is one of the reasons why NXT is so special to a lot of us.

The main roster is very corporate and commercialised now, all the suits and yes men are not interested in what die hard fans think, they are interested in who is going to fill there pension pots the quickest,
and in WWE's mind a John Cena.2 would be the perfect person to do that.

So in my mind we have 2 options.

Watch and dont give a dam like and just focus on the guys and girls i like
Dont Watch.

I don't involve myself at all with Reigns/Cena,Nikki Bella,De Rio,Stardust or Stephanie's agendas/Breast cancer stuff. because they are the things/characters/storylines that dont interest me.
Yea i am aware of them and still watch them but suspension of disbelief switches off when they appear because i am disillusioned those parts of the show, I either find it too contrived or just not aimed at me.

I very rarely click on threads that i know will annoy me or bore me, I just in general stay away from the negativity of the product and don't give it the attention that WWE wants you go to give it.

I know Roman will win the WWEWHC a few more times at least, Will it be at Mania ?

It no longer bothers me though, Because i have accepted it.

Do i agree with it ?

Hell No, i think the guy is a charisma vacuum who is probably going to lead to one of the biggest downfalls in Pro Wrestling since before the Monday Night Wars, But whatever that aint my choice.

Long as i think Neville will one day win some gold and Bayley will debut on the main roster one day ill be happy, all the other stuff does not mean anything to me.

Just put WWE at the back of your mind for a while, Cut yourself off from all the rubbish, and just focus on the bits you enjoy, if it picks up and becomes interesting GREAT, If not who cares,
WWE sure as hell dont so why should we.

WWE like to mock the vocal minority, That's because that minority,
Well it speaks for the majority.

Its the silent minority like myself who they should now be worried about.

Audiences are getting quieter.

people are fed up.

WWE knows this.

All the time we have guys like Road Dog around though nothing will change, They stereotype all critique the same oh it must be a member of the IWC.

When in fact all fans are part of the IWC.

All tv shows have internet communities, Why do they think The Walking Dead trends worldwide every week.
The Premiership

Everyone uses the Internet.

The fans speak but no one listens because WWE are in denial.

They think a child with his 2 parents at a WWE house show means Roman has 3 fans, No he has 1.

They think 1000 tweets in under 5 minutes is one community, Yes there is only 1 and its called the Wrestling community.

We are all you got.

"If I wasn't president of the United States, I would like to be George Hackenschmidt"

Theodore Roosevelt

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Re: The WWE is NOT Entertaining. It is Stressful and Boring.

WWE is stale and predictable. Nothing to do with any single superstar or storyline. Just boring from top to bottom.

Current top 3:
1, Roman Reigns - THE GUY
2, Seth Rollins - The unbeaten champion
3, Kevin Owens

All time favorites:
1, Stone cold
2, HHH
3, Kevin Nash
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Re: The WWE is NOT Entertaining. It is Stressful and Boring.

Hey OP, didn't you just make a similar thread earlier this week complaining about the product? Why didn't you take the advice in your last thread like stop watching or find an alternative that you do like? The responses aren't going to change. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and move on.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: The WWE is NOT Entertaining. It is Stressful and Boring.

The WWE is NOT Entertaining
Old news, bro. It took you this long to figure it out?
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Re: The WWE is NOT Entertaining. It is Stressful and Boring.

Originally Posted by They LIVE View Post
LOL at watching a form of entertainment which stresses you out.
It's not that serious. I come here mostly for snarky/shady remarks and the Gifs.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: The WWE is NOT Entertaining. It is Stressful and Boring.

You really have to wonder what goes through their heads when they ignore the fans and continue to push a guy that now has to have his fan reactions edited or hidden altogether just so they can continue to delude themselves about how over he really is.

I'm giving WWE the four weeks till Mania just to see what they do when they realize what a screw-up they made for themselves again. I was reading some articles on the usual sites and some writers feel that Dean will get shoe-horned into the ME anyway, that is if he's not going to be placed against Lesnar since the Wyatt interference didn't happen. But we'll see..... I don't have high hopes. If they don't change *anything* by then, then I'm done with this company. It's just not worth it anymore.

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Re: The WWE is NOT Entertaining. It is Stressful and Boring.

I found plenty of entertainment in that ME match. The way Reigns jumped over Ambrose and flipped him over for a fake pin only to pick him up with his massive strength was astounding. But, nothing beats Reigns picking up brock during his submission move that was fucking bad ass.
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Re: The WWE is NOT Entertaining. It is Stressful and Boring.

Originally Posted by JAROTO View Post
People hardly enjoy anything they do. They don't care about the fans and puts them into a combination of boring and stressful scenarios.
I agree. It has affected my psyche since 2001.
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Re: The WWE is NOT Entertaining. It is Stressful and Boring.

O yeah WWE is a complete joke it's good though it could be so much better I mean shit its 2016 HHH won the Rumble and is walking into mania as champ so what's that tell you

And don't even get me started on how Ziggler or Barrett have been booked by the company

Though with that being said I still prefer WWE over TNA and Lucha Underground

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Re: The WWE is NOT Entertaining. It is Stressful and Boring.

The only solution is to stop expecting good things from the WWE, just skip to the segments/parts you like and ignore the rest of the stuff. If you cant do that, then stop watching the show altogether because its not worth it if a tv show stresses you out.

Goodbye and Goodnight, Bang!
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